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01 Dec 17:12 Thank you to all our readers for joining our live commentary this season. We wish you a great December and best wishes into the new year. See you in 2020. 
01 Dec 16:48 Lewis Hamilton wins the Abu Dhabi GP! 
01 Dec 16:44 Two laps to go until the end of the 2019 season. Verstappen is a massive 18 seconds behind the world champion. 
01 Dec 16:36 Lance Stroll's evening is cut short and he's forced to retire the Racing Point. 
01 Dec 16:34 Danill Kvyat passes Nico Hulkenberg on the inside to move up to P9. 
01 Dec 16:31 10 laps to go!
01 Dec 16:27 43/55: Ham, Ver, Lec, Bot, Alb, Vet is your top six at Yas Marina. 
01 Dec 16:25 Ferrari do another double stop, Leclerc takes on soft tyres and Vettel  a set of medium tyres. 
01 Dec 16:12 Leclerc has already fallen 3.5 seconds behind Verstappen. Leclerc has to pit ASAP. 
01 Dec 16:10 Bottas breaks lap record with a 1:39.715
01 Dec 16:09 Verstappen dives past Leclerc and returns to P2. 
01 Dec 16:05 Bottas pits in no time at all to rejoin in P6, ahead of Sergio Perez. 
01 Dec 16:02 Race control: No further action on incident between Kubica and Giovinazzi. 
01 Dec 15:59 Verstappen pits from P2, takes on a set of hard tyres and rejoins in P3. 
01 Dec 15:55 Stewards looking at the incident between Alfa's Giovinazzi and Williams' Robert Kubica. 
01 Dec 15:54 Hamilton is 13.1s clear of Verstappen, with Leclerc and Bottas rounding off the top four. 
01 Dec 15:44 Race control: DRS enabled finally...on lap 18. 
01 Dec 15:40 The fastest man on track so far is Leclerc with a 1:41.938. 
01 Dec 15:39 The Ferraris are in P3 (Leclerc) and P6 (Vettel) after their stops. Hamilton and Verstappen (P2) are yet to pit. 
01 Dec 15:36 Vettel pits for hard tyres and falls victim to a slow stop, he has rejoined in P7. 
01 Dec 15:32 Lap 11/55: A fifth of the way into the Abu Dhabi GP and it's the two Ferraris chasing Hamilton in P1, pretty much sums up the season. 
01 Dec 15:30 Lando Norris takes on a set of hard compound tyres.
01 Dec 15:27 Leclerc told over the radio by his engineer that he needs to 'push'. 
01 Dec 15:27 Hamilton's lead at the front is up to 4.5 seconds over Leclerc. 
01 Dec 15:23 Valtteri Bottas is scything through the field after starting P20, he's currently in P12. 
01 Dec 15:20 Race control: DRS disabled because of a technical issue. 
01 Dec 15:17 Stewards are investigating an incident at Turn 1 between Pierre Gasly and the two Racing Points. 
01 Dec 15:15 Charles Leclerc breezes past Max Verstappen on the long straight and into P2. Seb Vettel passes Verstappen too and the Ferraris are looking racy. 
01 Dec 15:13 LIGHTS OUT!
01 Dec 15:12 JUST IN: F1.com reporting that Charles Leclerc and Ferrari are facing a post-race investigation in Abu Dhabi, after the FIA’s Formula One Technical Delegate Jo Bauer referred them to the stewards for a potential breach of the technical rules.
01 Dec 15:10 Formation lap underway in the fading sunlight in the United Arab Emirates.
FINISH Well, that's that for 2019. We may not have had a great Championship fight, or a good last race, but there's been great ones. Germany and Brazil will be remembered for years to come, while we got our first glimpse of Verstappen v Leclerc in Austria. Once again though, the main man was Hamilton, who eased to his sixth title. He'll be back in March to try and catch Schumacher's total, and we'll be back to cover it all. Thanks very much for joining us this season, and see you in February for winter testing to do it all again.
FINISH Hulkenberg may have missed out on a point, but he's been given Driver of the Day, at least. Aren't F1 fans such a nice bunch? We'll miss you, Nico.
FINISH The final order in Abu Dhabi: P1 Hamilton, P2 Verstappen, P3 Leclerc, P4 Bottas, P5 Vettel, P6 Albon, P7 Perez, P8 Norris, P9 Kvyat, P10 Sainz, P11 Ricciardo, P12 Hulkenberg, P13 Raikkonen, P14 Magnussen, P15 Grosjean, P16 Giovinazzi, P17 Russell, P18 Gasly, P19 Kubica, P20 Stroll (RET).
FINISH Kvyat enjoyed a strong end to the season, finishing in P9, just ahead of Sainz who took a precious point from Hulkenberg to clinch P6 in the championship.
FINISH Vettel took P5 from Albon late on, while Perez passed Norris on the final lap to move into P7.
FINISH Verstappen eases home in P2 while Leclerc holds off Bottas to take P3. For now.
FINISH Sainz and Perez have passed Hulkenberg and Norris respectively!
FINISH Hamilton wins the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix!
Lap 55 Final lap...
Lap 54 Two laps for Sainz to pass Hulkenberg and take P6 in the standings from Gasly.
Lap 54 Vettel uses DRS to pass Albon round the outside of the back straight.
Lap 52 Bottas 4.2 seconds off Leclerc, Vettel 3.6 behind Albon.
Lap 51 Up front, Bottas is catching Leclerc and Vettel is catching Albon. Let's hope one of them is successful, some excitement would be lovely.
Lap 51 Sainz is currently P11, five seconds behind Hulkenberg. If he doesn't pass the German, Gasly will take P6 in the championship.
Lap 48 Stroll retires from the race.
Lap 48 Kvyat also passes the German. Come in guys, it's his last race, let him have a point.
Lap 46 Perez passes Hulkenberg to move up to P8.
Lap 45 Bad news: there's only 10 laps left of Formula 1 until March. Good news: there's only 10 laps left of this race. We're not saying it's boring but, eh - scrap that - it's boring.
Lap 44 Ricciardo does the same.
Lap 43 Sainz pits! He and the team clearly think Perez and Kvyat would have caught him on fresher tyres. He comes out in P14.
Lap 42 Perez and Kvyat have finally pitted, putting Sainz into P9 and above Gasly in the standings.
Lap 41 Verstappen has figured out that both Ferraris are doing a two-stop as he heard the pit stops while chatting to his race engineer. Because just driving an F1 car can get a bit easy for him.
Lap 39 Leclerc and Vettel both pit. Leclerc comes out still pin P3 while Vettel loses places to Bottas and Albon. The Finn has just passed the Thai driver.
Lap 37 Bottas, on his fresher tyres, is catching Albon and Vettel and will be within striking distance any lap now.
Lap 32 He brakes late in the DRS zone to dive down the inside and pass! Leclerc tries to retake him over the next straight but can't do it.
Lap 31 Verstappen almost within striking distance of Leclerc, despite his problems.
Lap 30 Bottas finally comes in and comes out in P6.
Lap 27 Verstappen still isn't happy with his engine. "Something is not right," he says.
Lap 27 Mercedes respond and bring Hamilton in. He comes out with a nice six second lead.
Lap 26 Verstappen comes in! He puts on hards and comes out in P3, ahead of Bottas and Vettel. With much fresher tyres than Leclerc, he's the favourite to finish P2 now.
Lap 25 Gotta be honest, as far as races go, this isn't the best. Why is Abu Dhabi the season's curtain call again? Ah well, thirty laps to go.
Lap 23 Vettel has issues with his power unit. He's now losing time to Bottas who has yet to pit.
Lap 20 He uses his fresher, quicker tyres to pass Sainz.
Lap 20 Hulkenberg then pits to free up Vettel and Albon. The Renault driver comes out in P13, ahead of Ricciardo. He's on medium tyres.
Lap 19 DRS is back! Bottas quickly uses it to pass Hulkenberg.
Lap 18 As he's stuck behind the Finn, Albon is closing up.
Lap 18 Vettel tries to dive down the inside of Bottas, who's yet to pit, but can't quite manage it. He could do with some DRS.
Lap 16 Sainz has passed Ricciardo again. it sounds like a great battle, would be awesome if the TV directors showed it.
Lap 15 Leclerc sets the fastest lap of the race.
Lap 14 Verstappen: "Tyres are still ok for me, I'll keep going."
Lap 14 Albon comes in for hards and comes out a place behind Vettel.
Lap 14 Not for long though, as Ricciardo takes the position back.
Lap 13 Sainz pits and comes out just behind Ricciardo but manages to pass him.
Lap 13 Leclerc and Vettel pit! Leclerc puts on hards in 2.3 seconds but the crew have trouble getting Vettel's front left on, so he loses time.
Lap 12 Ricciardo comes in to put on hards and comes out, crucially, just behind Norris.
Lap 12 Verstappen trails Leclerc by just over two seoncds and leads Vettel by around five.
Lap 11 As the sun sets and lights flood the circuit, making the cars shine, Hamilton continues to ease away from his rivals. The gap is almost six seconds now.
Lap 9 Norris pits for hard tyres and comes out in P17.
Lap 9 Ferrari telling Leclerc to push as much as he can.
Lap 8 Verstappen and Red Bull are having some trouble with his engine. The Dutchman is in mode six and can't move up to mode seven.
Lap 8 Bottas up to P11. Magnussen is dropping like a fly.
Lap 7 Stroll pits for new tyres already. his team-mate meanwhile has passed Magnussen to move into the top 10.
Lap 5 Hamilton has opened up a three second gap to Leclerc.
Lap 4 DRS is currently disabled for everyone due to a technical issue.
Lap 4 Bottas has made steady progress and is running in P14.
Lap 3 Verstappen seems to have switched on his tyres and has stabilised his gap to Vettel.
Lap 3 Hulkenberg passes his old pal Magnussen to take P9.
Lap 2 Gasly pits for a new front-wing after Turn 1 contact with Stroll and is in the pits for an age.
Lap 2 Magnussen has had the best start on the grid. He's up to P9 already.
Lap 1 Vettel all over the back of the Dutchman now. He seems far slower than the Ferraris.
Lap 1 Leclerc uses his straight line speed to pass Verstappen.
Lap 1 And we're off! Hamilton gets away well as Verstappen slots in behind him. No changes in the top five.
17:10 The formation lap is underway.
17:06 We're gonna miss these opening credits for the race. Remember when everyone hated the theme tune? Can't get enough of it now.
16:58 The national anthem has been played and some planes have been sent to fly over the track. We get it guys, you're rich. Just over 10 minutes until lights out.
16:55 The FIA have reported that Ferrari underdeclared the fuel amount in Charles Leclerc's car and will therefore be investigated after the race. That could well lead to a disqualifcation for the Monegasque...
16:50 There are three things of note that can be decided tonight; P3 and P5 in the driver's standings, and P6 in the constructors. Verstappen has an 11 point lead over Leclerc for P3, Gasly and Sainz are tied for P6 with Albon 11 points behind, while Renault are eight points clear of Toro Rosso.
16:45 Conditons? It's hot, dry and sunny. 27'C to be exact, with little wind, so don't expect to see any sand storms.
16:38 The pit-lane is open.
16:35 Let's talk strategy: The Mercedes and Red Bull dirvers will be starting on the more durable medium compound, as will Leclerc, but Vettel's side of the garage have opted for the softs. According to Pirelli, a one-stop going onto the hard tyre is the quickest strategy for all of them, but they've been wrong about tyre wear before...
16:25 The full grid: P1 Hamilton, P2 Verstappen, P3, Leclerc, P4 Vettel, P5 Albon, P6 Norris, P7 Ricciardo, P8 Sainz, P9 Hulkenberg, P10 Perez, P11 Gasly, P12 Stroll, P13 Kvyat, P14 Magnussen, P15 Grosjean, P16 Giovinazzi, P17 Raikkonen, P18 Russell, P19 Kubica, P20 Bottas.
16:20 Completing to the top ten are Sainz in P9 and Nico Hulkenberg, starting what could be his last ever F1 race, in P10.
16:18 Lando Norris clinched the qualifiyng battle with Sainz yesterday, ending the last Saturday of the season as the best of the rest. Just behind him is the Renault of Daniel Ricciardo.
16:16 Alex Albon meanwhile will be looking to close an 11 point deficit to Pierre Gasly and Carlos Sainz in the standings to take P6. He starts P5 today.
16:11 Behind Hamilton and Verstappen are the Ferraris of Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel, who will be hoping to beat the Dutchman in their respective attempts to take P3 in the Driver's Championship.
16:07 Lewis Hamilton ended his long pole draught -by his standards - yesterday to ensure he'll start P1 today. His team-mate Valtteri Bottas qualfied just behind him, but due to his grid-penalty, Max Verstappen will start there.
16:00 For one last time, let's go through the grid for today's race...
15:05 Hello and welcome to the last race of the 2019 season (sobs): the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Build-up begins at 1600 with lights out at 1710 local time.
18:16 So, Lewis Hamilton has, at last, ended his drought to take his first pole since Germany all the way back in July. He's undoubtedly favourite to hold on and win the race tomorrow, but as Brazil showed, Verstappen is more than capable of going toe to toe with him, especially considering Red Bull's supposedly strong race pace. Behind those two, the Ferraris will be doing all they can to take P3 from the Dutchman in the Championship, while Albon will be hoping to bag himself P6 over Sainz and Gasly. We know Abu Dhabi isn't always the best race, but it's the last one you're gonna get for a while, so don't miss it, alright? Alright. The race gets underway at 17:10 local time, see you there.
18:09 How the grid will look tomorrow: P1 Hamilton, P2 Verstappen, P3 Leclerc, P4 Vettel, P5 Albon, P6 Norris, P7 Ricciardo, P8 Sainz, P9 Hulkenberg, P10 Perez, P11 Gasly, P12 Stroll, P13 Kvyat, P14 Magnussen, P15 Grosjean, P16 Giovinazzi, P17 Raikkonen, P18 Russell, P19 Kubica, P20 Bottas.
18:05 Sainz himself qualifies P9, just behind Ricciardo. Hulkenberg, in what could be his last ever qualifying session, manages P10.
18:04 Norris moves up to P7 to win his qualifying battle with Sainz! Not a bad day for British drivers.
18:03 Vettel fails to improve and stays P5 between Leclerc and Albon.
18:02 Bottas does enough to surpass the Dutchman and go P2. It's a Mercedes 1-2 here!
18:02 Hamilton improves ever so slightly, Verstappen doesn't.
18:01 Oh dear. Leclerc misjudges the timings and doesn't cross the line in time to do a final lap.
18:00 Hamilton will be the first to cross the line...
17:59 Ricciardo improves to go P7. The rest are about to set off on their final laps.
17:56 Sainz is comfortably best of the rest after the first runs, ahead of Norris.
17:55 Ferrari look to be quickest in the first two sectors but lose over half a second in the third. Rather problematic.
17:55 Less than a tenth separates Verstappen, Bottas and Leclerc.
17:54 Leclerc too can't challenge Mercedes, but Verstappen can. The Dutchman splits them to go P2, three tenths off Hamilton.
17:53 Vettel goes P3, half a second down.
17:53 Hamilton does a 1:34.828 to go top, three tenths up on Bottas.
17:49 The final Q3 of the year is underway. Who will take the final pole?
17:44 Those out in Q2: P11 Perez, P12 Gasly, P13 Stroll, P14 Kvyat, P15 Magnussen.
17:42 Hamilton and the Red Bulls didn't improve on softs, so will start on the mediums tomorrow.
17:42 Hulkenberg goes P10 at the death to move Perez into the bottom five.
17:41 Gasly goes into P10 briefly before Norris goes P8 to push him back down.
17:39 Verstappen, Albon and Hamilton put on softs for their final runs.
17:36 The drop zone: Kvyat, Norris, Stroll, Gasly, Magnussen. It's all very tight from P6 down.
17:35 Bottas goes P2, 0.040 seconds off his team-mate.
17:34 Ricciardo and Hulkenberg go P6 and P8.
17:32 Verstappen goes six tenths slower than Hamilton before Vettel and Leclerc nearly match the Brit, going P2 and P3.
17:32 Sainz goes P2.
17:31 A 1:36.718 for Albon, a 1:35.634 for Hamilton.
17:30 Ferrari, however, are using their softs.
17:30 Mercedes and Red Bull unsurprisingly rocking the medium compound tyre. They'll hope it's quick enough to get them through to Q3 so they can start on it tomorrow.
17:27 Green lights. Q2 has begun.
17:22 Q1 is over - those out: P16 Grosjean, P17 Giovinazzi, P18 Raikkonen, P19 Russell, P20 Kubica.
17:20 Stroll does enough to get himself back into the top fifteen, dropping Grosjean back into the drop zone.
17:19 The Haas boys improve to move up to safety.
17:18 The Alfa Romeos both improve to send Stroll and Magnussen down.
17:15 Hamilton improves to do a 1:35.851.
17:13 The drop zone with five minutes left: Raikkonen, Grosjean, Russell, Giovinazzi, Kubica.
17:12 The top 10 consists of Mercedes, Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren and Renault, the top five teams in the Championship.
17:11 Bottas goes P3 and Vettel P5.
17:09 Vettel spins on the main straight, bringing out yellow flags. As he faced the wrong way, Hamilton soared past to go top.
17:07 Leclerc and Sainz move into P2 and P3, with the former less than a tenth off Verstappen.
17:07 Norris goes two tenths quicker than his fellow rookie before Verstappen goes top with a 1:36.390.
17:06 Albon the first to set a time, doing a 1:37.699 on softs.
17:02 Here we go then. Q1 is underway.
16:53 The only qualifying battle yet to be decided this season is the one at McLaren. Sainz and Norris are tied at the moment, so winner takes all today.
16:50 Considering this race takes place in a desert, you can probably figure out the weather, but I'll tell you anyway. It's hot. Really hot. And dry. 28'C to be precise.
16:45 Asides from Bottas, who will start from the back due to engine penalties, the rest of the drivers will start where they qualify, barring any incidents in the next few hours.
16:41 Outside of the top six, the midfield battle seems as tight as ever. Sergio Perez was the best of the rest in FP3, but every team except Williams has finished in the top 10 in at least one of the weekends' sessions.
16:35 Can Ferrari put themselves in contention? Judging by the times and data from the three practice sessions, it seems unlikely, but never say never...
16:33 Max Verstappen topped FP3 earlier today, going less than a tenth quicker than Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas. Bottas has a grid penalty, but it looks like it could be a mighty fight between the other two for pole position.
16:30 Hello and welcome to Planet F1's live coverage of the final qualifying session of the season in Abu Dhabi! All times are local.
15:14 With Bottas taking a grid-penalty and the Ferraris looking to lack the one-lap pace, qualifying is starting to look like it could be a one on one fight for pole between Hamilton and Verstappen, which sounds bloody great. Q1 begins in just under two hours, join us then to see it unfold.
15:10 The final FP3 order: P1 Verstappen, P2 Hamilton, P3 Bottas, P4 Albon, P5 Vettel, P6 Leclerc, P7 Perez, P8 Ricciardo, P9 Sainz, P10 Gasly, P11 Grosjean, P12 Kvyat, P13 Norris, P14 Magnussen, P15 Stroll, P16 Raikkonen, P17 Hulkenberg, P18 Giovinazzi, P19 Russell, P20 Kubica.
15:06 Perez enjoyed a strong session to finish top of the midfield ahead of Ricciardo, who will be relieved to see some pace from his car. Sainz and Gasly complete the top ten.
15:04 Albon is a further three tenths down in P4, ahead of both Ferraris, who didn't run the softer compound tyre.
15:03 Verstappen tops the session, less than a tenth ahead of Hamilton and Bottas.
15:01 The chequered flag is waving and the final FP3 of the season is over.
14:56 Verstappen goes just under a tenth quicker than Hamilton to take P1 with five minutes left of the session.
14:54 Perez goes P7. The midfield battle is looking tight.
14:54 Albon takes P4 from Vettel.
14:51 Ricciardo is currently sat in P6. It's been a much better day for him and Renault so far.
14:50 Verstappen goes quicker than the Ferraris but slower than the Mercs. P3.
14:48 Bottas goes within 0.015 seconds of Hamilton.
14:42 Leclerc moves up to P3, less than a tenth behind Vettel.
14:40 Toro Rosso are looking strong in this session. they're currently running in P6 and P8.
14:38 Stroll says his car has gone into "limp mode".
14:33 Albon is forced to go off track to avoid running into the back of Hulkenberg.
14:29 Grosjean's new (old) parts seem to be doing just fine. The Haas driver moves into P6 on the soft tyre.
14:28 Hamilton responds with a 1:36.877 to take top spot back.
14:25 Verstappen goes half a second quicker than Hamilton to take P1.
14:24 Albon goes up to P5, splitting the Renaults.
14:22 Only P11 for Leclerc after his first lap.
14:21 Hamilton goes purple with a 1:37.699.
14:21 Vettel goes P2, two tenths down.
14:20 A 1:37.911 from Bottas puts him in P1. He did it on the soft compound too.
14:18 His team-mate and the Alfa Romeos also set times and all go slower. Ricciardo then goes top with a 1:38.271 on the soft tyre.
14:15 Norris sets the first time of the day, a 1:38.987.
14:08 We're seeing a rainbow of tyres on track at the moment. Three cars running softs, two running hards and one running mediums.
14:02 Grosjean is having to run an older spec floor and diffuser after Bottas destroyed the new spec on Friday.
14:01 Quick exit from the pits for Raikkonen, Magnussen and the luck less Grosjean.
14:00 And go...
13:56 Pirelli have brought the softest three compound options for this weekend - the C3, C4 and C5 rubber.
13:51 The drivers can, sadly for them, expect the hottest session so far this weekend. Track temperature is 40'C with just under 10 minutes to the start of the hour-long FP3.
13:47 Williams were once again slowest of all on Friday, the Grove team's 2019 struggles running from beginning to end. The bottom half: 11 Carlos Sainz McLaren 1.578s; 12 Lando Norris McLaren 1.662s; 13 Lance Stroll Racing Point 1.729s; 14 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1.824s; 15 Nico Hulkenberg Renault 1.866s; 16 Daniel Ricciardo Renault 2.144s; 17 Kimi Raikkonen Alfa Romeo Racing 2.159s; 18 Antonio Giovinazzi Alfa Romeo Racing 2.208s; 19 George Russell Williams 3.256s; 20 Robert Kubica Williams 4.199s.
13:40 Bottas, though, will be starting from the very back of the grid as he needed a new engine for his W10 after his Brazilian failure. And then he needed another new one overnight. But hey, back of the grid is back of the grid.
13:38 Friday's top ten: 1 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:36.256; 2 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 0.310s; 3 Charles Leclerc Ferrari 0.386s; 4 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 0.435s; 5 Max Verstappen Red Bull 0.551s; 6 Alex Albon Red Bull 1.032s; 7 Romain Grosjean Haas 1.345s; 8 Sergio Perez Racing Point 1.381s; 9 Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso 1.395s; 10 Pierre Gasly Toro Rosso 1.514s; .
13:32 Valtteri Bottas was quickest in both practice sessions on Friday, but it was not without incident after he crashed into Romain Grosjean during a sudden tussle at T11 in FP2.
11:30 Hello and welcome back to the Yas Marina circuit ahead of the final qualifying session of the 2019 season. FP3 is first up, though, from 1400. All times are local.
18:43 Mercedes look to be the quickest here, but Ferrari will feel much more confident after this evening's session. Both, and the rest of the grid, will have one more hour of practice before qualifying tomorrow to find out more. FP3 starts at 14:00 local time, see you there.
18:40 The final FP2 order: P1 Bottas, P2 Hamilton, P3 Leclerc, P4 Vettel, P5 Verstappen, P6 Albon, P7 Grosejan, P8 Perez, P9 Kvyat, P10 Gasly, P11 Sainz, P12 Norris, P13 Stroll, P14 Magnussen, P15 Hulkenberg, P16 Ricciardo, P17 Raikkonen, P18 Giovinazzi, P19 Russell, P20 Kubica.
18:38 It was almost a perfect afternoon for Grosjean who ended up as best of the rest but has a rather damaged car now. Just behind him was Perez, while the Toro Rossos completed the top ten.
18:35 Red Bull meanwhile will be disappointed that they couldn't match the top two teams. On the bright side, Verstappen was only a tenth slower than Vettel, while Albon was a further half a second off.
18:34 It was a better session for Ferrari, who finish in P3 and P4, lead narrowly by Charles Leclerc.
18:33 Despite his crash, Bottas tops the session, three tenths clear of team-mate Hamilton.
18:31 FP2 is over.
18:26 Grosjean, on the other hand, is walking around the paddock.
18:25 Bottas is back out already. Clearly, the damage on his car wasn't that bad.
18:25 Five minutes to go.
18:19 Green lights. We're back underway.
18:15 Hamilton asks who crashed before replying "Could've guessed" when told Grosjean hit Bottas. Savage.
18:12 A red flag is out due to the debris that came from the incident.
18:11 Bottas and Grosjean touch! The Finn dives down the inside from a long way back and Grosjean, unaware of him, turns and hits him. That was surely too far back for Bottas to try and pass him from...
18:07 Gasly reporting something "strange" with his engine. He's currently in P10, just behind team-mate Kvyat. They're rivals this weekend are Renault, who are down in P15 and P16. Could Toro Rosso take P5 in the Championship?
18:03 Less than half an hour to go.
17:59 Red Bull mechanics are working hard to change the suspension on Verstappen's car. Presumably, he's not happy with the current setup.
17:53 These soft tyres don't look particularly durable... Many have already moved on to a second set.
17:49 Giovinazzi spins! The Italian spins at, yep you guessed it, Turn 19, but manages to avoid the barriers. The drivers are struggling with that section. A lot.
17:48 Tell you what, it might not be the most exciting track, with the sun setting, the sky and the cars look bloody gorgeous.
17:44 Leclerc effectively matches Hamilton in his latest lap to go just behind in P3.
17:41 Grosjean moves up to P6. The Haas car is liking these temperatures.
17:38 The Finn also had a moment at Turn 19 but unlike the Ferraris, he got away with it.
17:37 Bottas goes top on his with a 1:36.256, and Hamilton goes four tenths slower.
17:37 Pretty much everyone out on softs now...
17:34 He was on a personal best but clipped the barriers at Turn 19, where Vettel crashed earlier, and subsequently aborted the lap.
17:31 Leclerc is back out on soft tyres. So, let's see how quick that Ferrari is...
17:28 Sainz currently the only man out on track. Everybody else will presumably come out for qualifying runs soon.
17:26 Leclerc's car is in the garage surrounded by mechanics. Unsure as to what the issue is.
17:22 Magnussen is back in the pits out of the car due to an issue with his seat. Expect him back out soon.
17:21 Hamilton goes out on hards and puts himself in P3 behind Bottas, who has gone within a tenth of Verstappen.
17:19 Vettel, on mediums, goes P4 on his first lap, a tenth slower than Leclerc.
17:16 Vettel and Ricciardo the only drivers yet to set a time.
17:14 Bottas splits Verstappen and Leclerc.
17:13 Red Bull set their first times. Verstappen goes top with a 1:17.145 and Albon P4, just under a second down. Both are on the medium tyre.
17:11 Leclerc takes us into the 1:38s.
17:09 Perez goes top with a 1:38.870 on the medium tyre.
17:07 Magnussen, on mediums, and Leclerc, on hards, both set their first times. The Haas driver goes top, four-tenths clear of the Ferrari man.
17:04 Kimi Raikkonen sets the first time of the session, a 1:39.990 on the medium compound tyre.
17:00 The 90-minute session is underway.
16:55 It's a typically warm and dry day here in Abu Dhabi - I mean, it is effectively a desert. The temperature is currently 26'C and there's about one cloud in the sky. Things get underway in five minutes.
16:51 Outside of the top three, Haas look to be the best of the rest. Romain Grosjean ended up in P6 splitting the Ferraris while Kevin Magnussen was in P8.
16:48 The big talking point came from Sebastian Vettel, who sent his Ferrari into the barriers just before the end of the session. He damaged the rear-left of the car but largely got away with his mistake. He ended the session in P5 with Charles Leclerc down in P7.
16:40 Fp1 earlier today saw Valtteri Bottas top the timing sheet, half a second up on Max Verstappen. Lewis Hamilton was P3, followed by Alex Albon. Is this weekend going to a Mercedes v Red Bull showdown?
16:36 Hello and welcome to Abu Dhabi for the final FP2 of the 2019 Formula 1 season! All times are local.
14:33 Well not only do Renault have work to do before FP2, but now thanks to Vettel so do Ferrari. FP1 here may not always be the greatest indicator of true pace, but Ferrari have serious ground to make up on Mercedes and Red Bull. Join us later today for FP2 under the lights.
14:32 P11 Norris, P12 Stroll, P13 Raikkonen, P14 Perez, P15 Kvyat, P16 Gasly, P17 Sainz, P18 Kubica, P19 Ricciardo and P20 Russell rounds off the order.
14:30 That's FP1 done here at Yas Marina Circuit. It's Bottas on top by half a second over Verstappen. Hamilton is a tenth further back in P3. Albon, Vettel, Grosjean, Leclerc, Magnussen, Giovinazzi and Hulkenberg complete the top ten.
14:29 Oh heck, Vettel is in the wall. He's made a real mess of the left rear.
14:22 With 8 minutes to go Bottas, Verstappen, Hamilton and Albon are the top four.
14:15 The track is green again, drivers have 15 minutes to get a last run in.
14:10 Ricciardo's Renault has been pushed away and the track is getting a clean.
14:00 Fluid, smoke, flames - Daniel Ricciardo's engine has well and truly gone. Out come the red flags.
13:57 Hamilton now has an issue with cold front brakes. "We need to make some slightly bigger changes I think," he is told on team radio.
13:55 Hamilton returns to the circuit and Verstappen has just improved to remove him from P2. Like his team-mate Hamilton is going for a stint on the mediums.
13:52 Just under 40 minutes to go in the session and it's all Mercedes as it stands.
13:43 Bottas has swapped the softs for a set of medium tyres.
13:39 Oh dear, it seems Hamilton has a problem. He's told to "limp home" to the pits.
13:38 Hamilton raises the bar by setting a 1:37.5 to move ahead of his team-mate. Bottas' new spec engine is more powerful than the one Hamilton is using and the Finn will look to put it to good use and respond.
13:36 Verstappen goes very very wide at the penultimate turn, but somehow improves to P2.
13:31 Quite the slide there from Vettel coming out of the last corner. He corrects his SF90 and continues on his way.
13:29 Hamilton is complaining of having very little power as Verstappen takes over P2 from the Mercedes man.
13:27 The softs continue to be the tyre of choice as Hamilton moves into P2 with his first flying lap. Traffic was an issue for the Briton who is now six tenths down on Bottas who again improves at the top.
13:25 After a few installation laps Vettel splits the Red Bull's. The Ferrari man has 1.76s to find on Bottas.
13:23 Verstappen sets his first time of FP1 - a 1:39.1. That's good enough for P2 currently.
13:21 A scruffy last sector for Bottas but he improves on his opening time by just under a tenth.
13:18 Albon is 0.45s down on Leclerc's time. Bottas moves comfortably to the top of the standings with a 1:38.053. All times so far have been set on the softs.
13:08 A 1:40.298 from Leclerc gets the ball rolling for FP1.
13:03 Hamilton is sporting the number 1 on his Mercedes for this session.
13:00 FP1 is underway. The sun is shining bright, but remember qualifying and the race here are held under the lights at Yas Marina Circuit.
12:56 Bit of breaking news - Russell is apparently not feeling very well. He has been cleared for FP1, but after that Williams will assess the situation and Sergey Sirotkin is on standby to step in if needed.
12:54 We have two very exciting battles in the Drivers' Championship to settle as well. Verstappen holds an eleven-point buffer over Leclerc heading into the final round, while Pierre Gasly and Carlos Sainz are tied for P6 on 95 points. Red Bull's Alex Albon, driving the strongest car of the trio, is then only eleven points further back.
12:47 Nicholas Latifi won't be in the Williams cockpit for this FP1 session after he returned to F2 to finish off his business there for the year. But, he has now been confirmed as George Russell's team-mate for 2020.
12:42 Over at Ferrari both Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel claim that they have moved on from their clash in Brazil. Leclerc says the pair aim to be less "aggressive" in their battles from now on.
12:36 Honda have announced that they will be sticking with Red Bull as their engine supplier until at least 2021. Max Verstappen is on a roll after Brazil and he will look to ride that momentum to set himself up for a strong showing in the season-finale in this FP1 session.
12:30 Lewis Hamilton will head out for the final FP1 session of his memorable 2019 season, but for Mercedes team-mate Valtteri Bottas the last race of the season has been soured a bit after he was forced to take a new engine after his Brazil DNF and will start from the back of the grid.
11:00 Welcome to the Yas Marina circuit for the beginning of the end. FP1 for the Abu Dhabi GP kicks off in two hours. All times are local.
Driver Standings
1 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:42.866 1:34:05.715 1
2 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:41.119 16.772 1
3 Charles Leclerc Ferrari 1:42.829 43.435 2
4 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:42.180 44.379 1
5 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:40.128 64.357 2
6 Alex Albon Red Bull 1:43.358 69.205 1
7 Sergio Perez Racing Point 1:43.625 1 LAP 1
8 Lando Norris McLaren 1:45.819 1 LAP 1
9 Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso 1:43.699 1 LAP 1
10 Carlos Sainz McLaren 1:43.728 1 LAP 2
11 Daniel Ricciardo Renault 1:44.099 1 LAP 2
12 Nico Hulkenberg Renault 1:46.988 1 LAP 1
13 Kimi Raikkonen Alfa Romeo Racing 1:43.406 1 LAP 1
14 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1:44.560 1 LAP 1
15 Romain Grosjean Haas 1:44.192 1 LAP 1
16 Antonio Giovinazzi Alfa Romeo Racing 1:44.562 1 LAP 2
17 George Russell Williams 1:44.006 1 LAP 1
18 Pierre Gasly Toro Rosso 1:42.414 2 LAPS 1
19 Robert Kubica Williams 1:45.368 2 LAPS 1
R Lance Stroll Racing Point RETIRED 3
Driver Standings
1 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:34.779 0
2 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:34.973 0.194 0
3 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:35.139 0.360 0
4 Charles Leclerc Ferrari 1:35.219 0.440 0
5 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:35.339 0.560 0
6 Alex Albon Red Bull 1:35.682 0.903 0
7 Lando Norris McLaren 1:36.436 1.657 0
8 Daniel Ricciardo Renault 1:36.456 1.677 0
9 Carlos Sainz McLaren 1:36.459 1.680 0
10 Nico Hulkenberg Renault 1:36.710 1.931 0
Driver Standings
1 Charles Leclerc Ferrari 1:35.543 0
2 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:35.634 0.091 0
3 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:35.674 0.131 0
4 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:35.786 0.243 0
5 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:36.275 0.732 0
6 Carlos Sainz McLaren 1:36.308 0.765 0
7 Alex Albon Red Bull 1:36.718 1.175 0
8 Lando Norris McLaren 1:36.764 1.221 0
9 Daniel Ricciardo Renault 1:36.785 1.242 0
10 Nico Hulkenberg Renault 1:36.859 1.316 0
11 Sergio Perez Racing Point 1:37.055 1.512 0
12 Pierre Gasly Toro Rosso 1:37.089 1.546 0
13 Lance Stroll Racing Point 1:37.103 1.560 0
14 Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso 1:37.141 1.598 0
15 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1:37.254 1.711 0
Driver Standings
1 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:35.851 0
2 Alex Albon Red Bull 1:36.102 0.251 0
3 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:36.200 0.349 0
4 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:36.390 0.539 0
5 Charles Leclerc Ferrari 1:36.478 0.627 0
6 Sergio Perez Racing Point 1:36.961 1.110 0
7 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:36.963 1.112 0
8 Daniel Ricciardo Renault 1:37.106 1.255 0
9 Pierre Gasly Toro Rosso 1:37.198 1.347 0
10 Carlos Sainz McLaren 1:37.358 1.507 0
11 Nico Hulkenberg Renault 1:37.506 1.655 0
12 Lance Stroll Racing Point 1:37.528 1.677 0
13 Lando Norris McLaren 1:37.545 1.694 0
14 Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso 1:37.683 1.832 0
15 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1:37.710 1.859 0
16 Romain Grosjean Haas 1:38.051 2.200 0
17 Antonio Giovinazzi Alfa Romeo Racing 1:38.114 2.263 0
18 Kimi Raikkonen Alfa Romeo Racing 1:38.383 2.532 0
19 George Russell Williams 1:38.717 2.866 0
20 Robert Kubica Williams 1:39.236 3.385 0
Driver Standings
1 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:36.566 0
2 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:36.640 0.074 0
3 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:36.655 0.089 0
4 Alex Albon Red Bull 1:36.927 0.361 0
5 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:36.975 0.409 0
6 Charles Leclerc Ferrari 1:37.010 0.444 0
7 Sergio Perez Racing Point 1:37.516 0.950 0
8 Daniel Ricciardo Renault 1:37.615 1.049 0
9 Carlos Sainz McLaren 1:37.691 1.125 0
10 Pierre Gasly Toro Rosso 1:37.736 1.170 0
11 Romain Grosjean Haas 1:37.768 1.202 0
12 Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso 1:37.963 1.397 0
13 Lando Norris McLaren 1:38.100 1.534 0
14 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1:38.198 1.632 0
15 Lance Stroll Racing Point 1:38.462 1.896 0
16 Kimi Raikkonen Alfa Romeo Racing 1:38.514 1.948 0
17 Nico Hulkenberg Renault 1:38.580 2.014 0
18 Antonio Giovinazzi Alfa Romeo Racing 1:38.782 2.216 0
19 George Russell Williams 1:39.206 2.640 0
20 Robert Kubica Williams 1:39.859 3.293 0
Driver Standings
1 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:36.256 0
2 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:36.566 0.310 0
3 Charles Leclerc Ferrari 1:36.642 0.386 0
4 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:36.691 0.435 0
5 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:36.807 0.551 0
6 Alex Albon Red Bull 1:37.288 1.032 0
7 Romain Grosjean Haas 1:37.601 1.345 0
8 Sergio Perez Racing Point 1:37.637 1.381 0
9 Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso 1:37.651 1.395 0
10 Pierre Gasly Toro Rosso 1:37.770 1.514 0
11 Carlos Sainz McLaren 1:37.834 1.578 0
12 Lando Norris McLaren 1:37.918 1.662 0
13 Lance Stroll Racing Point 1:37.985 1.729 0
14 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1:38.080 1.824 0
15 Nico Hulkenberg Renault 1:38.122 1.866 0
16 Daniel Ricciardo Renault 1:38.400 2.144 0
17 Kimi Raikkonen Alfa Romeo Racing 1:38.415 2.159 0
18 Antonio Giovinazzi Alfa Romeo Racing 1:38.464 2.208 0
19 George Russell Williams 1:39.512 3.256 0
20 Robert Kubica Williams 1:40.455 4.199 0
Driver Standings
1 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:36.957 0
2 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:37.492 0.535 0
3 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:37.591 0.634 0
4 Alex Albon Red Bull 1:38.084 1.127 0
5 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:38.906 1.949 0
6 Romain Grosjean Haas 1:39.146 2.189 0
7 Charles Leclerc Ferrari 1:39.249 2.292 0
8 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1:39.350 2.393 0
9 Antonio Giovinazzi Alfa Romeo Racing 1:39.423 2.466 0
10 Nico Hulkenberg Renault 1:39.505 2.548 0
11 Lando Norris McLaren 1:39.628 2.671 0
12 Lance Stroll Racing Point 1:39.864 2.907 0
13 Kimi Raikkonen Alfa Romeo Racing 1:39.888 2.931 0
14 Sergio Perez Racing Point 1:39.901 2.944 0
15 Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso 1:39.969 3.012 0
16 Pierre Gasly Toro Rosso 1:40.401 3.444 0
17 Carlos Sainz McLaren 1:40.687 3.730 0
18 Robert Kubica Williams 1:40.792 3.835 0
19 Daniel Ricciardo Renault 1:40.850 3.893 0
20 George Russell Williams 1:41.362 4.405 0
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