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29 Jul 17:05 Thanks for joining our coverage of the Hungarian GP. We've reached the month-long break before resuming at Spa-Francorchamps at the end of August.
29 Jul 16:51 Lewis Hamilton wins the Hungarian GP! 
29 Jul 16:49 Final lap.
29 Jul 16:48 T2 incident between Bottas and Vettel has been noted by the stewards.
29 Jul 16:48 Ricciardo and Bottas clatter into one another! Bottas had the inside line and they simply just ran out of room!
29 Jul 16:41 Bottas regains P2, a massive 21.9 secs behind Hamilton.
29 Jul 16:36 10 laps to go as Vettel and Raikkonen now follow Hamilton who is in P1.
29 Jul 16:25 Green flag,track clear!
29 Jul 16:25 VSC deployed on lap 52, will this give the Ferraris a chance to get close to the Mercedes under SC rules. 
29 Jul 16:24 Vandoorne is out! 
29 Jul 16:22 20 laps remaining. 
29 Jul 16:20 Ricciardo on his ultrasofts puts in an amazing 1:20.012. 
29 Jul 16:18 The battle for P2 between Bottas and Vettel is alive with the German just 1.5 sec back. 
29 Jul 16:15 Ricciardo pits for the first time in the race. 
29 Jul 16:14 Kimi drops the fastest lap of the race: 1:21.135. 
29 Jul 16:11 Alonso and Vandoorne in the pits for McLaren. 
29 Jul 16:05 The gap between Vettel and Hamilton is 9.3 secs. 
29 Jul 16:01 Half distance and 35 laps into the Hungarian GP, Vettel leads from Hamilton, Bottas and Raikkonen. 
29 Jul 15:57 Vettel is 14.5 secs ahead of Hamilton but the German is yet to pit. 
29 Jul 15:52 Hamilton pits and takes on soft tyres, rejoins in P2. 
29 Jul 15:47 25/70: Ham, Vet, Bot, Rai, Gas, Ric 
29 Jul 15:42 Ricciardo move up the grid once more, from starting 12th he's moved up to P6.
29 Jul 15:37 Ricciardo passes Sainz to move up to P7, incredible driving.
29 Jul 15:36 Daniel Ricciardo now up to P8 after taking Hulgkenber and Hartley in quick succession.
29 Jul 15:36 Bottas rejoins in P4, ahead of Magnussen and Raikkonen.
29 Jul 15:34 Bottas into the pits.
29 Jul 15:33 Raikkonen pits and rejoins in P6.
29 Jul 15:33 Lap 14/70: Ham, Bot, Vet, Gas, Mag
29 Jul 15:28 The Australian is moving at a rapid pace, P10 now after passing Romain Grosjean.
29 Jul 15:28 Daniel Ricciardo, in the remaining Red Bull, is flying. He's up to P11 after passing Alonso.
29 Jul 15:22 Virtual Safety Car deployed. 
29 Jul 15:21 The Red Bull is out of the race and Verstappen becomes the second retirement of the day. 
29 Jul 15:21 Max Verstappen seems to have lost power! Oh no!
29 Jul 15:20 Hamilton has already opened up a 3.6 sec lead over Bottas. 
29 Jul 15:16 Charles Leclerc in the Sauber is the first retirement of the race, seems like a mechanical failure. Will confirm. Meanwhile Hamilton leads from Bottas and Vettel. 
29 Jul 15:15 Big move sees Sebastian Vettel pass team mate Kimi Raikkonen and move up to P3.
FINISH Hamilton extends his lead at the top of the Championship to 27 points with this victory, the biggest margin so far in 2018.
FINISH Kevin Magnussen, Fernando Alonso, Carlos Sainz and Romain Grosjean rounded out the points finishers.
FINISH Daniel Ricciardo got ahead of Bottas for P4 and P5, with Pierre Gasly finishing as the 'best of the rest'.
FINISH Ferrari finish 2-3, with Seb Vettel ahead of Kimi Raikkonen
Lap 69 Fernando Alonso unlaps himself from Valtteri Bottas, while Daniel Ricciardo is coming back for a second go.
Lap 68 Ricciardo tried to get round the outside of Bottas at Turn 1, but the Finn understeered into the side of the Red Bull.
Lap 67 Bottas is now driving round with a broke front wing with three to go, and a Honey Badger right behind him.
Lap 66 FIVE TO GO: HAM VET RAI BOT now the top four.
Lap 65 Bottas is overtaken by Vettel, but the Finn goes into the back of the Ferrari at Turn 2. Raikkonen also gets through, putting Valtteri down to P4.
Lap 64 Bottas is now 22secs behind his team-mate, with both Vettel and Raikkonen within 1.2 seconds of the Mercedes.
Lap 63 "1.5 seconds quicker" is the answer from Vettel when asked how fast could he go..
Lap 58 Valtteri Bottas has now done 42 laps on this set of softs, with the Finn looking to go to the end. He is currently less than a second ahead of Vettel, with his fellow Finn, Raikkonen, coming up to the pair of them.
Lap 56 Raikkonen is now within 3.5secs of Vettel.
Lap 55 As it stands, Hamilton extends the lead in the Drivers' Championship to 27 points. In the 'B' Championship, Nico Hulkenberg will see his lead cut from 12 to 7 points.
Lap 53 Kimi Raikkonen is now within 8 seconds of his team-mate... Could this become a three-way battle for P2?
Lap 52 The VSC ends, with Nico Hulkenberg coming in for a second stop. The German drops down to P14 when he comes out.
Lap 51 Stoffel Vandoorne retires from P9, bringing out a VSC.
Lap 49 Lance Stroll, who started on the mediums, finally pits, and comes out last of the runners, down in P18.
Lap 48 Pierre Gasly is maintaining the 'best of the rest' slot in P6, with Kevin Magnussen nine seconds behind him.
Lap 46 Ricciardo puts a new fastest lap in, almost breaking into the 1:19s. He is looking to catch Kimi for P4 by the end of the race.
Lap 44 Ricciardo makes his only scheduled stop, FINALLY! The Aussie comes out in P5 after a 2.2sec stop.
Lap 43 Daniel Ricciardo is the only man yet to stop from the soft tyre runners, and he currently sits in P4.
Lap 42 Back to McLaren, with their double pit stop working out, as they dropped just a single place with both drivers. Alonso P8, Vandoorne P9 on fresh rubber.
Lap 42 So Hamilton leads from Bottas and then Vettel with two-fifths of the race left.
Lap 40 Fernando Alonso now pits from P7 as well, and rejoins in P9. A good day so far for the birthday boy!
Lap 40 A slow pit stop means he drops down to P3, but the German has the ultrasofts on his Ferrari.
Lap 39 Vettel pits from the lead! Where will he rejoin?
Lap 38 Kimi Raikkonen pits for a second time, putting another set of softs on his Ferrari. He rejoins in P5, between Ricciardo and Gasly.
Lap 38 Sainz held up Vettel through nine blue flags, meaning he could get a penalty later in the race for holding up the leader.
Lap 37 Bottas is now back within that 22 second range, meaning it could become a Mercedes 1-2 once more.
Lap 36 Vettel loses a full two seconds on that lap, stuck behind some traffic in the infield section of the Hungaroring.
Lap 35 Vettel has a 25sec gap back to P3 man Bottas. Pit stop is supposed to take 21-22secs. P2 assured for the German?
Lap 34 Two McLarens in the top eight! It isn't a dream! (yet to stop, though...)
Lap 32 As I say that, the Dane pits from P7 for his only scheduled stop of the grand prix.
Lap 31 Pierre Gasly and Kevin Magnussen, in P6 and P7, are the only two men left on the ultrasofts.
Lap 27 Ricciardo gets past Gasly and into the top five.
Lap 25 Hamilton pits at the end of Lap 25, with Vettel taking the lead.
Lap 25 "It won't be long now," says Bono. Hamilton will soon be in for his pit stop.
Lap 24 Vettel has the gap down to 6secs out front, with the German now pulling the gap back on the softs.
Lap 22 Raikkonen gets past Gasly for P4, while Marcus Ericsson becomes the first man to be lapped by the race leader Hamilton.
Lap 21 Ricciardo moves ahead of Kevin Magnussen, and has moved from P12 to P6. However, The Australian is some 40 seconds behind Lewis Hamilton.
Lap 18 Bottas gets back into the top three, ahead of Pierre Gasly's Toro Rosso.
Lap 17 Raikkonen is back past KMag and into the top five.
Lap 16 Ricciardo is now up to P7, ahead of the Renault of Carlos Sainz. Meanwhile, Pierre Gasly is now up to P3.
Lap 15 Next time round, Valtteri Bottas pits to cover off the Ferrari stop. The Mercedes man stays in the top four, while Raikkonen dropped down to P6, behind Magnussen.
Lap 14 Kimi Raikkonen pits, the first of the front runners into the pit lane.
Lap 13 Ricciardo is charging through the field, and is now up to P8.
Lap 12 The pit window for the ultra soft runners is now open, with Lewis Hamilton extending the lead to 5.5secs to his teammate.
Lap 11 "You will not have the drink," says Raikkonen's engineer. Meanwhile, Ricciardo is now up to P10 and in the points.
Lap 9 Ricciardo is now up to P11 ahead of Fernando Alonso.
Lap 8 Marcus Ericsson pitted during the VSC, putting the medium tyres on, looking towards the end of the race.
Lap 6 The Max retirement brings out a VSC, and also heartbreak to the thousands of Dutch fans in the stands.
Lap 5 Daniel Ricciardo moves up to P13, after a bad start.
Lap 4 Pierre Gasly is 'best of the rest' in P6, with a 3s gap to the rest of the midfield.
Lap 3 Hamilton puts in a fastest lap to extend his lead to 3s.
Lap 2 Leclerc made contact with both Force Indias on the exit of Turn 1, leading to his retirement.
Lap 1 Charles Leclerc retires from the grand prix on the first lap.
Lap 1 Max Verstappen gets up to P5 and back in the chase for this grand prix.
START Hamilton and Bottas lead the way, with Vettel up to P3 ahead of Raikkonen.
15:12 So here we go with the final race of the first part of the season. The start is just moments away...
15:11 Also on the softs are Fernando Alonso, Daniel Ricciardo, Nico Hulkenberg, Stoffel Vandoorne, Charles Leclerc, Esteban Ocon and Sergey Sirotkin. Lance Stroll, who starts from the pit lane, is on the medium compound.
15:09 The top ten, bar Sebastian Vettel and Carlos Sainz, are all on the ultrasofts. The German thinking about later in the race then? Is Kimi the man to attack down into Turn 1?
15:05 The ultras will give approx a 4m head start off the line, and with a 617m run down to Turn 1, surely they will be the tyre of choice?
15:03 Talking of tyres, that is the main decision to start the race. Will the front runners go with the ultras or the softs? Everyone has a free choice, of course, after the wet qualifying yesterday.
15:00 An update on the weather, with the track temperatures almost up to 60C. The hot track could mean more degradation with the tyres.
14:58 Just before the national anthem, the grid paid their respects to Sergio Marchionne, who passed away earlier this week.
14:53 Meanwhile, Vijay Mallya put the blame solely on the Mexican driver, saying it was his fault that the team has gone into administration.
14:48 The team have gone into administration over the weekend, as Sergio Perez was one of many to bring court action against them for unpaid bills and wages.
14:45 The big news off track comes from Force India, and their financial issues...
14:40 Now to the weather, and it looks much better in Budapest that it did yesterday. After the rain came on Saturday, the sun has returned for Sunday afternoon.
14:35 Nico Hulkenberg leads the 'B' Championship with 42 points, ahead of Fernando Alonso and Kevin Magnussen.
14:30 Kimi Raikkonen and Valtteri Bottas are over fifty points behind, with the two Red Bulls a point apart, but nearly a century of points behind Hamilton.
14:25 After his heartbreaking crash at his home race, Sebastian Vettel dropped down to P2 in the Championship, 17 points behind the Brit.
14:22 P1 on the grid, and in the Championship. Lewis Hamilton leads the way going into the final race before the summer break.
14:18 The other Williams of Lance Stroll will start from the pit lane, after the team had to change his front wing to an older spec.
14:17 Stoffel Vandoorne and Charles Leclerc line up ahead of the two Force Indias. Esteban Ocon, Sergio Perez and Sergey Sirotkin round out the grid.
14:15 Birthday boy Fernando Alonso starts in P11, ahead of Daniel Ricciardo, Nico Hulkenberg and Marcus Ericsson.
14:12 Max Verstappen is the only Red Bull in the top ten, starting in P7, with Brendon Hartley, Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean rounding out the men who made it into Q3.
14:09 The 'best of the rest' actually starts in P5... I know.. Shock! That man is Carlos Sainz, who starts ahead of Pierre Gasly on the third row.
14:06 Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel line up on the second row in the Ferrari, but seem to have quicker pace in the hot conditions, which means this could be a classic!
14:03 Lewis Hamilton will start from pole position, with Valtteri Bottas alongside him. The pair locked out the front row in a chaotic wet qualifying on Saturday.
14:00 Hello and welcome to our coverage of the Hungarian Grand Prix. The race will start at 15:10, an hour and ten minutes from now.
16:05 Thanks for joining our live coverage of this chaotic qualifying session in Budapest. Joins us again for the race tomorrow. You won't want to miss it!
16:05 Then comes Gasly in P6, a disappointing P7 for Verstappen; Hartley, Magnussen and Grosjean complete the top 10. Time for a lie down!
16:04 Raikkonen out-qualifies Vettel on an all-Ferrari second row. Carlos Sainz will start P5!
16:04 HAMILTON ON POLE POSITION! He saves his best until last and clinches top spot by two tenths. It's a Mercedes 1-2.
16:03 Bottas on provisional pole now!
16:02 No pole for Vettel!
16:01 Bottas quickest of everyone through the middle...
16:00 Hamilton has just gone quickest in the first sector...
15:59 A very cautious lap from Vettel and he only improves to P4. Sainz currently in third!
15:58 Two minutes to go...Raikkonen on provisional pole!
15:56 New wets for Raikkonen sees him shoot up to P1 with a 1:36.186. Four tenths quicker than Hamilton.
15:55 Raikkonen leapfrogs Vettel into P3.
15:55 Bottas closes to within four tenths of Hamilton, who doesn't improve on his latest lap.
15:53 Hamilton finding loads of time on his second lap. A 1:36.648 and a full second quicker than Bottas and Vettel, the latter rises to P3.
15:52 Bottas is just 0.087 seconds behind in P2. Raikkonen and Verstappen follow, then Sainz. Vettel is P6 after experiencing a lot of spray on his first lap.
15:51 Hamilton sets the early benchmark: a 1:37.564.
15:47 For the moment, it's still raining on track so full wets are the way to go here. Get yourself strapped in!
15:45 Here we go for the battle for pole and Vettel looks in the best shape heading into Q3. The sunshine is beginning to peep through again, just when you thought this qualifying session couldn't get any more unpredictable...
15:39 Out in Q2: Alonso, Ricciardo, Hulkenberg, Ericsson, Stroll.
15:38 Hard to see any movement on the leaderboard now. Ricciardo is heading out...
15:36 Ericsson, on full wets, is six seconds slower than his best on the inters.
15:34 It is full wet tyre weather now. Bottom five with six minutes left of the session: Alonso, Hulkenberg, Ricciardo, Ericsson, Stroll.
15:32 Raikkonen has a spin at Turn 7. He is able to continue...
15:31 Ricciardo finds himself in the bottom five. Lap times are only going to get slower and slower. He is in big trouble!
15:30 It is absolutely belting it down now. Lots of drivers running off and one of them is Stroll, who loses his front wing!
15:29 Raikkonen is the last to go on his first attacking lap and, with track conditions worsening, he is going to be the driver who will be most compromised.
15:28 And it's a 1:28.636 for Vettel.
15:27 Drizzling now. Everyone bar Vettel is back into the pits for inters. The German has the track to himself...
15:26 The first two sectors are dry as a bone, the final sector is soaking!
15:25 But not for everyone. Vettel is going out on the inters to begin with.
15:22 We need a breather after that Q1 session. A mad scramble to get into Q2 with thunder, lightning and heavy rain encasing the Hungaroring. The dry tyres remain on for the second session.
15:19 Ricciardo just about squeezes through. Out in Q1: Vandoorne, Leclerc, Ocon, Perez, Sirotkin.
15:18 Radar showing the track is slap bang in the middle of two thunderstorms either side. The unpredictable conditions have made for a thrilling Q1 session!
15:18 Ricciardo out of the bottom five, but only rises to P13. Time to get one more lap in.
15:17 Hamilton on top with a 1:17.4. Ricciardo back in the danger zone...
15:17 Vettel quickest again now with a 1:17.6, not for long as Raikkonen finds an extra tenth. Ericsson, Ocon, Stroll, Magnussen, Sirotkin occupy the bottom five with two minutes to go.
15:15 The heavens still haven't opened! Dry tyres still the call here as Ricciardo scrapes out of the elimination zone, but only to P12. Needs to keep going!
15:14 Ricciardo was the last to switch to dry tyres and he is on the slower soft compound. He improves from P20...but only to P17. He is in the elimination zone with just four minutes left in the session.
15:13 Hamilton and Verstappen were in the drop zone but escape just as the rains begins to fall.
15:12 Raikkonen gets his dry lap in and goes fastest with a 1:19.828.
15:11 Top five at the moment is : Grosjean, Hulkenberg, Alonso, Ericsson, Magnussen.
15:09 Sainz, on slicks, goes 2.4 seconds quicker than Vettel. Everyone switching to dry tyres now but the rain has to be here in mere seconds!
15:07 Thunder and lightning now as Vettel, Raikkonen and Verstappen all find improvement on their second lap on the inters. Are they going to get caught out by those who have switched to slicks?
15:06 "Heavy rain in two minutes," report Ferrari. Time for a quick lap on some slicks. Sainz, Magnussen amongst those who are going to try and go for it on dry tyres.
15:05 Verstappen is the last driver to put a time on the board. He is 1.3 seconds off the pace in P6.
15:04 Vettel now in P2, three tenths down on Raikkonen. Drivers reporting most of the track is still dry.
15:03 A 1:25.988 from Raikkonen puts him in top spot for now. Hamilton slots into P2, 0.8 seconds down.
15:03 First time on the board is from Bottas - a 1:27.245. Verstappen only just coming out from the pits now.
15:02 19 cars out on track at the moment. Verstappen still in the garage...
15:00 Green light! It's drizzling at the moment, but there is a huge dark cloud heading toward the track...
14:58 Almost time to get started. Everyone seems to be heading out on the inters to begin with.
14:54 More rain, heavier rain, is on the way according to the radar. Will there be a mad dash to put a lap in on the slicks in Q1? It's pretty borderline at the moment whether drys or inters are the way to go.
14:45 After mixing it with Ferrari in FP1 and FP2, Red Bull slipped away a little on Saturday morning. But the rain will suit them just fine, too, especially Verstappen who loves these conditions. A contender for pole?
14:40 Just 0.059 seconds separated Sebastian Vettel and Valtteri Bottas in FP3. But the Ferrari has looked a lot more stable than the Mercedes in all the practice sessions. The rain and cooler temps will be a welcome addition for the Silver Arrows.
14:35 Conditions were pretty much perfect in FP3, but not any longer. It's currently raining at the circuit and more rain is forecast over the next hour. That will make qualifying very, very interesting...
14:30 Hello and welcome back to the Hungaroring in Budapest: it's qualifying time. Well, it will be in 30 minutes when Q1 gets underway. All times are local.
13:00 And there is the chequered flag. Vettel is still the man to beat heading into qualifying, but signs of life from Mercedes with Bottas just 0.059 seconds behind. However, both Silver Arrows spun out during the session whilst the Ferrari looked nice and planted. Join us again shortly for Q1, which gets underway at 1500 local time.
12:58 Two minutes left in the session. Not too much late movement on the timesheet.
12:55 Verstappen nips ahead of Ricciardo for fifth but is still 0.776s from Vettel. Worlds apart from Friday sessions between Red Bull and Ferrari.
12:51 Mercedes are happy there is no serious damage to Bottas' car after his Turn 6 spin and he is on his way again.
12:49 Some improvement at last from Hamilton, but he is still half a second off the pace-setter Vettel. 10 minutes left in the session.
12:46 Now Bottas goes for a spin and it is a carbon copy of Hamilton's off just a couple of minutes ago at the exact same corner. His front left wheel taps the barrier but it is going to need a full check over to see if there is any more serious damage.
12:44 Improvement from Raikkonen after a cool-down lap. He stays in third, two tenths down on his team-mate.
12:43 And he is back on top, by just 0.053 seconds.
12:42 But Hamilton is continuing to struggle. He has just spun at the quick right-left combo (Turn 6 and 7) and shredded his ultrasofts in the process. Now, here comes Vettel...
12:40 Bottas is really good through the middle sector once again and dislodges Vettel at the top. It's a new track record with a 1:16.229 - one tenth up on Vettel.
12:38 Now for some qualy sim action. Raikkonen is fastest through the first two sectors but locks up at the penultimate corner. His time is still good enough to move to within one tenth of Vettel's best.
12:36 Stoffel Vandoorne is not going to be coming out again in a hurry. The floor is being changed on his McLaren car.
12:31 In amongst all the action, Bottas has narrowed the gap to Vettel slightly to four tenths. Current top six: Vettel, Bottas, Raikkonen, Hamilton, Ricciardo, Verstappen.
12:29 "Something has flown into my cockpit," reports Vettel. "I'm trying to reach it."
12:27 Verstappen slots into P6 after his opening lap on the soft tyres. He is a couple of tenths slower than team-mate Ricciardo who has set his best time on the ultras.
12:25 Fastest sector times so far - S1: Vettel 27.427 S2: Bottas 27.120 S3: Vettel 21.661. So there is some life in the Mercedes car.
12:23 Ericsson and Verstappen are the only drivers yet to put a time on the board. The latter has just come out of the garage and is on his out lap now.
12:21 After encountering traffic problems on his first hot lap, Ricciardo leaps up to the board to P5 and is one second down on Vettel. But even that lap wasn't without incident, K-Mag getting in his way this time.
12:19 "What is he doing?!" exclaims Grosjean on team radio after being held up by Esteban Ocon at Turn 2. That has ruined his attack lap.
12:18 No improvement from Hamilton on his second run on the ultrasofts and he stays in P4, nine tenths down on Vettel. The Brit was on the radio complaining of vibrations during the lap.
12:16 That 1:16.343 from Vettel was done on new ultrasofts.
12:14 But Vettel wipes the floor with all those times and goes six tenths quicker than anyone so far. A 1:16.343 and it wasn't even a squeaky clean lap!
12:13 Here come the Mercs. Bottas dislodges Raikkonen off top spot with a 1:16.986, while Hamilton slots into P3, three tenths down.
12:11 And some minor improvement on his latest hot lap. He shaves off five hundredths for a 1:17.057. Sainz also on the board, 1.1 seconds slower than Kimi.
12:09 It's the Iceman himself who sets the first time of the day: a 1.17.110.
12:06 Nice and leisurely start to the day at Mercedes with Lewis Hamilton only just popping into the car now.
12:00 Green light and time for some installappery first up, just to check everything is working ok on the cars.
11:53 Almost ready to go at the Hungaroring. Current conditions: very warm and humid, and partly cloudy. Track temps currently up to 50 degrees. Scorchio.
11:45 The big breaking news overnight is that Force India have been placed into administration...and reportedly it was Sergio Perez, alongside Mercedes, who petitioned for it. Won't be awkward at all on his side of the garage this morning...
11:37 It was Red Bull and Ferrari who set the early pace on Friday with Daniel Ricciardo topping the timesheet in FP1 and Sebastian Vettel replacing him at the summit in FP2. Not much to choose between them while Mercedes were lagging behind on a track that is not expected to suit their W09.
11:30 Hello and welcome to the Hungaroring in Budapest. It's qualifying day. But before we find out who is going to stick it on pole position, we have a final hour of preparation with FP3. 30 minutes until we have the green light; all times are local.
16:35 Join us tomorrow morning for the third and final practice session at the Hungaroring, ahead of the all-important qualifying session tomorrow afternoon. Bye for now. Cheers.
16:32 So Red Bull 1, Ferrari 1, Mercedes 0 on Friday for the Hungarian Grand Prix. The Silver Arrows have some catching up to do on Saturday.
16:31 Romain Grosjean finished FP2 as 'best of the rest', with Carlos Sainz, Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon in the top ten.
16:30 END OF FP2: Sebastian Vettel is fastest in second practice for the Hungarian GP. Max Verstappen, Daniel Ricciardo, Kimi Raikkonen, Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas round out the top six.
16:21 For the first time in FP2, all twenty cars are out on the 2.7 mile track.
16:19 Track temperature has dropped by over 17C since the start of the session, as the clouds have formed near the Hungaroring.
16:15 "On the radar, that [rain storm] is not coming closer," says Stoffel Vandoorne's mechanic. No rain for the rest of FP2 then..?
16:13 Marcus Ericsson came in for a quick tyre change, but was told to stop at the end of the pit lane by his mechanics.
16:08 Meanwhile at the rear of the field, it looks like it will be another poor weekend for Williams, with Lance Stroll in P18 and Sergey Sirotkin in P20, sandwiching Stoffel Vandoorne's McLaren.
16:05 The midfield battle as a whole looks like it will be a close one to get into Q3 on Saturday afternoon. From Carlos Sainz in P8, down to Charles Leclerc in P17, there is just six tenths of a second separating the ten drivers.
16:01 It is back to the long runs for the final part of this FP2 session.
15:56 Lewis Hamilton comes on the radio to his Mercedes pit wall saying that there are spots of rain coming down. However, his engineer tells him that the wind is pushing the rain away from the circuit.
15:53 Stoffel Vandoorne has a spin at Turn 5, and slowly returns to the pit lane immediately after.
15:52 In regards to that midfield battle (15:47), Nico Hulkenberg has moved into the sandwich, fitting into P13, so now 0.066s covers five men from P10-P14.
15:50 Meanwhile, the 'best of the rest' is Romain Grosjean in the Haas. The Frenchman currently sits P7, just two tenths behind Valtteri Bottas.
15:47 It remains tight in the midfield with Sergio Perez in P10, just 0.066s ahead of P13 man Kevin Magnussen. Esteban Ocon and Fernando Alonso fill the sandwich.
15:45 Nico Hulkenberg has finally made it out on track, with the Renault mechanics having fixed his car after the issue he had this morning. The German goes P15 with his first lap on the (US).
15:43 Max Verstappen, Daniel Ricciardo and Kimi Raikkonen are now within three tenths on the (US) tyres.
15:39 TOP SIX: Vettel (US), VER (S) 0.6s, RIC (S) 0.7s, HAM (S) 0.7s, BOT (S) 1.0s, RAI (M) 1.9s.
15:34 Sebastian Vettel moves into the 1:16s on the (US) tyres, just under seven tenths quicker than the Red Bulls on the (S).
15:31 Both Mercedes have started the middle third of this session with a run on the (US) tyres, but both Bottas and Hamilton make mistakes in the final sector and scrap their first timed runs.
15:25 Daniel Ricciardo makes it a Red Bull 1-2, moving in behind Max Verstappen in the timing sheets.
15:22 The Dutchman now goes quickest, with a 1:17.5, while Fernando Alonso's first lap puts him into P10.
15:19 Red Bull now P2 and P4, with Max Verstappen moving into second place in FP2.
15:18 Ricciardo went third fastest, just three tenths behind Lewis Hamilton.
15:14 The two Red Bulls are yet to set a lap time in FP2, with Daniel Ricciardo now the first to emerge on track. Fernando Alonso and Nico Hulkenberg the other two men who have not set a lap time as yet.
15:12 Marcus Ericsson spins out at Turn 9, after spinning twice in FP1. Ballet is looking like a good career move after his F1 career finishes.
15:08 Both Mercedes go quicker, with Lewis Hamilton into the 1:17s.
15:07 Sebastian Vettel takes his Ferrari into the 1:18s, going fastest so far.
15:04 Romain Grosjean puts the quickest lap in early on, with a 1:20.6.
15:01 Nico Hulkenberg will not be on track early on in FP2, as the Renault mechanics are having to repair his car after he broke down this morning.
14:55 Charles Leclerc is back for FP2 for Sauber, as well. He was replaced by Antonio Giovinazzi in the Sauber for the first practice session.
14:53 The weather for FP2 is hot hot hot! It is over 30C air temperature, with a track temperature pushing 55C at the Hungaroring.
14:49 Despite the P8 finish in FP1, Nico Hulkenberg's Renault broke down after Turn 5, meaning the German had to end his session early.
14:46 Haas and Renault were the best of the rest, with both cars inside the top ten in FP1. Romain Grosjean was in P7, ahead of Nico Hulkenberg, Carlos Sainz and Kevin Magnussen.
14:43 Then came the two Mercedes, with Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas rounding out the top six for the first practice session.
14:40 The Australian was fastest ahead of Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen and Kimi Raikkonen.
14:36 Daniel Ricciardo topped the timesheet for FP1 in his Red Bull, running on the soft tyres.
14:30 Hello and welcome to our coverage of the second practice session at the Hungaroring. FP2 of the Hungarian Grand Prix starts in half an hour.
12:30 And there is the chequered flag. Not much to choose between Red Bull and Ferrari as Ricciardo, Vettel and Verstappen are separated by less than a tenth. Plenty more time to find in FP2, so join us again for FP2 at 1500 local time. Cheers.
12:25 Five minutes left in the session. Grosjean leaps from P17 to P9 on a flying lap with the ultras strapped on.
12:19 Ericsson's session has ended earlier than planned. He has damaged the floor on one of his spins.
12:17 Some cars, such as the Red Bulls, are going to do a final high fuel run as we approach the final 10 minutes of the session. Just 0.088 seconds separate the top three of Ricciardo, Vettel and Verstappen.
12:10 Hello Red Bull. Ricciardo quickest now after a hot lap on the soft tyre. Vettel, who was running the ultras on his fastest lap, drops to P2.
12:06 An eye-catching lap from Verstappen. He is up to P2, just 0.009 seconds off Vettel's best and on the slowest soft tyre.
12:05 And that doesn't last long as Vettel is straight back at the top by a couple of tenths. He hit traffic on his latest hot lap so that could have easily been quicker.
12:01 A new quickest time and it's come from Raikkonen. A 1:17.948.
11:58 Yellows in sector two and it's because Hulkenberg has come to a stop. He has switched off and jumped out of the car. Looks like an electrical problem.
11:56 Another spin for Ericsson, this time at Turn 4. Once again, he keeps it away from the wall.
11:55 Hamilton, on the ultras, is up to P2 and is just 0.039s off Vettel's best.
11:54 Some improvements in the midfield from Hulkenberg and Sainz in P6 and P7 respectively. Stroll pops into the top 10.
11:45 Lots of tweaking going on with Hamilton's car. He had a lot of rear instability in the opening 45 minutes, especially through the twisty second sector.
11:40 A brief lull in proceedings now as tyres are changed and set-ups are tweaked ahead of the second half of the session.
11:38 Vettel extends his advantage to Bottas to four tenths. Meanwhile, there are brief yellow flags at Turn 1 as Verstappen pitches into a spin.
11:32 Close one! Ericsson brushes the grass at the last corner and almost spins into the barrier as a result. He just about manages to save the car.
11:31 Vettel on the quickest ultrasofts, shoots to the top with a 1:18.218. Two tenths quicker than Bottas on the softs.
11:28 Hamilton sets the fastest time in the first sector, but loses time throughout the rest of the lap with the rear of his Mercedes sliding all over the place. He is only able to get to within three tenths of his team-mate.
11:27 Bottas goes quickest with a 1:18.470. That is already quicker than the fastest practice time last year.
11:23 Hamilton slots into P4, six tenths off the pace on the slower soft tyres. A minor off for Gasly, meanwhile, kicking up a bit of turf after running wide.
11:21 Sainz pops into P5 with his first time lap, sandwiched between Alonso and Vandoorne.
11:19 Raikkonen has improved to a 1:18.710, with just 0.067 seconds separating him and Verstappen at the top of the leaderboard.
11:16 Christian Horner confirms that Ricciardo has his Monaco engine back in his RB14 following his PU failure in Germany. He is hopeful it can last a couple of races, but more grid penalties are "inevitable" for him later on in the season.
11:12 Kimi Raikkonen jumps ahead of the Red Bull boys with a 1:18.762 on his first timed lap.
11:10 And it is a 1:19.5 from the Aussie. Verstappen passes the finishing line shortly after with a 1:19.2.
11:07 Lots of install laps being completed in the last few minutes. Looks like Ricciardo is going to be the first to put a time on the board...
11:00 Off we go. Green light for FP1. Sauber reserve driver Antonio Giovinazzi, in the seat instead of Charles Leclerc, is one of the first to head out onto the track.
10:53 Almost time for us to get going in the Budapest and it is going to be a hot one. Temperatures are up to 27 degrees already!
10:45 Not too much in the way of news from the paddock. One interesting line is that Stoffel Vandoorne has reverted to an older chassis in a bid to improve his poor form in 2018. Be interesting to see how he gets on with it.
10:36 The Hungaroring circuit is a narrow, twisty track and also known as 'Monaco without the barriers'. Should be right up Red Bull's street this weekend then...
10:30 Hello and welcome to round 12 of the F1 2018 calendar: the Hungarian Grand Prix. We kick the weekend off with FP1 which begins in 30 minutes' time. All times are local.
Driver Standings
1 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:22.090 1:37:16.427 1
2 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:20.056 17.123 1
3 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1:21.027 20.101 2
4 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 1:23.359 46.419 1
5 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:27.306 60.000 1
6 Pierre Gasly Toro Rosso 1:21.982 73.273 1
7 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1:24.421 1 LAP 1
8 Fernando Alonso McLaren 1:23.281 1 LAP 1
9 Carlos Sainz Renault 1:24.255 1 LAP 1
10 Romain Grosjean Haas 1:24.111 1 LAP 1
11 Brendon Hartley Toro Rosso 1:23.573 1 LAP 1
12 Nico Hulkenberg Renault 1:21.261 1 LAP 2
13 Esteban Ocon Force India 1:23.160 1 LAP 1
14 Sergio Perez Force India 1:23.997 1 LAP 1
15 Marcus Ericsson Sauber 1:25.701 2 LAPS 1
16 Sergey Sirotkin Williams 1:25.900 2 LAPS 1
17 Lance Stroll Williams 1:25.916 2 LAPS 1
R Max Verstappen Red Bull RETIRED 65 LAPS 0
R Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren RETIRED 21 LAPS 1
R Charles Leclerc Sauber RETIRED 70 LAPS 0
Driver Standings
1 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:35.658 - 5
2 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:35.918 0.260 5
3 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1:36.186 0.528 5
4 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:36.210 0.552 5
5 Carlos Sainz Renault 1:36.743 1.085 5
6 Pierre Gasly Toro Rosso 1:37.591 1.933 5
7 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:38.032 2.374 6
8 Brendon Hartley Toro Rosso 1:38.128 2.470 7
9 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1:39.858 4.200 8
10 Romain Grosjean Haas 1:40.593 4.935 6
Driver Standings
1 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:28.636 - 3
2 Carlos Sainz Renault 1:30.771 2.135 4
3 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:31.178 2.542 4
4 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:31.242 2.606 4
5 Pierre Gasly Toro Rosso 1:31.286 2.650 4
6 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:32.081 3.445 4
7 Brendon Hartley Toro Rosso 1:32.590 3.954 5
8 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1:32.762 4.126 4
9 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1:32.968 4.332 6
10 Romain Grosjean Haas 1:33.650 5.014 4
11 Fernando Alonso McLaren 1:35.214 6.578 5
12 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 1:36.442 7.806 5
13 Nico Hulkenberg Renault 1:36.506 7.870 5
14 Marcus Ericsson Sauber 1:37.075 8.439 5
15 Lance Stroll Williams 5
Driver Standings
1 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:16.666 - 2
2 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:16.940 0.274 2
3 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:17.123 0.457 2
4 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:17.419 0.753 2
5 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1:17.526 0.860 2
6 Carlos Sainz Renault 1:17.829 1.163 2
7 Romain Grosjean Haas 1:17.901 1.235 2
8 Nico Hulkenberg Renault 1:17.905 1.239 2
9 Fernando Alonso McLaren 1:18.208 1.542 2
10 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1:18.314 1.648 3
11 Brendon Hartley Toro Rosso 1:18.429 1.763 3
12 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 1:18.540 1.874 2
13 Lance Stroll Williams 1:18.560 1.894 3
14 Pierre Gasly Toro Rosso 1:18.577 1.911 2
15 Marcus Ericsson Sauber 1:18.641 1.975 2
16 Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren 1:18.782 2.116 2
17 Charles Leclerc Sauber 1:18.817 2.151 2
18 Esteban Ocon Force India 1:19.142 2.476 3
19 Sergio Perez Force India 1:19.200 2.534 2
20 Sergey Sirotkin Williams 1:19.301 2.635 3
Driver Standings
1 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:16.170 - 5
2 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:16.229 0.059 6
3 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1:16.373 0.203 5
4 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:16.749 0.579 5
5 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 1:16.803 0.633 4
6 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:16.946 0.776 3
7 Carlos Sainz Renault 1:17.754 1.584 3
8 Nico Hulkenberg Renault 1:18.083 1.913 5
9 Romain Grosjean Haas 1:18.084 1.914 3
10 Pierre Gasly Toro Rosso 1:18.139 1.969 6
11 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1:18.230 2.06 3
12 Brendon Hartley Toro Rosso 1:18.252 2.082 4
13 Charles Leclerc Sauber 1:18.376 2.206 4
14 Fernando Alonso McLaren 1:18.467 2.297 5
15 Esteban Ocon Force India 1:18.512 2.342 3
16 Sergey Sirotkin Williams 1:18.630 2.46 3
17 Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren 1:18.789 2.619 3
18 Marcus Ericsson Sauber 1:18.842 2.672 4
19 Sergio Perez Force India 1:18.962 2.792 3
20 Lance Stroll Williams 1:19.132 2.962 5
Driver Standings
1 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:16.834 - 6
2 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:16.908 0.074 4
3 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 1:17.061 0.227 4
4 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1:17.153 0.319 6
5 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:17.587 0.753 7
6 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:17.868 1.034 6
7 Romain Grosjean Haas 1:18.065 1.231 4
8 Carlos Sainz Renault 1:18.495 1.661 4
9 Pierre Gasly Toro Rosso 1:18.518 1.684 5
10 Esteban Ocon Force India 1:18.761 1.927 4
11 Sergio Perez Force India 1:18.850 2.016 5
12 Fernando Alonso McLaren 1:18.857 2.023 6
13 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1:18.880 2.046 5
14 Nico Hulkenberg Renault 1:18.913 2.079 4
15 Brendon Hartley Toro Rosso 1:18.916 2.082 7
16 Marcus Ericsson Sauber 1:19.043 2.209 4
17 Charles Leclerc Sauber 1:19.137 2.303 5
18 Lance Stroll Williams 1:19.645 2.811 4
19 Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren 1:19.712 2.878 5
20 Sergey Sirotkin Williams 1:19.770 2.936 4
Driver Standings
1 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 1:17.613 - 4
2 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:17.692 0.079 6
3 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:17.701 0.088 4
4 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1:17.948 0.335 5
5 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:18.036 0.423 4
6 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:18.470 0.857 3
7 Romain Grosjean Haas 1:18.975 1.362 3
8 Nico Hulkenberg Renault 1:19.025 1.412 3
9 Carlos Sainz Renault 1:19.128 1.515 5
10 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1:19.187 1.574 4
11 Pierre Gasly Toro Rosso 1:19.352 1.739 7
12 Fernando Alonso McLaren 1:19.690 2.077 4
13 Brendon Hartley Toro Rosso 1:19.841 2.228 5
14 Lance Stroll Williams 1:20.012 2.399 5
15 Esteban Ocon Force India 1:20.065 2.452 4
16 Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren 1:20.151 2.538 5
17 Sergio Perez Force India 1:20.159 2.546 5
18 Antonio Giovinazzi Haas 1:20.293 2.68 6
19 Sergey Sirotkin Williams 1:20.307 2.694 6
20 Marcus Ericsson Sauber 1:20.697 3.084 4
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