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Mad Max 'too young' for driving test

2015-08-21 08:54

F1'S YOUNGEST DRIVER YET: Despite being allowed to race on track, teenager Max Verstappen is still to young to drive on public roads. Image: AP / Jorge Guerrero

SPA-FRANCORCHAMPS, Belgium - Dutch teenager Max Verstappen will take part in his first 'home' race at the 2015 Belgian GP but admits he is too busy, and still too young, to worry about sitting a normal driving test.

Verstappen, the son of former Benetton driver Jos Verstappen, will be 18 on September 30 but says he has no immediate plans to take lessons and pass his test.

The Belgium-based racer told a news conference Thursday that he had too much to do while he is racing for the Toro Rosso team with a busy race schedule.


Verstappen said: "I'm still not 18, remember, and I don't have a road car licence yet. I just don't have time right now so I will have to get it later."

Verstappen, in his rookie season, finished a career-best fourth at the 2015 Hungarian GP and has carried the same confidence with him into this weekend's race.

Verstappen said: "The first half of this season has gone quite well and, to be honest, I would have signed for it if it was offered to me before the season.

"So I am looking forward to what is my home Grand Prix and I love this track.

"I hope we can make the best of the car again but I don't expect fourth this time. Having said that, I am always confident. The only thing I don't like here at this track is the wasps, so let's see how it goes."


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