McLaren sticking with new car

2013-03-22 07:47

McLaren is pressing ahead with plans to improve the new 2013 car, as suggestions that last year's (2012) winning model could be resurrected begin to fade.

Despite struggling markedly with the radical new MP4-28 in Melbourne, the flawed silver machine is parked in the Sepang garage this weekend (March 23-24) and will not be retired any time soon.


Jenson Button said: "It's better to stick to the plan in terms of developing what we have to improve what we have - that's always the way forward.”

Indeed, the team is known as perhaps the best team in F1 at continual car development, and the need for all those skills is now greater than ever.

Sporting director Sam Michael told reporters on March 21 2013, that previously unscheduled developments for the car have arrived in Malaysia for experimental testing.

Michael said: "All our energy is going into the current car and understanding it.”

Pulling out the winning 2012 car might seem like an easy and obvious solution, seeing as most teams on the grid simply evolved their existing cars for the new season anyway.

Anthony Rowlinson, editor of F1 Racing magazine, said it's not quite that simple.

"They would have to re-crash test the MP4-27, have a new front wing that's compliant with the new technical regs and have a new underfloor that's compliant with the new technical regs.

"That in itself is a big job and then they'd arrive, say in Spain for the Spanish GP, with a car they hadn't tested, they hadn't run, so they'd probably be in no better a situation than they are now.”

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