Newey defends Webber's win

2012-05-28 07:41

MONTE CARLO, Monaco - Red Bull technical boss Adrian Newey has defended the design of his team's cars after Australian Mark Webber's triumph in Sunday's 2012 Monaco F1 GP.

Pre-race rumours suggested that at least three major rivals were poised to protest about a new 'hole' in the floor of the Red Bull - claiming it contravened the technical regulations and created more down force but team boss Christian Horner said: "The car complies with regulations. We're happy with that. It's the nature of the sport that this can happen."

Newey added: "This issue first arose after the Bahrain GP and we have a letter from Charlie Whiting (race director) saying categorically that it's legal,so we're not worried."


The defending champion team found itslef at the centre of apparent dissent only hours before the start of Sunday's race. Rivals - believed to include McLaren, Ferrari and Mercedes - were said to be unhappy about the design of the floor of the Red Bulls. Paddock sources close to the engineering staff of those teams were unhappy about the creation of a 'hole' in the floor of Red Bull's RB8 car, just ahead of the rear wheels.

No team was prepared to make any official complaint about the floor design but said instead that it hoped it might be investigated.

Red Bull had no official comment.

The 'hole' may contravene article 3.12.5 of F1's technical regulations. It was created to improve airflow under the car and to increase the amount of rear end down force, which in turn would improve the car's handling.


  • Mark - 2012-05-28 09:38

    Red Bull on the verge of playing within the rules of the game again.... last year it was the front wing...

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