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Italian (Tuscan) Grand Prix, Race
Italian (Tuscan) Grand Prix, Grid
Italian (Tuscan) Grand Prix, Qualifying 3
Italian (Tuscan) Grand Prix, Qualifying 2
Italian (Tuscan) Grand Prix, Qualifying 1
Italian (Tuscan) Grand Prix, Practice 2
Practice 1
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13 Sep 17:44 Today marks Hamilton's 90th win of his career.
13 Sep 17:37 Daniel Ricciardo gets the driver of the day award.
13 Sep 17:34 Raikkonen finishes P8 but goes P9 with his 5-second penalty.
13 Sep 17:33 Alex Albon makes P3 and Ricciardo in P4.
13 Sep 17:33 Lewis Hamilton wins the Tuscan Grand Prix!
13 Sep 17:32 This is surely a race we won't forget.
13 Sep 17:32 Hamilton starts the final lap with the fastest lap of this race, he is 1.8 seconds ahead of Bottas.
13 Sep 17:31 1.714 seconds between the Mercs.
13 Sep 17:29 Battle for first!
13 Sep 17:27 Russel: "I'm driving my socks off! Leave me to it!"
13 Sep 17:27 Can Russel take P10 from Vettel in DRS?
13 Sep 17:26 5 laps to go
13 Sep 17:26 Ferrari boys in P9 and P10.
13 Sep 17:26 Bottas takes back fastest lap.
13 Sep 17:22 Lewis takes another fastest lap.
13 Sep 17:21 Albon steals P3 from Ricciardo.
13 Sep 17:20 10 laps to go.
13 Sep 17:19 Albon in P4, Perez P5, Norris P6.
13 Sep 17:17 Bottas takes back P2.
13 Sep 17:16 Kimi gets a 5 second penalty.
13 Sep 17:16 Ricciardo has a brilliant start and goes P2 pass BOTTAS!!!
13 Sep 17:16 Hamilton has a great start!
13 Sep 17:13 Ricciardo: "Let's finish what we started".
Daniel wanting to do a shoey on the podium!
13 Sep 17:11 Cars make their way to the grid for the next restart.
13 Sep 17:08 Penalty coming Kimi's way for pit lane entry incident.
13 Sep 17:02 The last time a race was stopped with two red flags was at the Brazilian GP in 2016.
13 Sep 16:59 Ricciardo leads driver of the day poll by 41% so far. He is currently in P3.
13 Sep 16:58 Drivers chatting to their engineers outside their cars.
FINISH Join us then for live coverage of the Russian Grand Prix race weekend. In the meantime, I'm sure the highlights from Monza and Mugello will be enough to keep you going. See you soon.
FINISH After the last week, it's fair to say the drivers will need a break, and, mercifully, that's just what they've got now. There'll be no racing next week before we head to Sochi for Round 10. Something tells me it won't be quite as good as what Italy gave u
FINISH Last week's race was tiring to keep up with, but this was something else. Three Safety Cars, two Red Flags, eight retirements, one helluva race. Can we come to Mugello every year?
FINISH That's everyone who finished, but here's the final order anyway: P1 Hamilton, P2 Bottas, P3 Albon, P4 Ricciardo, P5 Perez, P6 Norris, P7 Kvyat, P8 Leclerc, P9 Raikkonen, P10 Vettel, P11 Russell, P12 Grosjean. RET: Stroll, Ocon, Latifi, Magnussen, Giovina
FINISH Despite his penalty, Raikkonen did enough to finish in P9 and score two crucial points. That does of course mean the wait for Russell's first point goes on. Hang in there George, at least you beat Grosjean.
FINISH It was by no means the perfect anniversary for Ferrari, but they were the only team other than Mercedes to have both cars finish, and they did so in the points. P8 for Leclerc and P10 for Vettel.
FINISH Perez, Norris and Kvyat cross the line in P5, P6 and P7, comfortably ahead of the rest.
FINISH Ricciardo should be pleased with another P4 finish, but he won't be. He was oh so close to his first podium since 2018.
FINISH Bottas follows him home just ahead of Alex Albon who takes his first ever podium!
FINISH Lewis Hamilton wins the first ever Tuscan Grand Prix!
Lap 59 Final lap, and the podium positions are pretty much set.
Lap 58 Hamilton sets the fastest lap of the race.
Lap 55 Russell in P11 and chasing Vettel. Even if he doesn't get the German, he may well get his first point as Raikkonen has a five-second time-penalty ahead of him.
Lap 53 Albon homing in on Bottas now...
Lap 51 Vettel passes Grosjean to take P10. Leclerc in P9.
Lap 51 Albon swoops around Ricciardo at Turn 1 to take P3! That's a huge move.
Lap 50 Hamilton two seconds clear of Bottas.
Lap 49 Albon all over the back of Ricciardo...
Lap 48 Grosjean made an excellent start to move up to P9, dropping Vettel and Russell out of the points.
Lap 48 The Finn steps on it and takes P2 back from the Renault!
Lap 47 Albon took P4 from Perez at the restart and is pressuring Bottas.
Lap 47 We're off! Ricciardo flies off the line and takes P2 from Bottas!
Red Flag Here we go for another standing start...
Red Flag "Let's finish what we started," says Ricciardo.
Red Flag Right then, here we go again. Deep breaths everyone.
Red Flag Raikkonen under investigation for entering the pit-lane late under the safety Car. He did.
Red Flag So, 14 laps of a flat out sprint are about to begin. This is going to be lots and lots of fun.
Red Flag Eight minutes until the carnage resumes. What next? Rain?
Red Flag Have to do a podcast discussing this race in the morning. Absolutely no idea where to begin.
Red Flag It looks like Stroll had a badly timed puncture and could do nothing to avoid flying off track. 10 minutes on, his car is smoking and refusing to go out.
Red Flag We're going to have another standing start.
Red Flag We have a second Red Flag! My oh my.
Lap 45 Hamilton pits now and comes out ahead of Bottas. Both are on mediums.
Lap 44 The SC is out because Stroll went off into the gravel and is out.
Lap 44 Bottas got his wish, and what's more, he managed to pit for fresh tyres while Hamilton had already passed the pit-lane.
Lap 44 We have a Safety Car!
Lap 43 Stroll just over a second down on Ricciardo and just over a second up on Albon. This could get fun.
Lap 41 Stroll and Albon are both catching Ricciardo, but the Aussie seems to be going a lot easier on his tyres. Interesting...
Lap 40 He and Hamilton have both been told to stay off the kerbs for the sake of the tyres.
Lap 39 "Safety Car would be nice now," says Bottas. Yes it would.
Lap 38 Leclerc heads back into the pits and puts on mediums.
Lap 37 So, with everyone on fresh tyres, Leclerc is in P8 and Vettel P11. Well, could be worse...
Lap 35 Bottas goes purple, four tenths quicker than Hamilton. Given the gap is over six seconds, he needs to keep that up.
Lap 34 Albon comes in, puts on mediums and comes out in P5, behind Stroll. P3 for Ricciardo right now...
Lap 33 Bottas asked to have the opposite tyre to Hamilton. They're both on hards...
Lap 33 No. Not even close. Hamilton puts on hards too and comes out easily ahead.
Lap 32 Bottas comes in for hards. Will he pull off the undercut on Hamilton?
Lap 31 Stroll comes in and comes out behind Ricciardo. The Aussie is on track for a podium...
Lap 31 Not for long, as Perez passes him again to take P6 as Norris and Kvyat come in for mediums.
Lap 29 Perez comes in for mediums and comes out in P10, just behind Leclerc. Ferrari has gained a place through strategy. Crazy.
Lap 29 Norris has passed Perez at - yep, you guessed it - Turn 1.
Lap 28 Ricciardo pits for mediums. He's going for the undercut on Stroll.
Lap 27 Russell is pulling away from Vettel. That would've seemed unthinkable 12 months ago.
Lap 25 Ricciardo all over the back of Stroll. Remember, if he gets a podium, Cyril Abitteboul has to get a tattoo.
Lap 23 That did at least bump Vettel up to P10.
Lap 22 Leclerc pits for the hard tyre and comes out in P13. Bottom.
Lap 21 Hamilton maintaining the two-second gap to Bottas out front.
Lap 21 Perez makes easy work of the Monegasque.
Lap 20 Albon the next to go through. Leclerc down to P6 with Perez in his mirrors.
Lap 17 Ricciardo now breezes past the Ferrari! Leclerc just doesn't have the car to fight.
Lap 17 Stroll makes a move stick this time! Albon does the same on Perez.
Lap 16 Ahead of him, Stroll tries a move on Leclerc but can't pull it off. Into the clutches of the Honey Badger they fall...
Lap 15 Could Ricciardo be the one to take it? He's just passed Perez on the straight and moved up to P5.
Lap 15 With Albon dropping down, this is another huge chance for a midfield runner to get on the podium.
Lap 13 Hamilton is flying and has opened up a two second gap.
Lap 11 Leclerc already coming under pressure from Stroll behind him.
Lap 10 Albon had a poor start and has dropped down to P7.
Lap 9 We're back underway! Both Mercedes drivers get away well but the Hamilton sweeps round the outside of Bottas at Turn 1 to take lead!
Red Flag Here we go. Try to keep things clean this time, boys.
Red Flag Cars heading back to the grid.
Red Flag Ocon has retired with an issue. We don't want to jinx it, but the Williams of George Russell is now in the points...
Red Flag The race will start again in five minutes. Can Hamilton get a better getaway this time?
Red Flag Shout out to Raikkonen and Grosjean who are somehow both still running despite being in the middle of both incidents.
Red Flag Bottas told a standing start is very likely. Lovely. Can we come to Italy every week?
Red Flag Grosjean had the best few of the incident and is furious with the drivers ahead for not going. He called it the most dangerous thing he's ever seen.
Lap 9 So, with the race stopped, just 14 cars are still running.
Lap 9 Bottas waited until the last possible moment to restart the race, seemingly catching the backrunners out. What an insane first nine laps of F1 at Mugello.
Lap 8 We have a Red Flag for the second race in a row.
Lap 8 It looks like the back of the pack thought the SC had come in and set off, flying into those at the front who were still queing behind Bottas. Dangerous.
Lap 8 So too is Latifi. This track is becoming a graveyard for F1 cars.
Lap 7 Magnussen, Sainz and Giovinazzi are all out.
Lap 7 Huge crash at the restart and we have yet another SC immediately!
Lap 6 Safety Car coming in...
Lap 4 So, still under the SC, Bottas leads Hamilton, Leclerc is P3 ahead of Albon, Verstappen is out and Vettel is last. Yeah, pretty quiet start.
Lap 3 It looks like Verstappen lost power at the start, sending him down into the midfield and the Alfa Romeo of Raikkonen.
Lap 2 On the bright side for Ferrari, Charles Leclerc is sitting pretty in P3.
Lap 2 Gasly came together with Grosjean and is also out, while Vettel lost his front wing hitting a spinning Carlos Sainz.
Lap 2 The Dutchman was hit behind and sent into the gravel after a poor start. He wasn't the only one hit...
Lap 1 Verstappen is out! Safety Car.
Lap 1 And we're off! Bottas flies off the line while Hamilton bogs the down! The Finn leads the Brit.
15:11 The formation lap is underway. We're about to begin...
15:06 Looking at all the tributes and celebrations here, I think I speak for everyone when I say it would be bloody great to see a red car somehow end up on the podium today. Happy Anniversary, Ferrari.
15:01 Less of a panic around him now, it looks like the issue has been fixed.
14:57 Issues for the car of Verstappen. Engineers have taken the engine cover off and have dry ice at hand. Presumably an overheating issue.
14:56 Andrea Bocelli gives us the best possible rendition of the national anthem. Beat that, Lando.
14:51 Not only is it boiling hot here, but it's also seriously windy. Tough conditions on an already tough track for the drivers.
14:42 With the straight here being the only easy spot for overtaking, don't expect to see to much on track passing. Fear not though, because the pit-stop action could make up for it. This track is incredibly hard on tyres, and with these high temperatures, a t
14:37 The cars are all on the grid, and beforehand, Mick Schumacher drove his father's Ferrari F2004 as part of the anniversary celebrations. A truly glorious sight.
14:33 The full starting grid: P1 Hamilton, P2 Bottas, P3 Verstappen, P4 Albon, P5 Leclerc, P6 perez, P7 Stroll, P8 Ricciardo, P9 Sainz, P10 Ocon, P11 Norris, P12 Kvyat, P13 Raikkonen, P14 Vettel, P15 Grosjean, P16 Gasly, P17 Giovinazzi, P18 Russell, P19 Latifi
14:27 Daniel Ricciardo has looked quick all weekend, but only starts P8 after yellow flags caused by his team-mate hampered his final run in Q3. Carlos Sainz splits him and Ocon.
14:22 On Ferrari's 1000th F1 anniversary, Charles Leclerc gave the team some much needed good news by qualifying in the dizzy heights of P5. That being said, with the Mercedes-powered Racing Points of Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll behind him, he'll need the dri
14:15 Max Verstappen starts just behind the Mercedes drivers and considering his Red Bull is usually closer to them in the race, he'll be feeling optimistic of getting Bottas at the least. The team will be pleased to see his team-mate Alex Albon starting alongs
14:11 For the seventh time this season, Lewis Hamilton will start in P1 after taking the 95th pole position of his career. Bottas was half a tenth slower than his team-mate - let's hope he can stay that close in the race.
14:02 It's a beautiful day in the region of Tuscany, and things will get even better in just under an hour's time when the first-ever Tuscan Grand Prix gets underway. Here's how the grid looks for it...
1300 Hello and welcome to Mugello for the first-ever Formula 1 race to be held at this classic, high-speed circuit. Live updates to follow from 1400 local time.
1606 Don't panic though, they'll round him up for the race so we can crown our first winner of the Tuscan Grand Prix! Join us tomorrow for all the action!
1604 Well then, it's the usual culprit of Hamilton starting from P1. But Bottas and Verstappen look very much on form. Bottas is a bit lost right now though. He didn't park his car on the grid, instead going into the pits, and now can't find the interview area
1602 That includes Bottas! Hamilton takes pole for the Tuscan Grand Prix! Verstappen and Albon form an all-Red Bull second row. Leclerc will start from P5. Perez, Stroll, Ricciardo Sainz and Ocon complete the top 10. Perez and Stroll will swap positions thanks
1600 Hamilton can't improve. Ocon has stopped in Sector 1, this could ruin some laps.
1558 The drivers crawl around this stunning Mugello circuit as they prepare for their final flying laps. Who will be the first ever pole-sitter at Mugello?
1552 Hamilton on provisional pole with a 1:15.144. Verstappen is four tenths shy of that after his first run. Bottas slots into P2 and Verstappen's team-mate Albon is P4 after those first runs.
1548 Perez carries a one-place grid penalty into this session after crashing into Raikkonen in FP2 on Friday, but the Mexican racer will still fancy his chances of a solid starting position.
1546 Right then, time for Q3! Will Mercedes keep up their 100% record of claiming pole position in 2020, or can Verstappen put a blemish on that record.
1541 A good Q2 for Renault there with Ricciardo in P5 and Ocon P7, split by the Racing Point of Stroll.
1540 The Mercs top the session again with Hamilton leading the way, but crucially Verstappen is back in the conversation for pole. Norris misses out on Q3 in the McLaren, he is joined by Kvyat, Raikkonen, Vettel and Grosjean.
1537 Three minutes to go. Raikkonen, Grosjean, Vettel, Sainz and Kvyat are the drivers in danger.
1533 Racing Point may be in trouble there for releasing Lance Stroll straight into Verstappen's path in the pit lane.
1530 Mercedes have gone for the softs. It's a 1:15.3 for Hamilton. Bottas P2 and crucially Verstappen is only 0.16s off the pace in P3. All times were set on the softs.
1528 It will be interesting to see which tyres the drivers set their fastest laps on to secure them for the race start. Of course with this being Formula 1's first visit to Mugello there is no data available on the best starting tyre.
1525 Right then, Q2 time. Who will make the shootout for pole?
1520 Winner at the Italian Grand Prix last weekend, but at Mugello Pierre Gasly is out in Q1. He is joined by Giovinazzi, Russell, Latifi and Magnussen who finishes P20 and last. Bottas tops the session ahead of Hamilton as the Mercs return to the top.
1518 Russell was on a cracking lap there but pushes too much and dips two wheels into the gravel. He still improves to P12.
1517 One minute to go, the final flying laps will flood in shortly.
1511 Only P11 for Vettel but Leclerc slots into P7 as Ferrari complete their first Q1 run in their 1000th World Championship event.
1509 Why Mercedes, why? A 1:15.749 from Bottas puts him P1 early on, 0.029s ahead of Hamilton. Crucially Verstappen has half a second to find.
1508 Stroll is in to the 1:16s early on with a 1:16.701. Sergio Perez just misses out on that club in the other Racing Point.
1505 Out come Bottas and Hamilton, both on the C3 soft tyres. Verstappen soon follows also on the red-walled softs.
1503 29 races and counting for Russell in Formula 1 without being outqualified by a team-mate. Of course the aim of Q1 is to ditch the five slowest drivers.
1502 George Russell and Nicholas Latifi head straight out in the Williams FW43s. Russell's FP3 was wrecked by a brake issue.
1500 Here we go, Q1 is underway!
1457 Bright blue skies and baking temperatures greet the drivers. Air temp 29c, track temp 46c.
1456 Five minutes to go until Q1. Teams must now choose their engine modes for the rest of the weekend. Will this see Mercedes pull away again, or is Max in the fight for pole?
1450 Sebastian Vettel also struggled in FP3, Charles Leclerc had seven tenths on his team-mate with Vettel managing only P18.
1445 As for those needing to improve, Alex Albon has a second to find on Red Bull team-mate Verstappen heading into qualifying.
1439 Lance Stroll was also on form in FP3 for Racing Point. He ended the final practice session in P4, 0.582s off the pace.
1435 Bottas topped FP3 to make it a clean sweep of practice for the Mercedes man, but the Finn, team-mate Lewis Hamilton and Red Bull's Max Verstappen were separated by less than a tenth. Comfortably the closest Red Bull have been to Mercedes at this stage of
1430 Hello and welcome back to Mugello. Qualifying for the Tuscan Grand Prix is only 30 minutes away and the battle for pole looks wide open. All times are local.
16:43 It's fair to say today was just about getting to know Mugello for everyone. With two sessions in the bag, we should see a lot more true pace tomorrow morning ahead of qualifying. FP3 gets underway at noon local time, so join us then for live commentary of
16:40 The final running order: P1 Bottas, P2 Hamilton, P3 Verstappen, P4 Albon, P5 Ricciardo, P6 Ocon, P7 Perez, P8 Gasly, P9 Raikkonen, P10 Leclerc, P11 Stroll, P12 Vettel, P13 Sainz, P14 Norris, P15 Kvyat, P16 Russell, P17 Giovinazzi, P18 Latifi, P19 Magnus
16:36 Albon finished it in P4, seven tenths behind his team-mate and just ahead of the Renaults of Daniel Ricciardo and Esteban Ocon.
16:35 Well, there was little in the way of shocks in FP2. Bottas ends it on top, ahead of Hamilton and Verstappen. Yeah, the usual suspects.
16:34 Anyway, that's that for Friday running here at Mugello.
16:33 Vettel's engine stops right at the end of the session and can't coast back to the pits. Hopefully not a major issue.
16:31 Verstappen reports his mediums are f*cked after just eight laps. If that's the case in the case, we're looking at a two-stopper.
16:25 Judging by session, Renault are the quickest midfield team. McLaren will be hoping to prove that wrong tomorrow. They're currently in P13 and P14.
16:21 Most out on long runs fitted with mediums or hards, so don't expect many green laps.
16:18 Cars heading back out. 12 minutes to go.
16:14 Red Flag to clear some debris from the Racing Point.
16:13 Oof. Replays show he got clipped by Perez as the Mexican came out of the pits.
16:12 Raikkonen the latest to meet the gravel. More and more drivers struggling to keep things on track.
16:04 Yellow flags as Vettel does a neat 360. He really styled that spin out.
16:01 Leclerc is in P10. That's probably more representative of his actual pace than his FP1 result.
15:56 Grosjean is out of the session as his team try to fix an electronics issue.
15:55 Noah's Ark stuff in the top six. Mercedes, Mercedes, Red Bull, Red Bull, Renault, Renault.
15:52 A strong lap from Albon puts him P3 before Verstappen goes ever so slightly faster.
15:51 Bottas does a 1:16.989, while Hamilton goes two tenths slower.
15:50 We're back up and running.
15:40 He can't get his car running and Red Flags are waving while it's cleared.
15:39 We have our first big incident of the weekend, and it's courtesy of Lando Norris. The Brit gets his front left on the gravel exiting the corner and goes off and into the barrier.
15:37 Ricciardo goes P2, half a tenth down on Bottas.
15:35 Vettel goes P6 and Leclerc P5. Lots of running on the soft tyre to come.
15:31 An hour to go here.
15:24 Hamilton makes it a painfully familiar top three.
15:21 Bottas takes top spot with a 1:18.019. Him and Verstappen are both running the medium tyre.
15:19 Perez and Stroll go P3 and P4. Considering they finished in P18 and P19 this morning, it's already a better session.
15:18 Verstappen goes P1 with a 1:18.281.
15:15 Yellow flags as Leclerc spins takes a brief trip into the gravel at a corner I can't spell nor pronounce. Sorry.
15:13 Battery problems for Grosjean. He might be stuck in the garage for a while.
15:12 Vettel goes just under a second slower than the McLaren.
15:08 Norris goes top with a 1:18.658, half a second quicker than Grosjean.
15:01 FP2 is underway.
14:54 As always, there was some squabbling on-track this morning. Romain Grosjean wasn't too happy when a slow Perez in front of him held him up, while Verstappen complained about Stroll using DRS to overtake him during a long run. Those pesky pink panthers.
14:45 Despite the fact that it's a brand new track on the F1 calendar, and a rather tricky one at that, there were major incidents in FP1. Will that change in FP2 as drivers get more complacent? We think so...
14:40 Behind them, Charles Leclerc gave the small crowds something to cheer about by finishing in P3, ahead of Lewis Hamilton. Don't get used to that site though...
14:36 Usual FP1 topper Valtteri Bottas continued the trend this morning, going marginally quicker than the Red Bull of Max Verstappen.
14:32 Hello and welcome to live coverage of FP2 of the Tuscan Grand Prix! All times are local to Mugello.
12:42 So, the first F1 session at Mugello went off without a hitch. Given how quick the track is, that's a credit to the drivers. Can they keep it up in FP2? We'll find out in just over two hours, so join us then. Who knows, maybe we'll see a Ferrari on top aga
12:40 FP1's final running order: P1 Bottas, P2 Verstappen, P3 Leclerc, P4 Hamilton, P5 Gasly, P6 Ocon, P7 Kvyat, P8 Norris, P9 Albon, P10 Ricciardo, P11 Raikkonen, P12 Grosjean, P13 Vettel, P14 Giovinazzi, P15 Sainz, P16 Russell, P17 Magnussen, P18 Stroll, P19
12:36 Leclerc getting P3 in FP1 is by no means a guarantee that Ferrari will be getting into Q3 tomorrow, but it's a good start, and gives the crowds something to cheer. Let's just hope it's not the high point of their weekend...
12:35 As per usual, Bottas ends it in top spot, around half a tenth ahead of Verstappen.
12:32 No late improvements and FP1 is done.
12:30 Hamilton apparently has some Power Unit damage. That will be music to Bottas's ears.
12:26 It hasn't been the best session for Racing Point, with Stroll and Perez P18 and P19. They rarely show their full hand in FP1 though.
12:22 Everybody out on track for their final runs. Most are on softs.
12:17 Not to jinx it, but it looks like a Ferrari will end the session in the top three. Dizzy heights indeed.
12:10 20 minutes to go here, and the track is pretty empty at the moment. Most quali runs done.
12:02 P2 for Verstappen.
12:00 Bottas spoils all the fun by immediately taking P1 from Leclerc. Well, it was fun while it lasted.
12:00 A Ferrari goes top!! Take a picture!!
12:00 On softs, Hamilton goes quickest with a 1:18.409. Lots of qualifying runs happening.
11:59 Norris briefly goes P1 with a 1:18.981 before Ocon goes a tenth quicker.
11:55 Grosjean goes P5 with soft tyres...
11:51 Raikkonen goes P3, just ahead of Leclerc. Have F1 let Ferrari go back to their 2019 engine for this weekend as an anniversary gift?
11:39 Hamilton takes P2 on mediums. Nothing between him and Verstappen.
11:37 Vettel's not having the best of mornings. On hards, he's down in P17. Leclerc meanwhile has just gone P2.
11:33 Looking at this track, it's fast, challenging and in a stunning area, but overtaking anywhere asides from the straight will be seriously hard. Maybe impossible.
11:31 Verstappen takes top spot by a few thousandths of a second, while Hamilton goes P3.
11:26 Leclerc goes P5, sending the crowd wild. Not really, but, for the first time this year, there *are* actually some fans in the grandstands again!
11:24 Verstappen is doing a number of laps on the hard tyre and has just gone P2.
11:23 The Frenchman has now taken P1 with a 1:19.859.
11:22 Ignore me, he's had his time deleted. Race winner Pierre Gasly (yes we're going to put "race-winner" before his name all weekend) goes P2 for real, four tenths off Bottas.
11:18 Raikkonen goes half a second slower than his compatriot.
11:18 The Finn improves to do a 1:20.540 on hard tyres.
11:11 Bottas puts in the first ever timed lap of an F1 race weekend at Mugello, a 1:24.124.
11:05 Norris in good spirits, singing his heart out on his radio check. Come on Lando, we're in Italy, give us some Bocelli at least.
11:01 The Red Bulls are the first out on track.
10:55 Five minutes until lights go green for FP1 at a clear and sunny Mugello.
10:50 Who will be the closest team to them is far less certain. While that title has usually gone to Max Verstappen this season, the McLaren looked to be genuinely quicker than the Red Bull at Monza.
10:43 Away from Scuderia matters, Mercedes will be hoping to get back on track following an uncharacteristically bad showing at Monza last time out. In terms of pace at least, they'll be at the top of the timesheets from this morning onwards.
10:37 Speaking of Vettel, he'll be getting as much, if not more attention than his team this weekend given it's just been announced he'll be driving for Aston Martin next year. You can't help but think the timing wasn't coincidental. You're sacking me? Fine,
10:31 So, will it be a happy anniversary for the Italian team? It doesn't look likely. There aren't many tracks that suit the SF1000 but, with its high-speed corners and huge straight, Mugelle really doesn't. Ah well, with a special retro burgundy livery, at
09:00 Welcome to Mugello for the first-ever Formula 1 grand prix at this Italian circuit. This is the Tuscan Grand Prix, and this is Ferrari's 1000th grand prix.
Driver Standings
1 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:19.338 2:19:35.060 5
2 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:19.561 4.880 5
3 Alexander Albon Red Bull 1:21.273 8.064 5
4 Daniel Ricciardo Renault 1:21.096 10.417 5
5 Sergio Perez Racing Point 1:21.200 15.775 5
6 Lando Norris McLaren 1:21.198 18.883 5
7 Daniil Kvyat AlphaTauri 1:21.594 21.756 5
8 Charles Leclerc Ferrari 1:21.236 28.345 5
9 Kimi Raikkonen Alfa Romeo Racing 1:21.164 29.770 6
10 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:21.202 29.983 6
11 George Russell Williams 1:21.715 32.404 5
12 Romain Grosjean Haas 1:22.263 42.036 5
R Max Verstappen Red Bull RETIRED 58 LAPS 0
R Lance Stroll Racing Point RETIRED 16 LAPS 3
R Carlos Sainz McLaren RETIRED 53 LAPS 0
R Esteban Ocon Renault RETIRED 51 LAPS 2
R Pierre Gasly AlphaTauri RETIRED 58 LAPS 0
R Antonio Giovinazzi Alfa Romeo Racing RETIRED 53 LAPS 0
R Nicholas Latifi Williams RETIRED 52 LAPS 0
R Kevin Magnussen Haas RETIRED 53 LAPS 0
Driver Standings
1 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:15.144 - 4
2 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:15.203 0.059 4
3 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:15.509 0.365 3
4 Alexander Albon Red Bull 1:15.954 0.810 5
5 Charles Leclerc Ferrari 1:16.270 1.126 6
6 Sergio Perez Racing Point 1:16.311 1.167 5
7 Lance Stroll Racing Point 1:16.356 1.212 5
8 Daniel Ricciardo Renault 1:16.543 1.399 5
9 Carlos Sainz McLaren 1:17.870 2.726 6
10 Esteban Ocon Renault 5
11 Lando Norris McLaren 1:16.640 4
12 Daniil Kvyat AlphaTauri 1:16.854 4
13 Kimi Raikkonen Alfa Romeo Racing 1:16.854 4
14 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:16.858 4
15 Romain Grosjean Haas 1:17.254 4
16 Pierre Gasly AlphaTauri 1:17.125 2
17 Antonio Giovinazzi Alfa Romeo Racing 1:17.220 2
18 George Russell Williams 1:17.232 3
19 Nicholas Latifi Williams 1:17.320 3
20 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1:17.348 2
Driver Standings
1 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:15.144 - 4
2 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:15.203 0.059 4
3 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:15.509 0.365 3
4 Alexander Albon Red Bull 1:15.954 0.810 5
5 Charles Leclerc Ferrari 1:16.270 1.126 6
6 Sergio Perez Racing Point 1:16.311 1.167 5
7 Lance Stroll Racing Point 1:16.356 1.212 4
8 Daniel Ricciardo Renault 1:16.543 1.399 5
9 Carlos Sainz McLaren 1:17.870 2.726 6
10 Esteban Ocon Renault 5
Driver Standings
1 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:15.309 - 3
2 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:15.322 0.013 2
3 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:15.471 0.162 2
4 Alexander Albon Red Bull 1:15.914 0.605 3
5 Daniel Ricciardo Renault 1:16.243 0.934 3
6 Lance Stroll Racing Point 1:16.271 0.962 3
7 Esteban Ocon Renault 1:16.297 0.988 4
8 Charles Leclerc Ferrari 1:16.324 1.015 4
9 Sergio Perez Racing Point 1:16.489 1.180 4
10 Carlos Sainz McLaren 1:16.522 1.213 4
11 Lando Norris McLaren 1:16.640 1.331 4
12 Daniil Kvyat AlphaTauri 1:16.854 1.545 4
13 Kimi Raikkonen Alfa Romeo Racing 1:16.854 1.545 4
14 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:16.858 1.549 4
15 Romain Grosjean Haas 1:17.254 1.945 4
Driver Standings
1 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:15.749 - 1
2 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:15.778 0.029 2
3 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:16.335 0.586 1
4 Alexander Albon Red Bull 1:16.527 0.778 2
5 Sergio Perez Racing Point 1:16.596 0.847 2
6 Charles Leclerc Ferrari 1:16.698 0.949 2
7 Lance Stroll Racing Point 1:16.701 0.952 1
8 Esteban Ocon Renault 1:16.825 1.076 2
9 Lando Norris McLaren 1:16.895 1.146 2
10 Daniil Kvyat AlphaTauri 1:16.928 1.179 2
11 Daniel Ricciardo Renault 1:16.981 1.232 2
12 Carlos Sainz McLaren 1:16.993 1.244 2
13 Kimi Raikkonen Alfa Romeo Racing 1:17.059 1.310 2
14 Romain Grosjean Haas 1:17.069 1.320 2
15 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:17.072 1.323 2
16 Pierre Gasly AlphaTauri 1:17.125 1.376 2
17 Antonio Giovinazzi Alfa Romeo Racing 1:17.220 1.471 2
18 George Russell Williams 1:17.232 1.483 3
19 Nicholas Latifi Williams 1:17.320 1.571 3
20 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1:17.348 1.599 2
Driver Standings
1 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:16.989 - 6
2 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:17.196 0.207 7
3 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:17.235 0.246 4
4 Alexander Albon Red Bull 1:17.971 0.982 7
5 Daniel Ricciardo Renault 1:18.039 1.050 4
6 Esteban Ocon Renault 1:18.115 1.126 3
7 Sergio Perez Racing Point 1:18.198 1.209 3
8 Pierre Gasly AlphaTauri 1:18.244 1.255 5
9 Kimi Raikkonen Alfa Romeo Racing 1:18.385 1.396 5
10 Charles Leclerc Ferrari 1:18.400 1.411 6
11 Lance Stroll Racing Point 1:18.462 1.473 3
12 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:18.498 1.509 4
13 Carlos Sainz McLaren 1:18.651 1.662 6
14 Lando Norris McLaren 1:18.658 1.669 2
15 Daniil Kvyat AlphaTauri 1:18.736 1.747 4
16 George Russell Williams 1:18.843 1.854 5
17 Antonio Giovinazzi Alfa Romeo Racing 1:18.944 1.955 4
18 Nicholas Latifi Williams 1:18.983 1.994 5
19 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1:19.113 2.124 3
20 Romain Grosjean Haas 1:19.257 2.268 1
Driver Standings
1 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:17.879 - 7
2 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:17.927 0.048 5
3 Charles Leclerc Ferrari 1:18.186 0.307 6
4 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:18.409 0.530 7
5 Pierre Gasly AlphaTauri 1:18.676 0.797 5
6 Esteban Ocon Renault 1:18.805 0.926 5
7 Daniil Kvyat AlphaTauri 1:18.839 0.960 5
8 Lando Norris McLaren 1:18.981 1.102 5
9 Alexander Albon Red Bull 1:19.068 1.189 6
10 Daniel Ricciardo Renault 1:19.140 1.261 7
11 Kimi Raikkonen Alfa Romeo Racing 1:19.219 1.340 6
12 Romain Grosjean Haas 1:19.224 1.345 4
13 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:19.267 1.388 6
14 Antonio Giovinazzi Alfa Romeo Racing 1:19.322 1.443 6
15 Carlos Sainz McLaren 1:19.457 1.578 5
16 George Russell Williams 1:19.478 1.599 6
17 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1:19.551 1.672 4
18 Lance Stroll Racing Point 1:19.836 1.957 3
19 Sergio Perez Racing Point 1:19.840 1.961 4
20 Nicholas Latifi Williams 1:20.034 2.155 7
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