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Video: Perez, Chilton penalised for crashes

2014-06-09 09:17

CRASHES IN MONTREAL: Formula 1 drivers Felipe Massa and Sergio Perez end the 2014 Canadian GP in a smoke-filled crash . Image: AFP/Jim Watson

MONTREAL, Canada - Formula 1 drivers Sergio Perez and Max Chilton were both handed penalties for the 2014 Austrian GP (June 22) after triggering crashes at the 2014 Canadian GP, F1 officials said on Sunday (June 8).

VIDEO: Felipe Massa and Sergio Perez crash

Force India's Perez will drop five grid spots after the he caused a final lap crash with Felipe Massa's Williams when he changed his racing line, sending both cars flying into the safety barriers.

Chilton will be pushed back three positions in Austria for his role in a first-lap crashwith team mate Jules Bianchi.


Chilton lost control and hit Bianchi heading into turn four, sending his car spinning violently into a wall.

It marked the first time in his Grand Prix career (25 starts) that Chilton had failed to finish a race.

Watch the crash:


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