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Merc promises 'halo' for cockpit safety

2015-02-25 08:30

FLUSH-FITTING? AMS's estimation of what the safety 'halo' might look like. and says some might make the connection with a toilet seat. Image: Auto Motor und Sport

BERLIN, Germany - Reigning Formula 1 team Mercedes has proposed a new solution to the ever-present problem of cockpit protection.

Canopies and roll-cages have been discussed at length behind closed doors since the fatal accident of F2 racer Henry Surtees, and the serious injuries sustained by Felipe Massa when he was a Ferrari driver in 2009.

The issue then returned to the top of the agenda late last year, when the now stricken Jules Bianchi's helmeted head hit the underside of a trackside recovery during the 2014 Japanese GP.


According to Germany's Auto Motor and Sport, Mercedes presented a proposed solution to the problem of F1's open cockpits to the latest meeting of F1's Technical Working Group.

It's a sort of oval 'halo' encircling the driver's head and attached to the front of the monocoque just ahead of the steering wheel and dash.

Correspondent Michael Schmidt said: "Less respectful voices are calling it a toilet seat.”

AMS's estimation of what the safety 'halo' might look like.

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