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Lotus boss denies Max was 'brake-tested'

2015-05-28 07:35

POINTING FINGERS: Did Lotus' Romain Grosjean brake too early? Or did Toro Rosso's 'Mad Max' Verstappen take the wrong line which caused the Monaco GP crash. Image: AFP / William West


Max Verstappen, 17-year-old wunderkind of Formula 1, slashed into the catch pads during the 2015 Monaco F1 GP on Sunday. Was it really his fault? Watch...

LONDON, England - A Lotus boss has denied Max Verstappen's claim that he was "brake-tested" by Romain Grosjean on Sunday (May 24 2015).

Teenage rookie Verstappen was penalised with a five grid-place drop by the stewards for colliding with the rear of Grosjean's Lotus during the 2015 Monaco Formula 1 GP.

However the young Hollander on Wednesday (May 27 2015) said on his website that he was "brake-tested" on the approach to the Ste Devote curve.


'Brake-test' is a motor-racing term for when a leading driver deliberately brakes early to deter the advances of a chasing car but Alan Permane, Lotus' trackside director, defended Grosjean on, insisting the Frenchman "didn't brake test" Toro Rosso's Verstappen.

"Grosjean braked five metres later than on the previous lap," Permane said on Twitter. "Data was accepted by the International Automobile Federation so the penalty was for Max, not Romain.

"The federation has all the information and is happy with RG's driving."

Permane did, however, acknowledge that Verstappen was a "huge, huge talent" who would overcome the setback.


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