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Newey 'will design 2015 car'

2014-06-10 08:48

HERE TO STAY: Red Bull's Adrian Newey is still fully committed to the sport and the team. Image: AFP / Mark Thompson

LONDON, England - Red Bull's chief technical officer Adrian Newey has clarified that he will still head the design of the 2015 Red Bull Formula 1 cars.

The paddock drew a collective breath on Sunday (June 8 2014) when the team announced that Newey, the only undisputed 'genius' engineer in F1, was stepping back from the front line.

Red Bull has managed to keep the 55-year-old from the clutches of high-paying rivals such as Ferrari by giving him an 'Advanced Technologies Centre' to indulge his desire for design projects outside F1. He had admitted that he was frustrated by the ever-restrictive rules in F1, urging a "re-think" that could eventually take him back to the pits wall.


Newey said: "I'm 55 and not ready for the beach just yet, so I'll do this for a little bit and see what happens."

For the moment, however, Red Bull's new Newey-centric technology centre is not quite ready so the team's current technical director is still on duty.

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner said: "I will remain fully involved in the coming months and will design the car for 2015. During this time we will also look at how we set up the team for the future."

So it is assumed that after Newey's initial concept of the 2015 car is laid out his design successors will take over.

Newey said: "I will take on more of an advisory role and will always be there for my colleagues if they need advice and help."

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