SA racing legend Gugu Zulu would have turned 41 today

One of South Africa's most successful motorsport driver's Gugu Zulu would have celebrated his 41st birthday today. We take a look at his career highlights.

8 fast cats score trophies at #JaguarSHC

The 10th Jaguar Simola Hillclimb was a successful affair for Team Jaguar, with a total of eight podium finishes for all eight entries across various categories.

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29 Apr 15:53 Hamilton now leads the race. Unbelievable.
29 Apr 15:53 Utter utter heartbreak for Bottas!
29 Apr 15:49 Safety car ends on lap 47.
29 Apr 15:49 Vandoorne struggling with tyres on his McLaren.
29 Apr 15:48 Looks like this race might finish behind the safety car.
29 Apr 15:39 Grsojean claims Ericcson might have hit him.
29 Apr 15:39 Romain Grosjean gets himself into a wall behind the safety car!
29 Apr 15:30 Safety car is out, can Bottas now win this race?
29 Apr 15:29 Adrian Newey walks away in disgust.
29 Apr 15:29 The Red Bulls have taken each other out!!!!!!!!!
29 Apr 15:28 Verstappen pits and passes his team mate on the fresher tyres. Max is now P4.
29 Apr 15:25 Ricciardo gets to pit first.
29 Apr 15:25 Max struggling on his tyres, wants a fresh set of boots but told to keep it clean and hold on a bit more...
29 Apr 15:15 Vettel pits and is back ahead of Hamilton as Bottas lead. The Finn still needs to pit. Good strategy there Ferrari!
29 Apr 14:48 Race leader Vettel now 5seconds ahead!
29 Apr 14:43 That was short-lived... Vettel now leads by almost 4seconds.
29 Apr 14:39 Max and Daniel have us on the edge of our seats. Let's hope they don't take each other out!
29 Apr 14:39 Hamilton just took fastest lap of the race cutting down the gap to 2.2seconds to Vettel.
29 Apr 14:38 Heartbreak for Hulkenberg with a massive puncture after hitting a wall. :( He is out of the race.
29 Apr 14:35 Hulkenberg told that Verstappen has low battery. Translation - Go get him! 
29 Apr 14:32 Verstappen and Sainz seems to be playing tag...
29 Apr 14:31 Kimi asking if his car is still ok.
29 Apr 14:28 Vettel makes a gap between himself and Hamilton behind him.
29 Apr 14:28 Close call for the Red Bulls as Max forces Ricciardo to back off and let him pass.
29 Apr 14:17 According to Sky race control, Sirotkin went in hard, pushed into Force India who bumped into Kimi's Ferrari...
29 Apr 14:17 Drivers following safety car, no overtaking. Alonso has a puncture and is trying very hard to get to the pits while the safety car is out. Kimi is in the pits getting soft tyres.
29 Apr 14:16 Lap 1 incident sees Ocon AND Sirotkin are both out of the race.
29 Apr 14:15 Kimi crashes into Ocon Esteban!
29 Apr 14:14 Contact down on Turn 2!
29 Apr 14:14 Vettel leads Hamilton leads Bottas!
29 Apr 14:13 Lights out!
29 Apr 14:10 Formation lap in progress.
FINISH Thank you for your company today and we'll see you again in a fortnight for the Spanish GP. Cheers.
FINISH What.A.Race. Hamilton wins ahead of Raikkonen, Perez, Vettel, Sainz, Leclerc, Alonso, Stroll, Vandoorne and Hartley.
FINISH Well done to Leclerc as well who picks up his first points in Formula 1.
FINISH Celebrations in the Force India garage after their first podium in ages.
FINISH Raikkonen takes P2 and Perez takes the final podium place. Then you have Vettel, Sainz, Leclerc, Alonso, Stroll, Vandoorne and Hartley.
FINISH Lewis Hamilton wins the 2018 Azerbaijan Grand Prix. His first win of the 2018 season and he takes the lead in the Championship.
Lap 51 Happy faces in the Force India garage.
Lap 51 Final lap and Vettel is now looking to reclaim P3 from Perez.
Lap 50 I am lying, Perez did pit under the Safety Car and it looks like he took that penalty. So much drama.
Lap 50 Perez might not get that podium as he has five-second time penalty. That would put Sainz on the podium.
Lap 50 Hartley is in the points as well as he is running P10.
Lap 50 The Ricciardo-Verstappen incident will be investigated by the stewards.
Lap 50 Vettel was defenceless against Perez and the Mexican is looking good for a podium.
Lap 49 So Hamilton is leading from Raikkonen and Perez. Yes, that perez.
Lap 49 Yellow flags. 'Oh my god' is the reaction from Bottas. He has parked his car.
Lap 49 Bottas ran across some debris and his right rear just went.
Lap 49 Hamilton is in the lead after Bottas picked up a puncture.
Lap 48 it's Bottas from Hamilton, Raikkonen, Vettel, Perez, Leclerk.
Lap 48 Vettel reports 'big flat spot'. He is dropping off the top three.
Lap 48 That was one big lock-up from Vettel and he lost a couple of places. It's Bottas from Hamilton, Raikkonen and Vettel. The German was trying to go on the inside of Bottas when he locked-up and then lost three places.
Lap 48 We are racing again and Bottas decides to go early. He caught them napping and Hamilton is catching up with the Ferrari. Massive lock-up from Vettel and he slips down to P4.
Lap 47 The Safety Car is coming in this lap. The Red Bull garage is emptying quite quickly.
Lap 47 Williams also in the top 10 with Stroll currently P8.
Lap 46 Leclerc is looking good for points as he is P7.
Lap 46 The laps are ticking down here. A one-lap dash to the end?
Lap 45 They are still busy removing that stricken Haas. Bottas is looking good for the win here.
Lap 44 Magnussen is told that the 'medical car is on track, but Romain is fine'. Safety Car still out there.
Lap 44 And now the medical has been deployed, but not quite sure why just yet. Ericsson wasn't close to Grosjean.
Lap 44 'No, no!' shouts the Frenchman, but unfortunately for him he crashed into the wall while trying to get temperature into his tyres. He tells the team 'I think Ericsson hit us'.
Lap 44 And the Safety Car will stay out a little longer as a Haas is into the wall. Grosjean was running P6 when he hit the wall.
Lap 43 Alonso wants to get going.
Lap 43 So Bottas, Vettel, Hamilton, Raikkonen, Perez, Grosjean, Sainz, Leclerc, Stroll and Alonso are the drivers in teh points.
Lap 43 Some cars are unlapping themselves at the moment.
Lap 42 Vettel wants to know how Bottas managed to get ahead of him. Well, Sebastian, remember how you managed to gain the lead under the Safety Car a few races ago? Same thing has happened here.
Lap 42 Hamilton also stopped for a new set of ultra softs.
Lap 42 What it means is Bottas is leading the race with Vettel behind him.
Lap 42 Vettel has stopped again and he put on the ultra softs.
Lap 42 It looks like Verstappen moved more than once while he defended.
Lap 42 The Safety Car is going through the pit lane.
Lap 41 Ricciardo was trying to go past on the left and Verstappen then defended his position. The Australian ended up driving into the back of his Red Bull team-mate.
Lap 41 The Safety Car has been deployed. Bottas will come in for his stop.
Lap 40 Adrian Newey walks away in disgust and Christian Horner is not looking very happy.
Lap 40 And the two Red Bull drivers have crashed. They are both out!
Lap 40 Ricciardo is told 'you will have to do it again, mate'. How will this affect the Merc strategy with Bottas still having to stop.
Lap 39 Verstappen pits in the second Red Bull and he is now also on the ultra softs. Wow, Verstappen has managed to come out ahead of Ricciardo, who struggled to get his new tyres working.
Lap 39 Bottas stays out for another lap and he is now 12s ahead of Vettel while Hamilton is another seven seconds adrift.
Lap 38 Ricciardo is the first Red Bull driver in and they opt for the ultra soft tyres. Will he get out ahead of Raikkonen? The answer to that question is yes.
Lap 38 Verstappen complains that he is struggling with his tyres and the Red Bull crew is out. Will it be for Ricciardo or Verstappen?
Lap 37 Hamilton has a little moan after Gasly helds him up a for a few seconds. He put in a 1:47 due to the slow Toro Rosso.
Lap 36 And now a fastest lap of 1:45.412 from Hamilton. He is 6.7s behind Vettel, who is 11s behind Bottas, who is yet to stop.
Lap 35 Ricciardo finally, finally gets the job done on Verstappen. He puts in a fastest lap of 1:45.419 and he uses the slipstream before ducking past at Turn 1.
Lap 34 An interesting one for Merc as Vandoorne had made an extra stop and he has taken on the ultrasofts, but he is not having much joy at the moment.
Lap 34 Verstappen reports that the 'tyres are suddenly very cold'. He is told they are monitoring the situation.
Lap 34 New fastest lap of 1:45.595 from Bottas. Hamilton, meanwhile, complains about the backmarkers.
Lap 33 Bottas is still lapping in the 1:45s while Vettel is doing 1:46s. Hamilton is also down in the 1:45s.
Lap 32 The two Red Bull drivers are also yet to stop. And Verstappen has found some pace with his 1:45.771 the new fastest lap of the race.
Lap 31 What strategy will Merc use for Bottas? Will they go for the softs or the ultra softs?
Lap 31 Here comes race leader Vettel for his pit stop and he rejoins comfortably ahead of Hamilton. Bottas has stayed out for another lap.
Lap 30 Vettel currently has a 9.4s lead over Bottas. They are both yet to stop though. Hamilton, meanwhile, is 28s adrift.
Lap 30 Fastest lap of the race from Bottas. A 1:45.827 from the Finn.
Lap 29 Big, big lock-up from Alonso at Turn 1. He is down in P12.
Lap 28 Still no sign of movement in the Ferrari garage as they appear to be happy with how things are going with Vettel.
Lap 28 Here is Ricciardo on Verstappen and it looks like he gets the job done. Actually scrap that as the Dutchman hits back and then muscles his way past his Red Bull team-mate again. They made contact again, but Ricciardo then decided to give Verstappen a bit more room.
Lap 27 Vettel has some traffic ahead, but he deals with it easily. Meanwhile, young Leclerc overtakes Alonso and moves into the points.
Lap 26 After struggling for several laps, Bottas now looks like he has found some pace as he does a 1:46.492.
Lap 25 Verstappen has told the team 'I'm stuck now' as he is not quite close enough to get past Hamilton.
Lap 24 Perez has been handed a time penalty for overtaking before the Safety Car line.
Lap 24 Verstappen has now caught up with Hamilton, who has not had a good outlap after his stop.
Lap 24 No sign of Vettel stopping just yet. He seems happy enough with his tyres.
Lap 23 Hamilton tells the team 'don't mess with me'.
Lap 23 Hamilton ducks into the pits and he takes on the soft tyres. HE rejoins in third place, ahead of Verstappen, who is yet to stop. Good stop from Merc.
Lap 22 The Merc guys are out in the pits and it will be for Hamilton, who is sliding all over the place.
Lap 22 Hamilton seems to have dropped off Vettel now. He had a massive lock-up, but managed to get it back on track. 'I don't know what just happened' he tells the team.
Lap 22 The third-placed Bottas is struggling for pace and has dropped seven seconds off Hamilton, who is P2.
Lap 21 Perez ducks on the inside of Stroll and he's up to P8. Stroll didn't do himself any favours as he locked up.
Lap 21 We have entered pit-stop territory for the front-runners. Who will blink first.
Lap 21 Hamilton and Vettel are trading fastest lap and the gap between the two is now 3.7s.
Lap 20 The incident between Ericsson and Magnussen at Turn 2 is being investigated by the stewards. Ericsson has been handed a time penalty.
Lap 20 Ericsson reports some vibrations and he is told to pit.
Lap 19 Hamilton is chipping away at Vettel's lead and it's now down to 4.2s.
Lap 19 The incident involving Raikkonen and Ocon will be investigated after the race.
Lap 18 Ericsson has locked up and he uses the escape road again. Hartley, Magnussen and Vandoorne go past him.
Lap 17 Raikkonen has been told that the wind is picking up at Turn 1 and now DRS is not working and activation is now manually operated.
Lap 17 Raikkonen and Perez are the only two drivers on the softs in the top 10.
Lap 17 Raikkonen gains another place as he speeds past the Sauber of Leclerc, who looks like he is starting to struggle with the tyres.
Lap 16 Vettel has a nice 4.8s lead over Hamilton, who is 5.4s ahead of Bottas. The top two have a pit-stop gap over Raikkonen, who has already stopped.
Lap 16 Verstappen and Ricciardo have caught up with Sainz and the Renault driver pulls to the left as he prepares to duck into the pits for soft tyres. That frees the two Red Bull cars.
Lap 15 There is a tree branch on the track. I kid you not. This wind is causing all sorts of problems.
Lap 15 Raikkonen finally eases past Stroll and he is up to P8.
Lap 15 Ricciardo again asks about the battery, while Raikkonen wants to know 'why do I get the DRS so late?'. The Finn is told 'we'll have a look'.
Lap 14 Verstappen is a bit all over the show here as he has now gone over a kerb, but Ricciardo was too far behind.
Lap 14 Ricciardo asks 'how can I charge the battery?'. He is still stuck behind his team-mate. There is still a train behind Verstappen as Leclerc, Stroll and Raikkonen are not too far behind.
Lap 14 Hamilton has been gaining on Vettel, but the Ferrari driver responds with a new fastest lap of 1:46.825 and the gap is back to 3.4s.
Lap 13 Nervous moments in the Red Bull garage as replays show they made contact, but nothing too serious.
Lap 12 Verstappen is struggling and here comes Ricciardo on his team-mate. The Dutchman defends aggressively and stays ahead. Here is Ricciardo again, but again Verstappen holds him off.
Lap 12 Replays show Hulkenberg hit the wall and picked up the puncture. Disappointed faces in the Renault garage. Only yellow flags for that incident.
Lap 12 Somone has a puncture. It's Hulkenberg and he is slowing down at Turn 4. He takes the escape road and parks his car.
Lap 11 Will Red Bull tell Verstappen to move over?
Lap 11 And now Ricciardo is having a look on Verstappen, but the Dutchman defends well.
Lap 10 Renault are now P4 and P5 and Verstappen is getting frustrated. He is told to stay calm by the Red Bull pit wall.
Lap 9 Hulkenberg is given a bit of a hurry-up as he is told that Verstappen has 'low battery'. And here he comes on the Red Bull driver and he gets the move done. Well Verstappen tries to come back, but it doesn't work.
Lap 9 Verstappen has been told he has used too much battery while defending against Sainz.
Lap 9 DRS open and Sainz goes ahead of Verstappen. Hulkenberg also has a look at Ricciardo, but the Red Bull driver stays ahead. Well, not for long as the German gets the job done. Renault on fire here.
Lap 8 There's a bit of train behind Verstappen as Sainz, Ricciardo and Hulkenberg are all close by.
Lap 8 Sainz has another go at Turn 1, but again Verstappen somehow stays ahead with some brilliant defence. Hulkenberg is up to P7 after an easy move on Gasly.
Lap 8 Raikkonen asks the team 'if he's okay' and the reply is 'everything is okay'.
Lap 7 Hamilton reports that he needs more grip. Vettel is easing away as that lead is now 3.5s.
Lap 7 Sainz is now putting pressure on Verstappen for P4. The Renault has a go on the inside, but Verstappen manages to hold firm as he simply outmuscles the Spaniard.
Lap 6 Vettel is away here as he has built a lead of three seconds over Hamilton.
Lap 6 That was a big move from Verstappen as he edged past Ricciardo and he now has Sainz as a buffer.
Lap 6 Vettel has a nice gap and then Hamilton has Bottas not too far behind him, but the two Red Bulls are racey. Verstappen has managed to get away Ricciardo and Sainz gets in there as well as he is now in the middle of the two Red Bulls.
Lap 6 The race is back underway and Vettel has controlled things very well. He backed up, backed up and then sped away.
Lap 5 Race Control: Safety Car in this lap. There is still debris on the track though.
Lap 5 Vettel reports there is still debris on the track.
Lap 4 So it's Vettel from Hamilton, Bottas, Ricciardo, Verstappen, Sainz, Stroll, Hulkenberg, Gasly and Leclerc. Raikkonen is P11 after his stop.
Lap 4 Alonso is told that there is 'some damage to the floor' and he replies 'unbelievable'. He's not happy and we are likely to see a very agitated Alonso once this race is over.
Lap 3 The Force India team principal Otmar Szafnauer has blamed Raikkonen for the incident with Ocon saying it was a 'daft move'.
Lap 3 Hulkenber reports that this could take a while as there is a lot of debris on the track.
Lap 3 New front wing for Alonso. Magnussen also has a double puncture while Ericsson is also into the pits.
Lap 3 Actually Alonso has two punctures. The right front and rear.
Lap 3 Raikkonen has pitted and they have changed his front wing after he made contact with Ocon. This means he could go until the end.
Lap 2 It's Vettel from Hamilton, Bottas, Ricciardo, Verstappen, Raikkonen and Sainz.
Lap 2 Alonso has a puncture to his front right and he is trying to nurse his McLaren back to the pits.
Lap 2 The Merc crew are out in the pits, but not sure yet if their drivers will come in.
Lap 1 The Safety Car has been deployed as we have a stationary Force India and a stationary Williams on the track.
Lap 1 Sirotkin is out of the race and Ocon is also out after Raikkonen crashed into the Force India.
Lap 1 There's a bit of contact further down the track. Could have been a Force India. There's actually a lot of debris flying around. Raikkonen and Ocon make contact.
Lap 1 The lights go and we are racing in Baku. Vettel and Hamilton get away well. It's as you were for the front six.
16:11 And your wind speed is 9-31km per hour. Hamilton reports that 'the sun is out'.
16:10 The tyre warmers are off and Vettel leads the pack around teh track for the formation lap. They are all away, but that light took a long time to change.
16:08 They are all lined up and ready to go. Something, something, something wind. That's the theme for today.
16:06 Pirelli says it will be a one-stopper for most cars today with their only pit stop expected to be around the 20-lap mark.
16:01 It's currently 17 degrees Celsius with the track temperature roughly 27 degrees. And of course, don't forget it is windy.
15:58 It really is quite windy, but we can confirm that F1 boss Chase Carey's moustache didn't move one inch during the anthem.
15:56 And here is the Azerbaijan national anthem.
15:50 Christina Aguilera and Jay-Kay from Jamiroquai are also in attendance.
15:47 Flavio Briatore is at the race and his hair, what is left of it, is blowing quite wildly.
15:45 The pianist is starting to warm up his fingers for the national anthem.
15:44 Apologies to Ericsson, it was actually Charles Leclerc who had to take the escape road.
15:45 Even Raikkonen nearly touched the wall and they are blaming the wind.
15:43 Oh dear, Marcus Ericsson has already had a problem as he locked up on his way to the grid. He had to take the escape road, but no damage done.
15:40 Aaaaand the pit lane is now open. Off they head to the grid.
15:28 In case you were wondering, today's race is 51-laps long.
15:25 It's quite windy in Baku and it's a real concern for some of the drivers. Well, not a concern, but something that those on the pitwall will keep an eye on.
15:20 Just back to the front of the grid and Mercedes are really worried that Ferrari will again use Raikkonen to block their drivers. The Finn starts P6, but if he gets a good start then he could once again be used as a 'blocker'. The Italian press was not happy after they adopted a similar tactic last time out.
15:13 Williams also look like they have found some pace as Sergey Sirotkin is 11th, but McLaren seem to be struggling a bit with Fernando Alonso P12 and Stoffel Vandoorne P16. Haas have also struggled with Kevin Magnussen P15 and Romain Grosjean at the back of the grid after he failed to set a time durin qualy.
15:11 Force India look like they are back with a bang as they are the 'best of the rest' with Esteban Ocon and Sergio Perez on the fourth row of the grid while Carlos Sainz and Lance Stroll complete the top 10. Nico Hulkenberg was initially P9, but he received a five-place grid penalty for a gearbox change.
15:08 Okay to the grid then and Vettel made it three out of three as he snatched pole with a 1:41.498. He will have a Merc next to him and behind him with Hamilton P2 and Valtteri Bottas P3. Then you have the Red Bulls of Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen with the second Ferrari of Kimi Raikkonen only P6.
15:05 As you can see it is shaping up to be in interesting season. Who would've guessed that we would still be waiting for a first Merc win of the season after three races?
15:02 Will we see another upset win like last time out when Daniel Ricciardo came from 10th to win at the Baku Street Circuit. Or will Sebastian Vettel claim his third win of the season? What about Lewis Hamilton and the Mercs?
15:00 Greetings and welcome to our live commentary for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, which marks the fourth race of the 2018 F1 season.
18:03 P1 for Vettel ahead of Hamilton, Bottas, Ricciardo, Verstappen, Raikkonen, Ocon, Perez, Hulkenberg and Sainz. And that's that for qualifying. Join us on Sunday for the Azerbaijan GP. Cheers.
18:02 Raikkonen only goes P6, what a let down. So it is Vettel who is on pole position despite a lock up on his final flying lap.
18:01 Hamilton jumps up to second place, 0.179s down on Vettel's previous best. Bottas goes third. But it is Raikkonen that eyes are on, he is flying and quickest in the first sector. Vettel is not having a great lap. But oh no, Raikkonen almost had a massive tankslapper and he has thrown that away.
18:00 The chequered flag is out...
17:59 Hamilton goes purple in the first sector, he's on a great lap, and he's green in the second...
17:57 Here come the rest including the Renaults who are now running new ultras having run used tyres in the first round.
17:56 And back out they go with Hamilton, Bottas, Ocon and Perez the first to head out.
17:53 Raikkonen's time is only enough for sixth as he had a near miss with a wall after running it a bit wide. So it is Vettel, Hamilton, Bottas, Verstappen, Ricciardo - who says he brushed the wall at Turn 13, Raikkonen, Ocon, Perez, Hulkenberg and Sainz.
17:52 Now Hamilton is top and Bottas second, make that Vettel top with a 1:41.498!
17:51 Verstappen goes purple in the second and hits the front with a 1:42.0, Ricciardo goes second having set the purple time in the final sector.
17:50 Verstappen goes purple in the first sector and it is the best we've seen all qualifying. Vettel beats it.
17:49 As with the other sessions, there is a mad dash to get out on track for this 12-minute session. No hanging around for the drivers today.
17:48 Green light and go, go, go...
17:46 Ten drivers remain: Raikkonen, Hamilton, Bottas, Verstappen, Ocon, Vettel, Hulkenberg, Perez, Sainz and Ricciardo.
17:42 Out are: Stroll, Sirotkin, Alonso, Leclerc and Magnussen. And Vettel will start on the supersoft tyres.
17:41 Perez jumps to sixth place and Sainz P7, no P8 as Hulkenberg goes sixth. Sirotkin and Alonso are in the drop zone. Here comes Raikkonen and it is P11 with a 1:42.510 for the Ferrari driver. Ricciardo is on the cusp but backs off. Only Stroll can pip him, but he can't.
17:40 The chequered flag is out...
17:38 Vettel and Raikkonen have both left the pits on ultras. If Vettel betters his previous time, he'll have to start the race on ultras. If he doesn't, he'll start on the supersofts. Raikkonen, well, he just has to better his time or he'll be starting P15.
17:37 With three minutes remaining the drop zone is made up of Perez, Sainz, Magnussen, Raikkonen and Stroll. Leclerc has just gone P10.
17:35 Raikkonen's troubles continue as he's just been called into the weigh bridge on his way back to the team's garage. Raikkonen is P13 so expect him to jump onto a set of ultras for his second run.
17:34 Another great effort from Ocon and he's up to fifth place ahead of Ricciardo and Hulkenberg.
17:32 Raikkonen is again up an escape road and again the yellow flags are out. Hamilton was ahead of Raikkonen on the track so it won't effect his lap. He's up to first with a 1:42.696, that is just 0.003s up on Bottas' best.
17:31 He improves to third place on his second flying lap attempt. Now here comes Hamilton to start a flying lap. His first left him down in 10th place.
17:30 Vettel's first lap was compromised by Raikkonen's yellow flags and he is down in 10th place, 10s off the pace.
17:28 Bottas puts in a 1:42.6 on the supersoft tyres while Ocon goes second on the ultras. And we have a yellow flag for Raikkonen's Turn 15 escape road visit. Stroll followed suit.
17:26 Not great for Hamilton as he reports a "massive lock up" as he gets it wrong - on his out lap.
17:25 Green light and off we go and out the pits come Mercedes and Ferrari, both on the supersoft tyres. They saved their one set of supersofts for this session.
17:23 Gasly was still fuming as he parked his STR in the pits, out of qualifying. He called Hartley's actions "unacceptable" and it told that his team-mate had a puncture and that there was "nothing" he could do. Doubt that's going to help.
17:19 Those out are: Vandoorne, Gasly, Ericsson, Hartley and Grosjean.
17:18 The chequered flag is out and Hartley won't be trying to improve as he's back in the pits with a puncture having seemingly tagged the wall earlier.
17:17 First to seventh are back in the pits meaning a little less traffic for those trying to make it out of Q1.
17:16 Gasly meets the escape road, tries for a three-point turn and, well sucks at it. Replays show Gasly's off was the result of Hartley being in his path. "What the beep," is Gasly's response, and a rather apt one. That could have been nasty as Gasly was blind to Hartley and came very close to hitting him at speed.
17:15 Ericsson had an off at Turn 2, Magnussen had one of his own, and Verstappen goes P2 with Raikkonen's P1 time now a 1:42.538.
17:14 Drop zone with four minutes remaining: Ericsson, Alonso, Hartley, Vandoorne and Grosjean. And with that Alonso jumps up to 10th place and Vandoorne goes P15. So drop zone is now Perez, Stroll, Ericsson, Hartley and Grosjean.
17:14 Drop zone with four minutes remaining: Ericsson, Alonso, Hartley, Vandoorne and Grosjean. And with that Alonso jumps up to 10th place and Vandoorne goes P15. So drop zone is now Perez, Stroll, Ericsson, Hartley and Grosjean.
17:12 Still laying down the laps and Hamilton is up to P2, 0.155s behind Raikkonen.
17:11 Perez was on a good lap, Perez is now down an escape road. He's P14 so that wasn't great at all.
17:10 Ocon uses Ricciardo as a slipstream and shoots up to second place, 0.036s down on Vettel. That was a great lap from the Force India driver.
17:08 Vettel and Raikkonen are both on a fliers with the Finn up in the first sector, and the second. Vettel does a 1:43.1 and Raikkonen a 1:42.9. Hamilton goes fourth behind Ricciardo with Bottas fifth.
17:07 Ricciardo goes P1 with a 1:43.2 and Verstappen is 0.3s down.
17:06 Timesheet has Ocon at the top with a 1:43.9, Hulkenberg is second ahead of Sirotkin and Magnussen. But here comes the Bulls and Ricciardo has nabbed a brief tow off Verstappen.
17:05 Grosjean's problems continue as he reports that the "gearbox is blocked" before adding that "something is broken." He told to turn his engine off and that's his qualifying over. The marshals are pushing his car further down the escape road to put is safely behind a barrier. In the mean time we have yellow flags.
17:03 And we have Grosjean down the escape road at Turn 3, and that's yellow flags meaning other drivers' laps are also hurt, including Vettel's.
17:02 Vettel has been forced to let Grosjean and Magnussen through to try and find space. That's cooler tyres, and likely more worn ones, for the Ferrari driver.
17:01 Red bull and Force India are the only two teams yet to take to the track as it is busy out there.
17:00 Green light, let's go...
16:53 Expect a few issues through Turn 1 and 16 especially with this gusty wind.
16:52 Claire Williams has declared that Sirotkin's damage was a "flesh wound" and praised Williams' mechanics for "changing a few things" and getting the car ready for qualifying.
16:48 To date only Mercedes have managed pole in Baku; Nico Rosberg in 2016 and Lewis Hamilton last year. However, Mercedes were beaten by Red Bull on Friday and by Ferrari on Saturday meaning we could have a three-way tussle for pole. Here's hoping.
16:43 The weather could play a role in the outcome of today's qualifying as the wind picked up sharply after FP3 while dark grey clouds are hovering over the circuit.
16:41 But there's some good news for Sergey Sirotkin. Although he crashed into the Turn 3 barrier in final practice, Williams believe they will have his car fixed for qualifying.
16:35 Bad news in for Nico Hulkenberg. He has a five-place gearbox penalty meaning he's very unlikely to start an eighth successive race from P7. He had an issue late in FP3 that necessitated the change.
16:30 Good afternoon, we are back in Baku for Saturday's qualifying for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.
15:02 So this session belongs to Vettel ahead of Hamilton and Raikkonen. That's it for now, join us in two hours for qualifying.
15:01 Verstappen has improved to fourth place, Ricciardo aborts his lap after a poor middle sector, and Vettel finishes P1.
15:00 The chequered flag is out...
14:59 A lot of hot laps but it looks as if Vettel, who is not going for another hot lap, will finish P1.
14:57 Green light and off we go...
14:54 It looks very likely that Sirotkin's Williams is going to need a new gearbox.
14:52 The front right of his Williams is damaged, and it looks pretty significant. The barrier also needs to be fixed.
14:51 Red flag and Sirotkin is in the wall! He got it wrong, didn't back off enough for the escape road, but still took the corner - literally took the corner.
14:50 Hamilton is up to second, but still 0.361 down on Vettel's best.
14:49 Ricciardo is in the pits and down in 12th place. Not sure if there is a problem for Friday's pace-setter or if Red Bull are just going for a late run.
14:48 Raikkonen is up through the first two sectors on his previous best but backs off in the third sector. He made a mistake and ran wide over the Baku kerbs.
14:45 Vettel has lowered the benchmark time to a 1:43.091.
14:44 Raikkonen makes it a Ferrari 1-2 as he does a 1:43.493.
14:40 Vettel is purple in the first sector, Hamilton can't match it. Vettel doesn't improve overall, Hamilton goes third behind Bottas. They are 0.4 and 0.7s down respectively.
14:39 Vettel, both Red Bulls and Mercedes are out on track.
14:37 Only Renault's Sainz and Hulkenberg have used the supersoft tyres this season, everyone else is running the ultras having only brought one or two sets of the red tyres to Baku.
14:36 Perez has worked his way up to third place, 0.7s down on Vettel's best.
14:34 Verstappen is out for another run as are Gasly and Ericsson.
14:31 Problems for Raikkonen as Ferrari have removed the exhaust from his SF71H. Not sure if it is an exhaust problem, or they needed to remove it to fix whatever is wrong.
14:30 Grosjean has a beep of oversteer in every corner. His radio messages went from a sorry lads, to a wt!
14:28 Sirotkin has improved to seventh place as Ocon runs a bit wide at Turn 16, Bottas visits an escape road, and Alonso puts his McLaren up into ninth place.
14:27 After his eight-point turn to get out of an escape road, Stroll is in the garage with the engine cover off his Williams as the team checks to see if he overheated anything.
14:26 "Sorry guys I'm really struggling here," says Grosjean after meeting the Turn 15 escape road. He asks if it was "rear locking" as he doesn't what caused his off.
14:23 Now this may come as a surprise to many, because it does to us, but Stroll is currently holding down fifth place. Granted only 15 of the 20 drivers have set times but still... he's even ahead of Bottas.
14:20 An off for Leclerc as the tail wind pushes him wide while the yellow flags are out in sector one for an off for someone else. Waiting to find out.It was Stroll and an escape road.
14:17 Verstappen is up to third, Hamilton stays fourth, and Vettel is purple, purple and yellow on his way to a 1:43.176. He is 0.7s up on Raikkonen.
14:15 No surprise as Hartley is up an escape road. He did that at least four times on Friday.
14:14 P1 for Vettel now with a 1:43.6 as Hamilton puts in a cool down lap before launching another charge.
14:13 Hamilton joins the chase for P1 as the Brit swaps purple sectors with the Ferrari drivers and Ricciardo. But is is P1 for Raikkonen with a 1:43.877.
14:11 New gearbox for Hartley... he didn't actually finish the Chinese GP so that's a free change for him.
14:10 Drivers are warned about tail winds at various corners as Vettel does a 1:44.7 to slide into P1 ahead of Raikkonen. Vettel was using the ultrasoft tyres as is Bottas who goes fifth on his first hot lap before missing Turn 1 and heading up the escape road.
14:07 Bottas, Sainz and Hartley join the action as Ricciardo clocks the day's first time, a 1:46.1.
14:05 Hulkenberg, Ricciardo and Verstappen are the next out with the Dutchman practicing a start at the end of the pit lane. Raikkonen and Vettel follow them out.
14:04 "Is it raining?" is Leclerc's rather incredulous question to Sauber. "Really?"
14:03 Magnussen reports that the "track is a bit more dirty" while Haas respond by telling them that there are a few drops of rain down at "Turns 17 and 18". The rain board is up and flashing it's blue drops.
14:01 Alonso, Leclerc, Vandoorne, Magnussen, Ericsson and Grosjean are the first out of the pits.
14:00 Green light and the hour-long FP3 session begins...
13:54 The air temperature is 23'C and the track is up to 28'C. But it is the wind that could factor the most today. Speaking to the media on Friday night, Bottas said: "It's supposed to be very windy tomorrow and on Sunday which makes a lot of a difference on a street circuit." 4.3kph is the current wind speed.
13:47 The bottom half of Friday's timesheet: 11 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1.332s; 12 Sergio Perez Force India 1.347s; 13 Romain Grosjean Haas 1.63s; 14 Lance Stroll Williams 1.664s; 15 Pierre Gasly Toro Rosso 1.917s; 16 Charles Leclerc Sauber 2.145s; 17 Sergey Sirotkin Williams 2.212s; 18 Brendon Hartley Toro Rosso 2.256s; 19 Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren 2.493s; 20 Marcus Ericsson Sauber 3.247s.
13:43 Championship leader Sebastian Vettel and second placed Lewis Hamilton did not have the best evening in Azerbaijan, both off the pace. Hamilton says Mercedes are "not quick enough" while Vettel said he's not too worried about his P11 finish. "I struggle a little bit more than the others but I am not worried. Towards the end I had a good rhythm and was quite happy so I think we can improve for tomorrow.” We'll find out shortly if he can.
13:38 But while Ricciardo was top dog, Verstappen crashed in FP1, missed an hour of running, came out 20 minutes late in FP2 as his mechanics finished up the repairs to his car and then seemed to have an engine issue in the closing minutes. He later revealed it was a sensor issue. "We thought we had an issue, but they found out it was a faulty sensor, so nothing to worry about," Verstappen said. "All good."
13:33 Friday's second practice belonged to Daniel Ricciardo as the Aussie led pretty much from start to finish. He finished ahead of Kimi Raikkonen and Max Verstappen, the latter having a troubled day. The top ten: 1 Ricciardo Red Bull 1:42.795; 2 Raikkonen Ferrari 0.069s; 3 Verstappen Red Bull 0.116s; 4 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 0.775s; 5 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 0.808s; 6 Fernando Alonso McLaren 0.905s; 7 Esteban Ocon Force India 1.019s; 8 Carlos Sainz Renault 1.039s; 9 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1.182s; 10 Nico Hulkenberg Renault 1.296s.
13:30 Welcome back to Baku for what is expected to be a windswept day.
18:30 The chequered flag is out on FP2 with Ricciardo quickest of all ahead of Raikkonen and Verstappen, who ended the session with an engine issue. Championship leader Vettel is P11 while second placed Hamilton is fifth. And that is that for today. Join us on Saturday for final practice and qualifying. Cheers.
18:29 Problems for Verstappen and it sounds like an engine. He's told to keep the revs down as he limps back to the pits.
18:27 Average lap times on race pace for the top three teams: Verstappen and Raikkonen 1:47.5, Ricciardo 1:47.7 - same as Vettel, Hamilton and Bottas 1:48.7.
18:25 Hamilton is onto used softs and does a 1:48 on his first lap. In contrast Raikkonen did a 1:46.
18:23 Vandoorne is not happy with Sirotkin and asks his McLaren what the Williams driver is doing. They tell him that Sirotkin is just slow.
18:22 If this was qualifying the drop zone would be Leclerc, Sirotkin, Hartley, Vandoorne and the gearbox-less Ericsson.
18:19 As for Vettel, he may not have had fun with his qualy sim but his long run started in the 1:47s before dropping into the 1:48s.
18:15 Bottas started out in the 47s, dropped into the 48s and even the 50s such is the degradation. Hamilton recorded similar times.
18:14 19 drivers all out on track working on race set-up... can you say traffic?
18:10 Hulkenberg is still struggling and informs Renault that his rear tyres are going off. He's told to adjust the brake balance.
18:06 Once again Magnussen seems to have the edge over Grosjean with Guenther Steiner saying earlier this week that the Dane is able to drive around problems better than his French team-mate.
18:02 Hulkenberg is not happy with his brakes and reports that they aren't working as well as they did earlier in the session. Renault, though, say the brakes are as good as they were.
17:58 After qualy sims the top ten are: Ricciardo, Raikkonen, Verstappen, Bottas, Hamilton, Alonso, Ocon, Sainz, Magnussen and Hulkenberg. Vettel is P11.
17:53 Bottas leaves the pits for another run, practicing a start on his way out.
17:50 Magnussen is having fun over the kerbs as it looks as if his Haas has a greater ride-height than its rivals. He improves to ninth place.
17:48 Bad news for Ericsson as his Sauber requires a new gearbox. The team are working hard at it but will be hard pushed to get him back out today.
17:47 Alonso jumps from 13th to sixh.
17:45 Here comes Verstappen and it is a hot one, and slightly ragged in some places. He goes third, 0.223s behind Ricciardo.
17:44 Hamilton goes purple in the first sector but then locks up at Turn 7 and just avoids the barrier. Lap ruined.
17:43 Raikkonen hitches a tow from Hamilton and goes second, 0.068s shy of Ricciardo's best.
17:42 Vettel's qualy sim hasn't gone according to plan with the Ferrari driver locking up and spinning. And while he was doing that, Ricciardo went even quicker with a 1:42.816.
17:39 Here comes a hot one from Ricciardo, who is purple in the first two sectors but not in the third. He ups his pace to a 1:43.017. That's half a second up on his previous best.
17:35 Marcus Ericsson is back in the pits having reported that he lost " gearbox pressure." He is down in 19th place having covered 9 laps.
17:32 And it looks as if Vettel may be on a better lap as he goes green in the first sector, green in the second, and he's up to fourth place. 0.615s down off the pace on the ultrasoft tyre.
17:31 Verstappen gets in a clean hot lap and immediately goes second. He is, however, 0.480s down on Ricciardo.
17:30 Bottas has pipped Hamilton for second place but both Mercedes drivers are over half a second shy of Riccciardo's new P1 time, a 1:43.512.
17:28 Raikkonen on the soft tyres is up to fifth place while Vettel, running the supersofts, is P10..
17:27 Verstappen has stayed out to complete a timed lap and it is good enough for eighth place.
17:25 After just three corners, Verstappen has added his name to the growing list of drivers taking to the escape roads as he locked up.
17:22 Hamilton ups his pace to go second, 0.249s down on Ricciardo's P1 time.
17:21 Verstappen has left the pits, missing just 20 minutes of this session. That, though, brings his tally of sidelined time to 1hr 20.
17:20 "I'm always in traffic, I can't do a lap right now," bemoans Stroll.
17:19 Ricciardo ups his pace to a 1:43.9 while Hamilton slots into third place on his first hot lap of the evening.
17:14 Raikkonen, Stroll and Ricciardo playing the towing game which ends with a P1 for the Red Bull driver.
17:13 Magnussen is now top dog ahead of Grosjean, Hartley, Leclerc, Alonso and Vettel. Again, although programmes aren't known, Ferrari seem to be off the boil.
17:10 Gasly is not very happy with a Haas and has a few choice words as they go side by side. And now Stroll is up an escape road.
17:09 Vettel joins the growing list of drivers having to use the escape roads to prevent locking up.
17:06 No larking around this session as half the field are already laying down the laps with Leclerc now quickest with a 1:46.7. Hartley then takes over at the front.
17:05 Sainz clocks the first time of the evening, a 1:48.433.
17:02 Raikkonen, who lacked grip in the day's first session, will be back on track. Turns out it wasn't an engine problem, Ferrari just needed to pull the car apart to do whatever it was they needed to do to improve the grip levels for the Finn.
17:00 Green light and FP2 is underway with Carlos Sainz out on track. He missed the final 30m of FP1 after locking up and ruining his tyres.
16:55 Left hand front suspension, rear wing, sidepod, hot brakes... that's just some of the damage to Verstappen's car in his FP1 off. His mechanics are still working on the car meaning the Dutchman won't be out at the start of FP2.
16:49 Cloud cover has built over the circuit since FP1 and we now have a cool 19'C air temperature with the track down to 31'C. That could make conditions even more slippery for the drivers.
16:44 Esteban Ocon, Verstappen, Fernando Alonso, Sergey Sirotkin, Pierre Gasly and Sebastian Vettel completed the top ten.
16:35 Valtteri Bottas set the pace in today's earlier session with a 1:44.242, which put him 0.035s ahead of Daniel Ricciardo. Sergio Perez was third having pipped Lewis Hamilton with a late lap. It wasn't a good session for Max Verstappen who hit the barriers, nor Ferrari who lacked pace while Kimi Raikkonen's car suffered a suspected engine issue.
16:30 Welcome back to Baku for the second of Friday's two 90-minute practice sessions. All times are local.
14:32 That's it for now, join us in two hours for FP2 from Baku. Cheers.
14:31 Nope, make that Perez P3 as the Force India driver puts in a late hot lap to move ahead of Hamilton.
14:30 The chequered flag is out on FP1, which ends with a P1 for Bottas by 0.035s ahead of Ricciardo. Hamilton is third.
14:27 Grosjean heads down an escape road and on his next lap moves up to 15th place. His team-mate Magnussen is P18.
14:26 Perez has joined Ocon in leaping ahead of Verstappen.
14:25 Five minutes left...
14:20 Vettel has finally broken into the top ten, going P9 in his Ferrari. He is still 2.2s down.
14:17 Alonso gets it wrong at Turn 2, heading down the escape road.
14:16 So far so good for Williams with Sirotkin up to eighth place ahead of Stroll. Remember last year Stroll made it onto the Baku podium.
14:13 Reports are that Raikkonen's problem is power unit specific, but what exactly is not know.
14:09 Vettel is on the ultrasoft tyres but he is only up to 11th place.
14:08 Hulkenberg has locked up and reports a big vibration. He's told to bring his Renault back to the garage.
14:07 Ricciardo is on a third flying lap on his supersoft tyres and he closes the gap to Bottas to 0.035s.
14:04 A flatspot has Sainz back in the pits with his session seemingly over while Raikkonen's Ferrari is without its floor due to an undisclosed issue.
14:03 Bottas is on a hot lap and goes purple in the first sector, and the second. And it is a 1:44.2 for the Mercedes driver which puts him P1.
14:02 Ricciardo is back on top. A 1:45.1 for the Red Bull driver who is 0.050s up on Hamilton. He did his lap on the supersofts.
14:01 Perez and Ocon are showing good pace for Force India as they improve to fourth and fifth ahead of Bottas and Alonso.
13:59 Hamilton has jumped Ricciardo for P1, a 1:45.200 for the reigning World Champ.
13:56 Now Hartley is up an escape road, getting it wrong at Turn 1.
13:55 Hamilton is up the Turn 2 escape road. Even the best make mistakes.
13:54 Gasly and Magnussen are having a little tussle for position. Someone needs to tell these boys that it is just practice.
13:51 A temporary glitch for Vandoorne as he reports that his car just jumped into "neutral" briefly.
13:49 Alonso is up from ninth to sixth but he's still two seconds down on Ricciardo's P1 time.
13:47 Vandoorne climbs from 20th to 16th as Alonso joins the action.
13:44 The action is back underway with Ricciardo P1 on a 1:45.3 ahead of Verstappen and Hamilton.
13:40 The first 40 minutes of FP1 are over meaning the drivers now have to hand their first set of tyres back to Pirelli.
13:38 Verstappen's car is being hoisted away from the scene of the crash.
13:35 The VSC is out as Verstappen climbs from his stricken RB14.
13:33 Problems for Verstappen. He lost the rear on the entry, spun and whacked the barrier. "I stalled in first gear, what can I do," he said. He's told to restart the car. Alas nothing seems to be helping.
13:32 Vandoorne isn't overly impressed with the smells of Baku. "The smell of the air here in the pit lane is horrendous."
13:31 Verstappen pips Hamilton's best by 0.070s and gives Vettel a spray of sparks.
13:30 Here comes Hamilton on the supersofts... it is a 1:45.629 for the Mercedes driver.
13:29 Neither Ferrari is showing much pace with Raikkonen P14 and Vettel one place further back.
13:26 Vettel is out on the ultras and has to work his way around the Sauber of Ericsson. He is well off the pace and it looks as if he's doing a warm up lap before attacking.
13:23 Verstappen hits the front with a 1:46.399 with Ricciardo up to fifth place. Both Bulls are lapping on soft tyres.
13:22 Verstappen kicks up some paint as he gets extremely close to the wall, and Ricciardo gets to drive over the flakes.
13:19 Verstappen is out on the soft tyres and the Red Bull driver slides into third place, 2.2s down.
13:18 Hamilton has upped his pace to a 1:46.4, 0.07s up on Bottas with Perez third ahead of Hartley and Stroll.
13:15 Hamilton reports that grip is very low and Brendon Hartley finds himself the wrong way up an escape road. Reverse and off he goes.
13:12 First times on the board from the Mercedes team-mates with a 1:49 from Bottas and a 1:52 from Hamilton. Hamilton's second lap is a 1:47.5.
13:08 Bottas is told that the track is quite slippery while there is some debris down at Turn 2. A blue round piece of some car is sitting on the track.
13:05 Ricciardo's RB14 is doing a "bit of a power thing" as he returns to the pits after his installation lap.
13:04 Ferrari and Red Bull are both running low downforce wings, and Renault also have a new design here this weekend. Mercedes' W09 is sporting a new front wing.
13:03 As a street circuit there are a lot of bumps as soon by a sparking Ferrari, in this case Vettel's.
13:01 Stoffel Vandoorne leads the field out for installation laps ahead of Marcus Ericsson, Vettel, Romain Grosjean and Fernando Alonso.
13:00 Green light, let's go...
12:55 The air temperatures is 22'C with the track a rather hot 42'C as we are five minutes from the start of FP1.
12:52 One team yet to make the winners' list this season is Mercedes, with Hamilton arriving in Baku fired up." It's a challenge we all relish and, believe me when I say that, every single person in this team is hyped up. [This] is an opportunity to grow and pull closer, and extract more from from ourselves," said the reigning World Champion.
12:48 The sun is shining down on the Baku circuit, a track with 20 corners, two DRS zones, and which runs anticlockwise.
12:43 As both F1's most recent race winner, and the defending Baku champ, Ricciardo is hoping to continue his strong form as he chases a repeat performance. The track, though, should ideally suit Mercedes given the long 2.1km straight. However, given that there is also a bunch of slow corners from Turns 5 to 12, the emphasis is also on balance and aerodynamics. A bit of everything is needed to succeed.
12:36 Last year's race on the streets of Baku was one of the best of the season with with Daniel Ricciardo winning for Red Bull, Sebastian Vettel seeing red mist and deliberately hitting Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas made it to second place despite "meeting" Kimi Raikkonen in the battle of the Finns, Lance Stroll become the youngest rookie to stand on the F1 podium and Max Verstappen retired because of yet more engine issues.
12:30 Welcome to Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan and the venue for round 4 of the 2018 F1 World Championship. All times are local.
Driver Standings
1 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:46.842 1:43:44.291 2
2 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1:46.675 2.460 2
3 Sergio Perez Force India 1:46.206 4.024 2
4 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:46.755 5.329 2
5 Carlos Sainz Renault 1:47.183 7.515 2
6 Charles Leclerc Sauber 1:47.632 9.158 2
7 Fernando Alonso McLaren 1:48.301 10.931 2
8 Lance Stroll Williams 1:50.050 12.546 2
9 Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren 1:48.219 14.152 4
10 Brendon Hartley Toro Rosso 1:48.288 18.030 3
11 Marcus Ericsson Sauber 1:47.925 18.512 4
12 Pierre Gasly Toro Rosso 1:51.493 24.720 2
13 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1:51.293 30.663 2
R Valtteri Bottas Mercedes RETIRED 3 LAPS 1
R Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull RETIRED 12 LAPS 1
R Max Verstappen Red Bull RETIRED 12 LAPS 1
R Esteban Ocon Force India RETIRED 51 LAPS 0
R Sergey Sirotkin Williams RETIRED 51 LAPS 0
R Nico Hulkenberg Renault RETIRED 41 LAPS 0
R Romain Grosjean Haas RETIRED 9 LAPS 2
Driver Standings
1 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:41.498 - 5
2 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:41.677 0.179 4
3 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:41.837 0.339 4
4 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 1:41.911 0.413 5
5 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:41.994 0.496 5
6 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1:42.490 0.992 5
7 Esteban Ocon Force India 1:42.523 1.025 5
8 Sergio Perez Force India 1:42.547 1.049 5
9 Nico Hulkenberg Renault 1:43.066 1.568 6
10 Carlos Sainz Renault 1:43.351 1.853 6
Driver Standings
1 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1:42.510 - 3
2 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:42.676 0.166 3
3 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:42.679 0.169 3
4 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:42.901 0.391 3
5 Esteban Ocon Force India 1:42.967 0.457 3
6 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:43.015 0.505 3
7 Nico Hulkenberg Renault 1:43.232 0.722 4
8 Sergio Perez Force India 1:43.366 0.856 3
9 Carlos Sainz Renault 1:43.464 0.954 4
10 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 1:43.482 0.972 3
11 Lance Stroll Williams 1:43.585 1.075 4
12 Sergey Sirotkin Williams 1:43.886 1.376 4
13 Fernando Alonso McLaren 1:44.019 1.509 4
14 Charles Leclerc Sauber 1:44.074 1.564 4
15 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1:44.759 2.249 4
Driver Standings
1 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1:42.538 - 1
2 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:42.642 0.104 1
3 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:42.693 0.155 1
4 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:42.762 0.224 1
5 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 1:42.857 0.319 1
6 Esteban Ocon Force India 1:43.021 0.483 1
7 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:43.355 0.817 1
8 Carlos Sainz Renault 1:43.426 0.888 2
9 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1:43.674 1.136 2
10 Nico Hulkenberg Renault 1:43.746 1.208 2
11 Charles Leclerc Sauber 1:43.752 1.214 2
12 Sergio Perez Force India 1:43.992 1.454 1
13 Fernando Alonso McLaren 1:44.010 1.472 2
14 Sergey Sirotkin Williams 1:44.261 1.723 2
15 Lance Stroll Williams 1:44.359 1.821 2
16 Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren 1:44.489 1.951 2
17 Pierre Gasly Toro Rosso 1:44.496 1.958 2
18 Marcus Ericsson Sauber 1:45.541 3.003 1
19 Brendon Hartley Toro Rosso 1:57.354 14.816 2
20 Romain Grosjean Haas 0
Driver Standings
1 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:43.091 - 6
2 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:43.452 0.361 3
3 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1:43.493 0.402 3
4 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:43.519 0.428 3
5 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:43.569 0.478 5
6 Sergio Perez Force India 1:43.936 0.845 2
7 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1:43.958 0.867 2
8 Lance Stroll Williams 1:44.123 1.032 2
9 Esteban Ocon Force India 1:44.220 1.129 2
10 Sergey Sirotkin Williams 1:44.534 1.443 1
11 Fernando Alonso McLaren 1:44.763 1.672 3
12 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 1:44.861 1.77 3
13 Pierre Gasly Toro Rosso 1:44.905 1.814 3
14 Charles Leclerc Sauber 1:45.218 2.127 4
15 Romain Grosjean Haas 1:45.261 2.17 3
16 Carlos Sainz Renault 1:45.432 2.341 3
17 Nico Hulkenberg Renault 1:45.456 2.365 2
18 Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren 1:45.505 2.414 4
19 Marcus Ericsson Sauber 1:45.910 2.819 4
20 Brendon Hartley Toro Rosso 1:46.186 3.095 3
Driver Standings
1 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 1:42.795 - 4
2 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1:42.864 0.069 7
3 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:42.911 0.116 4
4 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:43.570 0.775 5
5 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:43.603 0.808 6
6 Fernando Alonso McLaren 1:43.700 0.905 6
7 Esteban Ocon Force India 1:43.814 1.019 4
8 Carlos Sainz Renault 1:43.834 1.039 5
9 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1:43.977 1.182 4
10 Nico Hulkenberg Renault 1:44.091 1.296 4
11 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:44.127 1.332 6
12 Sergio Perez Force India 1:44.142 1.347 4
13 Romain Grosjean Haas 1:44.425 1.630 4
14 Lance Stroll Williams 1:44.459 1.664 5
15 Pierre Gasly Toro Rosso 1:44.712 1.917 5
16 Charles Leclerc Sauber 1:44.940 2.145 4
17 Sergey Sirotkin Williams 1:45.007 2.212 5
18 Brendon Hartley Toro Rosso 1:45.051 2.256 7
19 Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren 1:45.288 2.493 4
20 Marcus Ericsson Sauber 1:46.042 3.247 2
Driver Standings
1 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:44.242 - 4
2 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 1:44.277 0.035 5
3 Sergio Perez Force India 1:45.075 0.833 6
4 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:45.200 0.958 4
5 Esteban Ocon Force India 1:45.237 0.995 8
6 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:45.559 1.317 1
7 Fernando Alonso McLaren 1:46.465 2.223 7
8 Sergey Sirotkin Williams 1:46.480 2.238 7
9 Pierre Gasly Toro Rosso 1:46.492 2.25 5
10 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:46.513 2.271 5
11 Lance Stroll Williams 1:46.590 2.348 5
12 Brendon Hartley Toro Rosso 1:46.747 2.505 5
13 Nico Hulkenberg Renault 1:46.749 2.507 3
14 Romain Grosjean Haas 1:46.856 2.614 4
15 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1:46.861 2.619 3
16 Charles Leclerc Sauber 1:46.875 2.633 5
17 Marcus Ericsson Sauber 1:47.073 2.831 5
18 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1:47.434 3.192 4
19 Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren 1:47.967 3.725 5
20 Carlos Sainz Renault 1:48.741 4.499 3
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