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Full Race Weekend LIVE Converage British Grand Prix Silverstone
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08 Jul 16:41 Vettel crosses the finish line and wins the BritishGP.
08 Jul 16:34 Hamilton goes P2. Was that strategic?
08 Jul 16:32 Vettel goes P1!
08 Jul 16:32 Verstappen spins off :(
08 Jul 16:29 Merc vs Ferrari in an epic battle!
08 Jul 16:28 Kimi chasing Hamilton.
08 Jul 16:28 Bottas driving like his life depends on it!!
08 Jul 16:27 Kimi shows Max how it's done!!!
08 Jul 16:26 DRS will determine everything now!
08 Jul 16:25 Just 10 more laps to go!
08 Jul 16:25 Can Bottas hold off Vettel? He will have to push very hard!
08 Jul 16:23 Safety car ending!
08 Jul 16:19 4th time out of 10  Romain Grosjean has been in a DNF.
08 Jul 16:18 Honestly feeling for Grosjean. He has had rotten luck since the start of the season.
08 Jul 16:17 Grosjean out of the race too after colliding with Sainz. Safety car is out again.
08 Jul 16:16 Sainz goes off in the Renault. Will the safety car come out again?
08 Jul 16:16 Max and Kimi go wheel to wheel!!!!
08 Jul 16:06 Bottas leads from Vettel and Hamilton. Mercedes has not opted to pit their drivers while the safety car is out.
08 Jul 16:05 Vettel takes advantage of the safety car and pits. Hamilton seems to stay out for now.
08 Jul 16:04 Safety car deployed. Marcus gets out of the car and looks fine as the crowd cheers.
08 Jul 16:04 Marcus Erricson has a heavy crash into a wall!
08 Jul 16:01 Ricciardo pits for the second time before his team mate Verstappen.
08 Jul 15:51 Hamilton told to box.
08 Jul 15:51 Jenson Button is confident Hamilton can still get a podium place judging by his current pace.
08 Jul 15:49 Hamilton told to let Bottas pass.
08 Jul 15:47 We are on Lap22/52 Vettel back in the lead after pitting, Hamilton in P2 and Bottas in P3. Hamilton still needs to pt.
08 Jul 15:38 Vettel still leads, Bottas on his tail, and then Verstappen and Ricciardo. Hamilton in P5.
08 Jul 15:35 Kimi takes back one position in P10.
FINISH That was a superb British GP. Thank you for joining us today. We'll be back in a fortnight for the German GP.
FINISH Vettel increases his lead in the standings to eight points, but it was a superb recovery driver from Hamilton after he dropped down the pack after getting tagged by Raikkonen.
FINISH Hulkenberg, Ocon, Alonso, Magnussen and Gasly are the other men in the points.
FINISH Bottas holds onto fourth place with Ricciardo fifth.
FINISH Sebastian Vettel wins the British Grand Prix. It's his first win at Silverstone and Ferrari's first British GP win in a decade. Hamilton finishes second with Raikkonen claiming the final podium spot.
Lap 52 Will Bottas hold off Ricciardo for P4?
Lap 52 Vettel starts the final lap with a 2.6s lead over Hamilton, who is 1.4s clear of Raikkonen.
Lap 51 Gasly gets the better of Perez and he is into the points.
Lap 51 Looks like the podium has been settled with Vettel, Hamilton and Raikkonen comfortably in the top three.
Lap 50 Ricciardo is closing in on Bottas.
Lap 50 Vettel has a two-second lead over Hamilton, who is 1.8s ahead of Raikkonen.
Lap 49 Raikkonen is told "super job Kimi, but it's not over". Remember Hamilton's tyres are quite older than those on the Ferraris.
Lap 49 Raikkonen is up to P3 as he passes the struggling Bottas. Ricciardo is now all over the back of Bottas.
Lap 48 Four laps remaining and the big question is whether Bottas can keep Raikkonen behind him. Bottas has a lock up and he is struggling with his tyres.
Lap 48 Verstappen has retired.
Lap 48 Hamilton passes Bottas and it was a little too easy. Bottas is struggling with his tyres and he was probably told to let the Brit through.
Lap 48 Vettel is told "head down and away". A new fastest lap of 1:30.696 from Vettel.
Lap 47 Verstappen has slipped to P14. He is struggling.
Lap 47 Brilliant stuff from the Ferrari man and he is back in the lead. Frustration in the Mercedes garage.
Lap 47 Vettel goes on the inside of Bottas and he is into the lead.
Lap 47 One of the Red Bulls is off and it's Verstappen. Looks like the two Red Bulls made contact.
Lap 47 The two Red Bulls have edged closer to the front four.
Lap 46 Bottas continues to defend excellently against Vettel.
Lap 46 Ricciardo also within DRS range of Verstappen.
Lap 45 Here we go again as Vettel has a look on the inside, but again no way through.
Lap 45 Vettel has another look, but he has to back off as he's not close enough. Again Hamilton catches up, but so does Raikkonen.
Lap 44 Hamilton has to fend off Raikkonen. Gloves are off in the battle for the top three places.
Lap 44 Here is Vettel again, but yet again Bottas stays ahead. Hamilton and Raikkonen have caught up with the top two.
Lap 44 Bottas and Vettel go wheel-to-wheel and the Mercedes driver goes wide, but somehow manages to stay ahead.
Lap 44 Raikkonen now chasing after Hamilton. DRS has been enabled.
Lap 43 Here is Raikkonen on Verstappen and he gets the job done at Stowe corner.
Lap 43 And now Hamilton is under pressure from Verstappen.
Lap 43 Bottas and Vettel are now pulling away from Hamilton. Vettel now into the slipstream, but he is too far behind the Merc.
Lap 42 The top three has a nice gap over Verstappen, Raikkonen, Ricciardo.
Lap 42 Bottas is struggling to warm up his tyres. Hamilton has now caught up with the Bottas-Vettel scrap.
Lap 42 Vettel has a look, but Bottas defends and they came very close to making contact there.
Lap 42 The race restarts and Bottas is away without any problems. Vettel and Hamilton settle in behind him. Magnussen loses out a place as Alonso picks up a place.
Lap 41 Safety Car is in at the end of this lap.
Lap 41 We have had five retirements. Alonso is the last man in the points with Gasly just behind him.
Lap 40 The incident between Grosjean and Sainz will be investigated after the race.
Lap 40 So Bottas leads this race from Vettel, Hamilton, Verstappen, Raikkonen and Ricciardo.
Lap 39 Sainz squeezed Grosjean and the Renault nearly got T-boned.
Lap 39 And we will have another Safety Car.
Lap 38 More yellow flags as Sainz has gone off in Sector 2. Looks like Sainz and Grosjean made contact as both cars are parked.
Lap 38 Hamilton struggled with grap on the restart and now Raikkonen comes hard on Verstappen and he passes. However, Verstappen does give up easily as he regains the place. They go wheel to wheel at Corpse, but Verstappen holds the place.
Lap 38 Hamilton backs them up, but his team-mate Bottas gets ahead of him, as does Vettel. Hamilton settles into third place.
Lap 37 All to play for in the final few laps of this race with the mixed strategies at the front. Safety Car is in at the end of this lap.
Lap 36 Vettel tells his team "tell the Safety Car to slow down".
Lap 35 Hamilton asks the team if he will be able to compete with older tyres, but the reply is "you are the fastest driver by miles mate".
Lap 35 Big call from Mercedes as their two drivers are on older medium tyres while the Ferraris and Red Bulls are on soft rubber.
Lap 34 Both Mercedes cars have stayed out so it's Bottas from Vettel, Hamilton, Verstappen, Raikkonen and Ricciardo.
Lap 34 Vettel has taken on a brand new set of soft tyres. Verstappen and Raikkonen are now also in.
Lap 34 Vettel has decided to pit under the Safety Car. Bottas has stayed out.
Lap 34 Okay the Safety Car has now been deployed and good news as Ericsson is getting out of the car. Massive cheer from the spectators as he got out.
Lap 33 Only yellow flags at the moment.
Lap 33 We have a car into the barriers and it's the Sauber of Ericsson. That's a big crash with half his car into the tyres.
Lap 32 Horner also believes Vettel is nursing his front left and hoping to get to the end on the current set of tyres.
Lap 32 Christian Horner says they believe that Raikkonen will have to stop again.
Lap 31 Ricciardo is surprisingly pitting for a second time. They switch back to soft tyres and he rejoins in sixth place, behind Hamilton.
Lap 31 Hamilton puts in another fastest lap of 1:31.546.
Lap 30 Vettel is definitely losing time on Bottas as the gap is now 2.3s.
Lap 30 Hamilton is now flying as he puts in a new fastest lap of 1:31.682. That puts him just eight seconds off Raikkonen.
Lap 29 There is a bit of train running behind Hulkenberg as Ocon, Alonso, Magnussen and Sainz are quite close.
Lap 28 Hamilton wants to know "what is my position?" and he is told he is P6. He just did a 1:32.4 while third-placed Verstappen did a 1:33.4.
Lap 28 Bottas is making up some ground on Vettel as the gap is now down to 2.8s. Verstappen is another 10s adrift in third place.
Lap 27 Grosjean pits from P7 and rejoins in P14.
Lap 27 Stewards will investigate the loose tyre on Leclerc's car after the race.
Lap 26 Here come the Mercedes pit crew again and Hamilton ducks into the pits. He takes on the medium tyres and it was a slow one of 3.5s. He rejoins in P6, behind Raikkonen.
Lap 25 Hamilton surprisingly stays out for another lap. The team did tell him to "box, box", but there was a change of tactic.
Lap 25 Mercedes have told Bottas that Vettel is running out of front left tyre.
Lap 24 Hamilton has told his team that he is starting to lose time as his tyres are going.
Lap 24 Raikkonen has once again caught up with Ricciardo in fifth place.
Lap 23 With the pit stops out of the way, Vettel has a comfortable 3.8s lead over Bottas.
Lap 23 Hamilton has been told to let his team-mate through and he obliges.
Lap 23 Jenson Button is confident Hamilton can still get a podium place judging by his current pace.
Lap 22 Hamilton is still putting in 1:33.7s on his older tyres. The Red Bull duo, on fresher rubber, are doing 1:33.3/4s.
Lap 22 Right, the Mercedes pit crew are getting ready for Bottas. Here comes the Finn and he rejoins in P3 after taking on a set of medium rubber. Vettel is back in the lead and Hamilton, who is yet to stop, is second.
Lap 21 A bit of oversteer from Raikkonen and he briefly went off the track, but managed to get it right and he's now back on. He's lost quite a bit of time.
Lap 21 Vettel has a blister on one of his tyres and he ducks into the pits for a set of medium tyres. Bottas takes over the race lead as Vettel rejoins the Mercedes driver with Hamilton just behind him.
Lap 20 Raikkonen is once again right on the rear wing of Ricciardo. They are scrapping over P5.
Lap 20 Yellow flags are out for the Leclerc incident.
Lap 19 Leclerc is out as he has parked his car shortly after his pit stop. Was the tyre loose? Or did he have another problem? Looks like the rear tyre was not put on properly.
Lap 19 Ricciardo is the latest driver to pit and that will put Hamilton up to third place. The Red Bull driver puts on the medium tyres and rejoins ahead of Raikkonen and behind Verstappen. He is P5.
Lap 18 The Red Bull pit crew are out and it's for Verstappen. He comes out behind Hamilton and ahead of Raikkonen.
Lap 18 Raikkonen is now back up to P7 after overtaking Leclerc. He is now on the rear wing of Hulkenberg. No problem for the Ferrari man.
Lap 17 Vettel is starting to lose some time as he does a 1:34.4 compared to a 1:33.7 from Bottas, but he had a lock up.
Lap 17 Vettel is maintaining a five-second lead over Bottas at the front while Verstappen is another six seconds adrift in third place.
Lap 16 New fastest lap from Raikkonen and the 1:32.270 has helped him to get past Ocon and move up to P8.
Lap 15 Raikkonen makes up another place as he overtakes Sainz to move up to P9. Putting the fresh tyres and DRS to good use.
Lap 15 Hamilton is told that he is doing a great job. Nothing like an ego boost in the middle of the race.
Lap 14 Raikkonen joined in a quite a bit of traffic, but he immediately gets past of Magnussen.
Lap 14 "We need to push Kimi, we need to push as we have a 10-second penalty", Raikkonen is told. The Finn tells the team he has a problem with his front wing. He comes into the pits and takes that penalty before they switch to the medium tyres.
Lap 13 Hamilton is doing 1:33.1 while Vettel is doing a 1:33.7 and Bottas a 1:33.5.
Lap 12 No further action will be taken over the Haas scrap between Grosjean and Magnussen.
Lap 12 Raikkonen is getting agitated as he is stuck behind Verstappen. He tells the team "I'm not allowed to think anymore". Ricciardo has caught up with the Ferrari.
Lap 11 Hamilton is now in clear air and he is now the fastest driver on the track.
Lap 10 It's no contest and Hamilton powers past the Renault-powered car of Hulkenberg.
Lap 10 Here is Hamilton on Leclerc and he charges past the Sauber driver to move up to P7. Hulkenberg is just over one second ahead, but he will be up against it after that as Ricciardo is another 11s ahead of the German.
Lap 10 Hamilton is the third fastest driver on the track at the moment with Vettel and Bottas the only two drivers faster than him.
Lap 9 Hamilton is up to P8 after getting past Ocon. No real fight from the Force India driver.
Lap 9 Stewards are investigation a collision between Grosjean and Magnussen at the start of the race.
Lap 8 Raikkonen asks: "How is my front wing? Can you see anything?"
Lap 8 Another place for Hamilton as he gets ahead of Sainz.
Lap 8 It's been a bad start for Haas as well as Magnussen dropped to P11 and Grosjean is P14.
Lap 7 Raikkonen is all over the back of Verstappen and he had a little look now, but locked up at the crucial moment and lost momentum.
Lap 7 Raikkonen has received a 10-second time penalty for the Hamilton incident.
Lap 7 Vettel is still flying at the front as he has built a five-second lead over Bottas, who is four seconds clear of Verstappen.
Lap 6 Hamilton passes Magnussen on the Wellington Straight and he is into the points. Sainz is three seconds ahead of him in P9.
Lap 6 Vettel has a 24s lead over Hamilton.
Lap 5 Hamilton is up to P12 and Alonso is next up on the track while Magnussen is not too far ahead of this scrap. And no problem for Hamilton as he passes the McLaren.
Lap 5 Back to the Hamilton-Raikkonen incident, the Finn locked up just before they made contact. The commentators think Hamilton left Raikkonen enough space. Perez also went off at the first corner, but he managed to get his car back on track.
Lap 4 The stewards are looking at the Raikkonen-Hamilton Turn 3 incident.
Lap 4 Hamilton again tells the team he has damage, but the reply is again "we don't see much damage".
Lap 4 Raikkonen has caught up with Verstappen and the Ferrari has too much power for the Red Bull here.
Lap 3 Hamilton is behind Ericsson, but he gets ahead of the Sauber under braking. He is up to P14.
Lap 3 Hartley is being wheeled back into the Toro Rosso garage and his race is over.
Lap 3 Vettel is away at the front as he has built a three-second lead over Verstappen.
Lap 2 Hamilton is still stuck behind Stroll and he again tells the team that something is wrong. He gets the job done at Corpse to move up to P17.
Lap 2 Back to the start and Vettel made a flying getaway, as did Bottas, Hamiliton struggled and was tagged by Raikkonen and the Merc driver went spinning off the track.
Lap 2 So it's Hamilton from Bottas, Verstappen, Raikkonen and Ricciardo. Hamilton is sandwiched in between the two Williams at the back.
Lap 1 Hamilton is still running, but he is in P18 and he tells the team "I think my car is broken".
Lap 1 While Hamilton and Raikkonen making contact, the two Red Bulls got ahead of the Ferrari, but Raikkonen fights back and he flies past Ricciardo at Corpse.
Lap 1 And away we go at Silverstone. The Ferraris shoot out of the blocks and Vettel is ahead of Hamilton, but then Bottas gets ahead of his team-mate. Hamilton has gone spinning off the track after making contact with Raikkonen.
14:11 Three cars in the pit lane with Soritkin, Stroll and Hartley starting there.
14:11 Hamilton is told to "remember the wind".
14:10 The lights go out and Hamilton leads the pack around on the formation lap. They are all away without problems.
14:07 Okay it time to strap and get ready for the 2018 British Grand Prix.
14:04 Bad news for Hartley as Toro Rosso are still working on his car. Will they fix it before the start?
14:03 Red Bull boss Christian Horner says "don't switch off if the start is boring as it could come alive in the final third" due to tyre wear.
14:01 Magnussen admits he would "love to take the fight to Red Bull, but he doesn't think it's possible".
13:58 Stoffel Vandoorne is starting P17, but he admits they still don't know what is wrong with the car and "but it will be a tough race for everyone".
13:55 Time for the national anthem 'God Save The Queen'. Will we hear it after the race again?
13:53 Comedian John Bishop and Scotland and Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish among those on the grid.
13:48 'It's Coming Home' is plastered all over the place. On cars, in garages, on the track, in the crowd. Will the British GP be 'Coming Home' today?
13:46 A quick weather update and it's currently 26 degrees Celsius with the track 51 degrees.
13:43 Back to Vettel and his bad neck, he has some extra strapping on his neck. Hopefully it won't be a problem during the race.
13:39 We are set for a one-stop strategy from most of the teams with the that stop expected between laps 16-19 for a change to the medium tyres.
13:35 Jenson Button is once again back at Silverstone today and yes, he is wearing his lovely pink shirt again. It suits him.
13:34 The pit lane is now open and the cars are heading to the grid.
13:31 The Red Arrows are in the sky and the noise is deafening.
13:25 It's hot at Silverstone today and the heat usually plays well into the hands of Ferrari as they often get the tyres to work better in the heat. Mercedes, on the other hand, often struggle.
13:21 Just a note on Vettel, he is confident he will be fine today despite suffering from a neck problem on Saturday. He cut FP3 short and it bothered him during qualy, but he's better. "It's all right. It wasn't very good yesterday - maybe a weird bump or curve sent off a lot of pain but it will be okay."
13:19 Golfer Ian Poulter is at Silverstone and he is 'buzzing' because there is football on, Wimbledon is on Monday and today it's F1.
13:17 Brendon Hartley is another one who will start from the pit lane after he failed to make qualifying on Saturday following a crash.
13:15 Back to the grid and it's not good news if you are a Williams as both their drivers Sergey Sirotkin and Lance Stroll will start from the pit lane after the team made changes to their rear wings.
13:13 There really is a carnival atmosphere at Silverstone today and a lot of it is no doubt to England's performance at the World Cup. Hamilton can add to it by winning his home race for a record sixth time today. He is currently tied with Jim Clarke and Alain Prost on five wins.
13:10 Then you have the two Red Bull drivers with Austrian GP winner Max Verstappen just ahead of Daniel Ricciardo. Haas' excellent form continue as Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean are best of the rest while Charles Leclerc and Esteban Ocon complete the top 10.
13:08 Now that those formalities are out of the way, we can focus on Saturday's qualifying. And it was an emotional day for Hamilton, not because 'It's Coming Home', but because he grabbed pole on his final lap by 0.044. Vettel will start P2. Raikkonen and Valtteri Bottas are next on the grid.
13:05 In the Constructors' standings, Ferrari have a 10-point advantage over Mercedes.
13:03 It is, of course, race 10 out of 21 in the 2018 F1 World Championship. Speaking of the Championship, Sebastian Vettel currently leads the standings by one point from Lewis Hamilton with Kimi Raikkonen another 44 points adrift in third place.
13:01 This year's race marks the 73rd edition of the British Grand Prix and it is the 54th time that Silverstone is playing host to the World Championship event.
13:00 Greetings and welcome to the 2018 British Grand Prix from Silverstone.
15:09 Join us tomorrow for coverage of the race, as Lewis Hamilton aims to win his home grand prix from the front. Bye for now.
15:08 Hamilton, Vettel, Raikkonen, Bottas, Verstappen, Ricciardo, Magnussen, Grosjean, Leclerc and Ocon the top ten for tomorrow.
15:01 Daniel Ricciardo is complaining about a lack of DRS on his first lap, and he sits 1.1s behind Vettel.
15:00 VET HAM BOT RAI VER RIC OCO all went out, while Grosjean, Magnussen and Leclerc all stayed in the garage and will have one run at the end of Q3.
14:58 Vettel takes provisional pole with a 1:25.936, just 0.05 ahead of home favourite Lewis Hamilton.
14:54 Q3 IS UNDERWAY: Twelve minutes to find out who gets pole position for tomorrow's British Grand Prix.
14:48 HAM VET BOT RAI VER RIC GRO MAG LEC OCO are the ten men through to the final part of qualifying.
14:47 Q2 IS OVER: Hulkenberg, Perez, Alonso, Gasly and Ericsson are the five men to drop out before the top ten shoot out.
14:43 THREE MINUTES TO GO: Hulkenberg, Perez, Alonso, Ericsson and Gasly are the five drivers in the drop zone.
14:38 Verstappen and Ricciardo round out the top six, with Magnussen, Ocon, Hulkenberg and Perez in the top ten so far.
14:36 Lewis Hamilton set another new track record, with a 1:26.2.
14:35 Vettel goes quickest with a 1:26.3 (new track record), with Bottas and Raikkonen within a tenth of a second.
14:31 Q2 IS UNDERWAY: 15 minutes for the 15 drivers to get into the third part of qualifying. A reminder that the drivers who get through to the top 10 will have to start the race on the tyres they use in this session.
14:26 VET HAM BOT VER RAI LEC RIC HUL GRO MAG ALO PER ERI OCO GAS the top fifteen going through to Q2.
14:25 Q1 IS OVER: Carlos Sainz drops out, in Q16. Vandoorne and Sirotkin also out along with Stroll and Hartley, who both set no time in the first session.
14:21 TWO MINUTES LEFT: Hartley and Stroll are already out, with Sirotkin, Vandoorne and Sainz in the bottom five as well.
14:20 After the top six, Charles Leclerc and Fernando Alonso are the quickest, while both Ferraris and Mercedes have used the medium tyres in this session, with everyone else on softs.
14:17 Vettel puts in a 1:26.5 to take a new track record!
14:13 Make that two Williams in the gravel trap, as Sergey Sirotkin is in the trap at Stowe. However, the Russian is able to get back into the pit lane.
14:12 Kimi Raikkonen goes quickest with a 1:27.6.
14:09 GREEN FLAG: The session is back underway with 14 minutes left in Q1.
14:07 Romain Grosjean, Pierre Gasly and Kevin Magnussen were the only men to put a time in before the red flag came out.
14:04 RED FLAG: The session is stopped as Lance Stroll goes off at Turn 7, and the Canadian is out of qualifying.
14:00 Here we go! Everyone bar Hartley is heading out for Q1...
13:53 The temperate continues to creep up, and the more it does the less confident Mercedes are of pole position. The W09 likes it cool and calm.
13:48 Vettel only completed eight laps in FP3 and did not go through a qualifying sim programme. It has since emerged that he has strained his neck and ended his session early to have some treatment on it ahead of qualifying.
13:45 This could be a very good afternoon for the Ferrari-powered cars. Six of them made up the top 10 in FP3 as both Haas drivers, as well as the two Saubers, joined Raikkonen and Vettel at the top end of the timesheet.
13:40 But the Mercedes-Ferrari fight was overshadowed by a huge crash involving Brendon Hartley in the final practice session. The front left suspension failed under braking and sent him flying into the barrier. He is ok, but the car isn't, and it will not be ready in time for qualifying.
13:35 A mere 0.093 seconds separated Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes and Kimi Raikkonen's Ferrari in FP3 earlier, setting up a tantalising qualifying ahead between the two title rivals.
13:30 Hello and welcome back to Silverstone for qualifying before everyone rushes off to watch the England game. 30 minutes until Q1 gets underway.
12:00 Chequered flag! Less than a tenth separating the leading Mercedes and the leading Ferrari ahead of qualifying later this afternoon. Tasty. Build-up begins from 13:30 local time, with Q1 getting underway at 14:00. Join us then!
11:57 Ricciardo restores some order and is back up to P6, just 0.006 seconds separate him and his team-mate in P5.
11:55 Not a lot. Traffic doesn't help, he is a second down through the middle sector, but it's enough to see him jump to P5. Leclerc splits the two Red Bulls with another cracker of a lap.
11:54 A qualifying sim run from Verstappen now. Let's see what he has in the locker...
11:54 Two Saubers in the top 10 with six minutes left. Is this a dream?
11:53 Ricardo has switched to the soft tyres and moves from P8 to P5, shifting Leclerc down to P6. The Aussie is 1.6 seconds down on pace-setter Hamilton.
11:51 He loses a little bit of time in the final sector, but it's still enough to rise above Raikkonen with a 1:26.722. 0.093 seconds the difference.
11:50 A tenth up through the second sector...
11:50 Now Hamilton is on a hot lap, quickest in first sector...
11:49 Wowsers. Raikkonen turns the screw with a 1:26.815, putting half a second between himself and Bottas now.
11:48 Bottas leaps up to P2, narrowing the gap to Raikkonen to 0.165 seconds.
11:47 The current top seven have all set their quickest time on soft tyres. Ricciardo the first driver in P8 to set his best on the white-striped mediums.
11:45 Raikkonen sets the fastest times in the second and third sectors to dislodge Hamilton at the top of the leaderboard. New benchmark is a 1:27.199 with 15 minutes remaining.
11:43 Update from the FIA on Hartley, one of the medical team has said that "all looks good so far" after initial checks. Thank goodness for that.
11:40 Everyone but the unfortunate Hartley now have times on the board. Immediately catching the eye is Leclerc in P5, ahead of both Red Bulls at this stage. Not so surprising is Williams' Sirotkin down in last place.
11:38 Nervy moment for Ocon at Turn 1, where the new DRS zone is in effect, as he almost ends up in a similar situation as Grosjean on Friday with his wing not flapping shut in time. He just about gets away with it.
11:36 Now Hamilton goes even quicker with a 1:27.442 to take top spot. That's the quickest time of the weekend so far.
11:33 Plenty of traffic weaving going on with that time lost due to Hartley's crash. Hamilton has managed to negotiate it though to close to within a tenth of Raikkonen.
11:28 The session is back underway now with 32 minutes on the clock.
11:24 Still under red flag conditions. Everyone left a bit shaken after that huge crash. Thankfully, the Halo did its job and the wheels remained on their tethers and didn't go flying off.
11:18 The session has stopped, but the clock continues to tick down while Hartley's wrecked Toro Rosso car is recovered. Hartley himself is into the medical car and will go for a check-over.
11:17 Hartley suffered a suspension failure under braking and went absolutely flying into the barrier. The New Zealander reports he is ok. That was very scary!
11:15 Red flag! Huge crash from Brendon Hartley at the Wellington Straight!
11:13 Raikkonen stretches his advantage to half a second after pumping in a 1:27.607. Still waiting for the likes of Ricciardo and the Mercedes crew to come out from the cool shade of the garage.
11:11 Vettel slots into P2, a couple of tenths down on his team-mate. Meanwhile, Pierre Gasly is reporting that his steering wheel doesn't feel straight. May want to fix that...
11:10 Raikkonen goes top of the timesheet with a 1:27.913. Verstappen gets a hot lap in and is down to a 1:29.238.
11:06 Verstappen is eager to get going after his difficult day on Friday. He was on a hot lap, but aborts it as his car downshifted when he wanted it to upshift. Bizarre.
11:02 Well, some drivers are. Stoffel Vandoorne is going very, very slowly on his install lap. A concerned look on the face of the new sporting director Gil de Ferran.
11:00 Green light! And we're off!
10:57 A lot of drivers had a very loose interpretation of 'track limits' on Friday, especially at Turn 17 in the Club section. As a result, the stewards have added kerbs to stop cars from having all four wheels off the track.
10:55 Five minutes until the pit lane goes green. One hour to put the finishing touches together ahead of qualifying this afternoon.
10:45 Two drivers looking to make up for lost time yesterday are Max Verstappen and Romain Grosjean. Verstappen came to a stop with a software glitch in FP1, before missing nearly all of FP2 after crashing at Luffield. Grosjean's car required a new chassis following his FP1 accident, so was unable to drive on Friday afternoon.
10:36 Lewis Hamilton, bidding for a record sixth win at his home race, was quickest in FP1 before Ferrari unusually came to life on a Friday with Sebastian Vettel topping the timesheet in FP2. Qualifying could be a very close run battle later this afternoon.
10:30 Hello and welcome back to another gloriously sunny day at Silverstone. First up is FP3, which begins in 30 minutes.
15:35 That is all from us for FP2, join us again in the morning for our commentary of FP3. Bye for now!
15:32 VET HAM BOT RAI RIC ALO HUL OCO PER LEC SAI MAG GAS ERI STR SIR VAN HAR VER GRO the run down of the drivers in FP2. Vettel fastest, while both Verstappen and Grosjean miss vital track time.
15:30 CHEQUERED FLAG: Sebastian Vettel is the fastest man in FP2, the first time he has been fastest on a Friday this year.
15:24 Fernando Alonso and Charles Leclerc are carrying on their race battles with a little race in FP2. The Spaniard got past the rookie, before Leclerc got the two-time World Champion back.
15:18 Charles Leclerc goes off at Turn 7/8, the same area where Max Verstappen had his incident earlier on. However, the Sauber driver is able to carry on his way.
15:11 The qualy runs are over and it is back to the long run pace for the final twenty minutes of FP2.
15:05 Kimi Raikkonen has a close moment in the pits, as Williams let a car out of the garage right in front of the Iceman's Ferrari.
14:57 Pierre Gasly has to stop the car on the outside of Turn 4, and is out of the session.
14:56 Hamilton goes ahead of his team-mate, but remains behind Vettel. The Brit goes P2, and two tenths behind his title rival.
14:54 Behind the top four, Daniel Ricciardo is P5, with Nico Hulkenberg, Esteban Ocon and Fernando Alonso rounding out the top eight.
14:46 Qualifying runs are underway, with Bottas splitting the two Ferraris and going P2.
14:41 Vettel and Raikkonen extend their lead, with the German going P1 with a 1:27.5. Only Kimi is within a second of the four-time World Champion.
14:35 Hamilton (P2) and Ricciardo (P4) have both improved on their most recent laps.
14:30 The two Mercedes go P3 and P4 with their first runs in the session, with Raikkonen now leading from Vettel, Hamilton and Bottas.
14:26 Bottas and Hamilton finally make their appearance in FP2 as the green flag comes out.
14:25 GREEN FLAG: The session is back underway with an hour and five minutes left.
14:23 Just four men are yet to post a time in FP2: Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas and the two now out, Romain Grosjean and Max Verstappen.
14:20 TWENTY MINUTES IN: Kimi Raikkonen leads Sebastian Vettel but just over a quarter of a second, with the red flag bringing a halt to the session for now.
14:17 RED FLAG! Max Verstappen has spun and hit the barrier at Luffields and could be out of the session. The incident brought out the VSC, but a red flag was then brought out for the safety of the drivers.
14:15 Sebastian Vettel moves into the 1:28s, and we are yet to see either Mercedes in the opening quarter of an hour.
14:11 Kimi Raikkonen goes under the 90 second mark, going fastest from team-mate Sebastian Vettel.
14:10 Charles Leclerc goes fastest with a 1:31.0, with Fernando Alonso, Pierre Gasly and Kevin Magnussen within a quarter of a second.
14:07 A 1:31.622 for Stoffel, who puts in the first timed lap of the session.
14:05 Five minutes into the session, and we finally have cars on track. Stoffel Vandoorne and Sergey Sirotkin the first men out there.
14:00 GREEN LIGHT! FP2 is underway!
13:57 A reminder that the blue hard (H) tyre is making its debut for 2018 this weekend, along with the white-striped medium (M) and the yellow-striped soft (S).
13:55 Track temperatures are over 50C at Silverstone for the start of FP2. It is going to be a hot one, and it starts in five minutes time!
13:50 Sergey Sirotkin and Kimi Raikkonen also span out during FP1.
13:48 Another big story in FP1 came in the final few minutes, as Max Verstappen's Red Bull came to a halt on the pit straight, with a lack of power from his engine.
13:44 Lance Stroll managed to get his Williams into the top ten in FP1, while both McLarens were down in the bottom six, in their first race weekend without Eric Boullier at the helm.
13:40 Grosjean's teammate, Kevin Magnussen, was involved in an on-track altercation with Fernando Alonso which saw the pair visit the stewards after the session.
13:37 Romain Grosjean was P7 this morning, but ended his session with a big crash at Turn 1. The Frenchman will not take part in FP2 this afternoon.
13:35 Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas led the way in FP1, with the two Red Bulls and Ferraris in the top six.
13:30 Hello and welcome to our coverage of the second practice session for the British Grand Prix! The green light will start the session in thirty minutes time.
11:31 The good news is, at least it is thought, that is not Verstappen's race gearbox in his car so he won't be penalised. And with that we say goodbye for now. Join us in two hours for FP2. Cheers.
11:30 That's it, session over as the chequered flag falls on FP1 with Hamilton quickest of all with a 1:27.487.
11:27 Verstappen hops through a gap in the pit wall to make his way back to the Red Bull pits while his car is being pushed to a much bigger gap by the marshals.
11:26 Verstappen is told not to shift so it seems like this could be a gearbox problem. The Virtual Safety Car is out.
11:25 Alonso is up to 19th place and we have a problem for Verstappen who has lost power down the pit straight.
11:24 Despite being the only crasher of the session, Grosjean is still holding down best of the rest in seventh place ahead of Perez, Ocon and, wait for it, Lance Stroll!
11:21 Personal bests for the Austrian Grand Prix winner but he stays sixth fastest after running wide through the final corner.
11:19 A bit of a slow Verstappen but he was just slowing down before starting another hot lap. He is running the hard tyres.
11:15 He loses the back end of his McL33 at Becketts and has a lawn moving moment. More like dust mowing as the grass is rather dry here. He does a 1:40.7.
11:14 Alonso lap count, 8. Alonso lap time, nothing.
11:13 Magnussen is back out on track but opts not to use the DRS through the new zone on his latest lap.
11:10 Problems for Raikkonen who is on the grass at Luffield. Took him a while to get going again but off he goes, heading back to the Ferrari garage. He had spun.
11:07 A 1:27.487 for Hamilton puts him back up into P1.
11:05 It looks as if Grosjean got it wrong with the DRS through the new zone and lost it. Brave lad but it didn't work as planned.
11:03 And we have a crash, it is Grosjean. He lost it on the entrance to the corner, went through the gravel sidewards and slammed into the barrier. Ouch. That accident took place at Turn 1.
11:02 Another hot lap from Bottas and he is down to a 1:27.8.
10:59 Alonso is back in the pits and still doesn't have a lap time on the board. He has done six laps to date.
10:55 Purple in the first sector, green in the second and Hamilton does a 1:28.153 to lose out to Bottas by 0.01s.
10:53 Hamilton is out on new soft tyres and starts a flying lap.
10:52 New P1 as Bottas lays down a 1:28.143.
10:51 Alonso still hasn't set a time as he goes in and out of the pits. McLaren, who sacked Eric Boullier earlier this week - sorry, he resigned, seem to be using this practice as a test session.
10:48 Alonso and Vandoorne join the action and here comes Bottas.
10:46 One by one a few drivers are trickling out of the pits with Gasly putting in the laps.
10:39 Alonso is the only driver yet to set a time as the drivers head back to the pits to return their first set of Pirellis.
10:36 Magnussen and Alonso are having a bit of a race day style battle with the double World Champion reporting that the Haas tried to hit him twice.
10:35 And with that he goes quickest, a 1:28.908.
10:34 Hamilton is not entirely happy with the newly resurfaced track and reports: "This is the bumpiest track I've ever been on."
10:31 Hamilton is having a bit of a time trying to get in a perfect lap. He has just made a mistake at Turn 4. He is P5.
10:26 Out lap for Hamilton, hot lap for Bottas. And he goes P4 as he lost time in the final sector. Instead it is Vettel who goes P1 with a 1:29.244.
10:25 Perez has a moment and takes the long way around Copse.
10:22 Ricciardo leaves the pits on the hard tyres and... oh we have a Williams in the kitty litter. It is Sergey Sirotkin and he is eating dirt at Club. Oops.
10:21 Interestingly Vettel has not taken Turn 1 flat out. He still goes P3.
10:20 Renault are trialling a new data marshalling system for the FIA. Basically the Halo is sporting a bulge at the top in the middle.
10:17 Raikkonen goes second, four tenths down, while Perez is third.
10:16 Ferrari are out with Raikkonen while Hamilton has just left the pits.
10:15 Verstappen ups his pace to a 1:30.0, taking an eighth of a second off his previous best. He took Abbey flat out with the DRS open. Guess it can be done.
10:13 But that is blitzed by Verstappen by over four seconds.
10:12 We have a first lap time, a 1:35.079 for Brendon Hartley in the Toro Rosso.
10:11 Charles Leclerc is querying the lines in his pit box which are at a slight angle. You can see old marks versus Sauber's new ones for this weekend and the new ones are pointing slightly towards the garage.
10:07 And out goes Bottas without any problems...
10:06 There is an aero rake on Ricciardo's car as Red Bull are trailling front wings in this session.
10:05 There is a bit of concern over at Mercedes as to what went wrong. But it seems they have sorted things out as the monitor is back off and the tyre warmers are being removed.
10:03 Bottas heads out in his W09, fitted with his third and final penalty-free engine. Nope, Mercedes instead push him back into the garage.
10:01 Marcus Ericsson, Kevin Magnussen and Stoffel Vandoorne lead the field out for the installation laps.
10:00 Green light and FP1 is underway at the newly resurfaced Silverstone circuit.
09:56 The track temperature is up to 34'C.
09:52 News in is that Bottas is running a brand new engine this weekend after his blow-out in Austria. There were concerns about Hamilton's engine but it has been declared fit to run.
09:48 The interesting news ahead of today's running is the we have a third DRS zone for Silverstone this weekend. It runs down the start/finish straight meaning drivers can take Turns 1 and 2, already flat-out corners, with their DRS open. That, of course, is if they are brave enough to try it.
09:41 A win would of course also give him the lead in the Drivers' Championship, something he lost last time out in Austria where Mercedes suffered a double DNF. Max Verstappen won the race ahead of Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel. The latter leads the title race by a single point over Hamilton with Raikkonen third ahead of Daniel Ricciardo and Verstappen. Valtteri Bottas has fallen to sixth.
09:36 Hamilton is the man of the moment this weekend as the Brit is chasing his sixth British Grand Prix, and his fifth on the trot. Should he do so, he will equal Ayrton Senna's record as the only other driver to win five in a row at the same track. Senna did it in Monaco.
9:30 Good morning and welcome to Silverstone, home of the British GP, just about every F1 team but none more so than Force India which is a couple of meters away from the race-track, and Lewis Hamilton. All times are local.
Driver Standings
1 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:31.594 1:27:29.784 2
2 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:31.245 2.264 1
3 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1:31.165 3.652 2
4 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:32.248 8.883 1
5 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 1:32.283 9.500 2
6 Nico Hulkenberg Renault 1:33.784 28.220 1
7 Esteban Ocon Force India 1:33.879 29.930 1
8 Fernando Alonso McLaren 1:33.482 31.115 2
9 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1:36.136 33.188 1
10 Sergio Perez Force India 1:34.147 34.708 2
11 Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren 1:33.656 35.774 2
12 Lance Stroll Williams 1:33.957 38.106 1
13 Pierre Gasly Toro Rosso 1:34.381 39.129 2
14 Sergey Sirotkin Williams 1:34.620 48.113 1
R Max Verstappen Red Bull RETIRED 6 LAPS 2
R Romain Grosjean Haas RETIRED 15 LAPS 1
R Charles Leclerc Sauber RETIRED 34 LAPS 1
R Marcus Ericsson Sauber RETIRED 21 LAPS 1
R Carlos Sainz Renault RETIRED 15 LAPS 2
R Brendon Hartley Toro Rosso RETIRED 51 LAPS 1
Driver Standings
1 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:25.892 - 4
2 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:25.936 0.044 3
3 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1:25.990 0.098 3
4 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:26.217 0.325 5
5 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:26.602 0.710 4
6 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 1:27.099 1.207 4
7 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1:27.244 1.352 5
8 Romain Grosjean Haas 1:27.455 1.563 5
9 Charles Leclerc Sauber 1:27.879 1.987 5
10 Esteban Ocon Force India 1:28.194 2.302 6
Driver Standings
1 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:26.256 - 3
2 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:26.372 0.116 2
3 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:26.413 0.157 3
4 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1:26.483 0.227 2
5 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:27.013 0.757 2
6 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 1:27.369 1.113 2
7 Romain Grosjean Haas 1:27.522 1.266 4
8 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1:27.730 1.474 4
9 Charles Leclerc Sauber 1:27.790 1.534 4
10 Esteban Ocon Force India 1:27.843 1.587 4
11 Nico Hulkenberg Renault 1:27.901 1.645 4
12 Sergio Perez Force India 1:27.928 1.672 4
13 Fernando Alonso McLaren 1:28.139 1.883 4
14 Pierre Gasly Toro Rosso 1:28.343 2.087 4
15 Marcus Ericsson Sauber 1:28.391 2.135 4
Driver Standings
1 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:26.585 - 1
2 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:26.818 0.233 1
3 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:27.025 0.440 1
4 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:27.309 0.724 1
5 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1:27.549 0.964 1
6 Charles Leclerc Sauber 1:27.962 1.377 2
7 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 1:27.979 1.394 1
8 Nico Hulkenberg Renault 1:28.017 1.432 2
9 Romain Grosjean Haas 1:28.086 1.501 2
10 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1:28.143 1.558 2
11 Fernando Alonso McLaren 1:28.187 1.602 2
12 Sergio Perez Force India 1:28.210 1.625 2
13 Marcus Ericsson Sauber 1:28.249 1.664 2
14 Esteban Ocon Force India 1:28.279 1.694 2
15 Pierre Gasly Toro Rosso 1:28.399 1.814 2
16 Carlos Sainz Renault 1:28.456 1.871 2
17 Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren 1:29.096 2.511 2
18 Sergey Sirotkin Williams 1:29.252 2.667 2
19 Lance Stroll Williams 0
20 Brendon Hartley Toro Rosso 0
Driver Standings
1 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:26.722 - 4
2 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1:26.815 0.093 3
3 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:27.364 0.642 4
4 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:27.851 1.129 2
5 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:28.012 1.29 2
6 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 1:28.018 1.296 2
7 Charles Leclerc Sauber 1:28.146 1.424 4
8 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1:28.418 1.696 3
9 Romain Grosjean Haas 1:28.554 1.832 3
10 Marcus Ericsson Sauber 1:28.814 2.092 4
11 Esteban Ocon Force India 1:28.917 2.195 2
12 Sergio Perez Force India 1:29.066 2.344 2
13 Fernando Alonso McLaren 1:29.070 2.348 3
14 Nico Hulkenberg Renault 1:29.094 2.372 2
15 Carlos Sainz Renault 1:29.133 2.411 2
16 Lance Stroll Williams 1:29.829 3.107 2
17 Sergey Sirotkin Williams 1:29.984 3.262 2
18 Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren 1:30.004 3.282 3
19 Pierre Gasly Toro Rosso 1:30.050 3.328 1
20 Brendon Hartley Toro Rosso 1
Driver Standings
1 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:27.552 - 5
2 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:27.739 0.187 6
3 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:27.909 0.357 6
4 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1:28.045 0.493 5
5 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 1:28.408 0.856 4
6 Fernando Alonso McLaren 1:29.306 1.754 4
7 Nico Hulkenberg Renault 1:29.354 1.802 4
8 Esteban Ocon Force India 1:29.467 1.915 4
9 Sergio Perez Force India 1:29.522 1.97 4
10 Charles Leclerc Sauber 1:29.557 2.005 4
11 Carlos Sainz Renault 1:29.563 2.011 5
12 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1:29.617 2.065 3
13 Pierre Gasly Toro Rosso 1:29.831 2.279 1
14 Marcus Ericsson Sauber 1:30.046 2.494 3
15 Lance Stroll Williams 1:30.069 2.517 3
16 Sergey Sirotkin Williams 1:30.103 2.551 4
17 Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren 1:30.121 2.569 5
18 Brendon Hartley Toro Rosso 1:30.404 2.852 3
19 Max Verstappen Red Bull 0
20 Romain Grosjean Haas 0
Driver Standings
1 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:27.487 - 6
2 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:27.854 0.367 6
3 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:27.998 0.511 5
4 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 1:28.144 0.657 7
5 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1:28.218 0.731 5
6 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:28.325 0.838 3
7 Romain Grosjean Haas 1:29.352 1.865 2
8 Sergio Perez Force India 1:29.812 2.325 4
9 Esteban Ocon Force India 1:29.815 2.328 4
10 Lance Stroll Williams 1:29.878 2.391 6
11 Marcus Ericsson Sauber 1:29.942 2.455 6
12 Pierre Gasly Toro Rosso 1:30.004 2.517 8
13 Charles Leclerc Sauber 1:30.027 2.54 5
14 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1:30.065 2.578 5
15 Fernando Alonso McLaren 1:30.322 2.835 6
16 Carlos Sainz Renault 1:30.358 2.871 4
17 Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren 1:30.416 2.929 6
18 Nico Hulkenberg Renault 1:30.701 3.214 5
19 Brendon Hartley Toro Rosso 1:30.749 3.262 6
20 Sergey Sirotkin Williams 1:31.017 3.53 5
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