Montreal promoters 'relieved'

2012-06-11 12:23

MONTREAL, Canada - Race promoter Francois Dumontier has admitted he was relieved after the 2012 Canadian F1 GP was run without incident on June 10.

Protesting university students and a heavy police presence around Montreal had been obvious over the race weekend. According to the La Presse newspaper, Dumontier said the F1 ticket sales decline was ultimately less than expected: "I am relieved. I can't deny that the last two weeks have been challenging - it's already hard enough to organise a GP!

"We had a good weekend despite the threats, the event was not disrupted. People could get in. I don't have the latest figures, but it was a good day today because the stands were well filled."


He hoped the 2012 event would be less stressful.

Although relieved and happy, he admitted the 2012 event would be a financial loss: "For sure we will (record a loss) and that's a shame as we are a private company."

Dumontier also revealed that meetings took place over the weekend between race and government officials and Bernie Ecclestone regarding the extension of the contract for 2014-2024.

He said: "We have been talking for several months so it is ongoing. There are no obstacles at the moment.  Ecclestone was here and so were some ministers so we took the opportunity to speak together."