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One of South Africa's most successful motorsport driver's Gugu Zulu would have celebrated his 41st birthday today. We take a look at his career highlights.

8 fast cats score trophies at #JaguarSHC

The 10th Jaguar Simola Hillclimb was a successful affair for Team Jaguar, with a total of eight podium finishes for all eight entries across various categories.

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09 Apr 09:42 Vettel finishes second and Max Verstappen holds onto P3. 
09 Apr 09:41 Lewis Hamilton wins the Chinese GP! 
09 Apr 09:39 Ricciardo is piling the pressure on Verstappen for third, can he do it? 
09 Apr 09:31 6 laps to go in Shanghai, Vettel is P2, 8.1 seconds behind Hamilton who doesn't seem like he'll let go of that healthy lead. 
09 Apr 09:16 15 laps to go! 
09 Apr 09:15 Bottas puts in a new record lap of  1:35.912. Mercedes' pace is electric. 
09 Apr 09:14 Raikkonen pits, takes on a set of super-softs. 
09 Apr 09:13 Eish, Kimi is struggling. He says over the radio: "So where are we going to finish? Because I have no front end and there's 20 laps to go!"
09 Apr 09:09 Hamilton pits for the second time and comes out easily ahead of Raikkonen still in P1. 
09 Apr 09:08 Bottas pits, takes on the soft tyre. 
09 Apr 09:07 Alonso is out! Both McLarens are out! What a terrible day for the team. 
09 Apr 09:06 Nooooo! Alonso says he has a fuel pressure problem, car is lumbering along. 
09 Apr 09:05 Oh boy! Verstappen pulls a move down the inside of Bottas to move up to P5.
09 Apr 09:03 Verstappen's now the fastest man on the track, he is lighting up all the sectors in purple!
09 Apr 08:59 30/56: More than half the race completed and Hamilton leads Vettel by 11 seconds.
09 Apr 08:58 Now the Belgian teen boxes, Verstappen out in P6 now, all because of the lock up. 
09 Apr 08:56 Verstappen told to box, he doesn't. Will it cost him?
09 Apr 08:56 Vettel passes Verstappen! The Ferrari in P2!
09 Apr 08:53 26/56: Bottas flies past Alonso to grab P7. 
09 Apr 08:50 Vettel in P3 is lapping around one second per lap faster than Verstappen in P2. 
09 Apr 08:46 Super move by Vettel on Ricciardo! They touched momentarily, but the German showed great driving. He's now P3. 
09 Apr 08:45 21/56: Danill Kvyat retires. 
09 Apr 08:42 Brilliant Seb! Vettel dives down the inside of Raikkonen at Turn 6 and takes P4. 
09 Apr 08:41 20/56: Bottas makes a move on Magnussen and his up to P9. 
09 Apr 08:40 Oh no! More woes for the Honda engine as McLaren's Vandoorne is wheeled back into his garage due to a fuel issue. 
09 Apr 08:40 Race leader Hamilton opens up gap to Verstappen to 3.6s. 
09 Apr 08:37 10 second penalty for Hulkenberg for overtaking under the SC, adds to the 5 secs for overtaking under VSC. 
09 Apr 08:34 15/56: Verstappen just 1.4 sec behind leader Hamilton. 
09 Apr 08:29 Bottas currently P10, he's lost seven places. Biggest loser in the field. 
09 Apr 08:28 12/56: Hamilton, Verstappen, Ricciardo, Raikkonen, Vettel, Sainz, Alonso. 
09 Apr 08:27 Verstappen makes the move to P2, passing Ricciardo in the process. 
Finish Thanks for joining our live coverage. Join us next weekend for Round Three in Bahrain!
Finish Ferrari landed the opening blow in Australia, but Mercedes have responded emphatically in China with Hamilton driving the perfect race. There's plenty of respect between himself and Vettel as they head towards the podium and we will be quickly onto Bahrain next week to see the latest installment in this fascinating battle!
Finish Hamilton's team-mate Bottas comes P6, with Sainz, Magnussen, Perez and Ocon completing the top 10.
Finish Vettel comes home second and Verstappen clings onto third after Ricciardo locks up at the penultimate corner. Raikkonen comes with late charge but has to settle for P5.
Lap 56 Verstappen locks up and is distracted by his team radio but somehow manages to stay in front of Ricciardo!
Lap 56 In the background behind the two Red Bulls is Raikkonen. If only Ferrari had pitted him a little earlier!
Lap 56 Meanwhile, race leader Lewis Hamilton has just begun his final lap...
Lap 55 Ricciardo is having another crack at an overtake down the back straight but still can't find a way past!
Lap 54 Ricciardo uses DRS but Verstappen is able to hold his team-mate off. The blue flags are waving for Grosjean but he still hasn't got out of the way.
Lap 53 Ricciardo is creeping ever closer, and Verstappen is growing increasingly frustrated that he is having to run in the dirty air of Grosjean down in P11. No blue flags yet though...
Lap 51 The gap between the two Red Bulls is +0.668s. A few nervous looks along the RB pit wall!
Lap 50 Six laps remaining, with the main storyline at the moment being whether Ricciardo can steal a podium finish away from team-mate Verstappen, who has had an absolute storming race from P16.
Lap 48 Vettel appears to have stopped making progress on Hamilton. The Brit is staying around +8.5s ahead of the German.
Lap 47 Bottas has just been called Nico on the team radio. Welcome to Mercedes.
Lap 46 Further down the field, Ocon, in P11, comes in for a fresh set of slicks and launches a late attack on the points finishes. Within a blink of an eye, he is all over the back of Massa and climbs into the top 10.
Lap 45 Bottas has been in the wars today, but claws his way back to P6 with an easy pass on Kvyat.
Lap 44 Hamilton expressed a little concern about why the gap between himself and Vettel is tumbling. However, he is reassured that his pace is still good. 8.3s separate the potential title rivals.
Lap 42 With the aid of DRS down the long straight, Raikkonen slots past Sainz into P5. Next up is Daniel Ricciardo...
Lap 41 Vettel is showing good pace in P2. He eats into Hamilton's lead a little, which has now dropped from 9.5s to 8.2s.
Lap 40 And Raikkonen finally pits again and comes back out in P6. He has two Red Bulls and a Toro Rosso to pass if he is to potentially make it a double podium finish for Ferrari. 16 laps remain...
Lap 39 Lapped drivers are actually catching back up with Raikkonen!
Lap 38 Vettel and Ricciardo have also pitted and emerge in P3 and P5 respectively. Raikkonen is up to P2 but he certainly needs to pit again if his radio messages are anything to go by.
Lap 36 And Hamilton is coming in for a second pit stop. His lead was so substantial that he could afford to change to a fresher set of soft tyres and still come back out ahead of the Ferraris.
Lap 35 What a shame for Alonso. He is driving like an animal again today and is somehow running in the points. But not for much longer, a drive shaft problem sees him come to a stop and that is a double DNF for McLaren.
Lap 33 Out of nowhere, Verstappen shoots back up to P5 after zipping past Bottas at Turn 6!
Lap 33 Hamilton has been on the team radio to say he is struggling with grip, but then goes on to set a new fastest lap. Good, old-fashioned mind games!
Lap 31 Vettel sets his fastest lap of the race, but the gap to Hamilton is a whopping 11 seconds!
Lap 30 The lock-up was so severe from Verstappen that he has been left with no option but to pit. He slips down to P6 as a result but does emerge with a fresh set of supersofts.
Lap 28 And a massive lock-up from Verstappen at the end of the huge straight! Vettel passes with ease and can now focus his efforts on chipping away at Hamilton's handsome lead.
Lap 27 Vettel continues to hunt down Verstappen and is now within a second of the Dutchman. Fasten your seatbelts!
Lap 25 Hamilton is cruising along out in front. He has pulled out a +7.5s gap. His team-mate Bottas is now up to P7 after a very easy overtake on a valiant Alonso.
Lap 24 Now Vettel has a clear track to work with, he is lapping a second a lap quicker than Verstappen who is now clinging on to P2. We're on the brink of another brilliant battle between the pair.
Lap 22 And Vettel passes Ricciardo! He is now up to P3! He is wheel-to-wheel with the Aussie as he goes round the outside of his former team-mate at Turn 6 and makes the move stick by having the inside line into Turn 7. A stunning overtake!
Lap 22 Meanwhile, Kvyat is the latest to drop out of the race after coming to a stop.
Lap 21 "Currently, I think I can do it," says Hamilton when asked whether he can make his soft tyres last until the end.
Lap 20 Finally! Vettel goes down the inside of Raikkonen at Turn 6 for P4 and now needs to get past Ricciardo quickly if he is to have any chance of chasing down Hamilton in the latter stages.
Lap 19 Signs of life from Bottas, who slips past Kevin Magnussen at Turn 14 to move up to P9.
Lap 19 Vandoorne has become the third retiree of the race alongside Giovinazzi and Stroll. Poor, old McLaren.
Lap 18 Hamlton has all of a sudden opened up at +3.6s lead to Verstappen, who has lost pace in the last couple of laps or so.
Lap 18 And it wouldn't be an Formula 1 race without a problem for McLaren. Stoffel Vandoorne is told to box from last place as he has a fuel issue.
Lap 17 As Raikkonen rants and raves over the team radio about a problem with his car, Nico Hulkenberg, down in P13, has been given a total of a 15 second penalty for overtaking during the Virtual Safety Car and the Safety Car!
Lap 16 Hamilton responds with a new fastest time of the race. Can he really make his soft tyres last another 40 laps?
Lap 15 Bottas is still struggling to atone for his spin under the Safety Car and is down in P10.
Lap 14 Ricciardo, in P3, has two roaring Ferrari cars down his throat and is struggling with understeer. Vettel still can't find a way past Raikkonen and is losing time...
Lap 14 Verstappen sets the new fastest lap of the race and is +1.3s off Hamilton out in front. He is on supersofts, though, so another pit stop does look likely.
Lap 11 Verstappen is up to P2! A reminder he started 17th on the grid! He goes down the inside of Ricciardo at Turn 6 and easily makes it stick. Vettel, meanwhile, has a little look at Raikkonen after he runs wide in Sector Three.
Lap 10 Hamilton is in front, but he is not exactly pulling away. The gap between himself and Ricciardo is +1.2s.
Lap 10 Meanwhile, Hamilton has just been told his soft tyres will last to the end of the race if conditions stay the same. However, Ferrari's supersofts tyres, will not...
Lap 9 After a slow restart, Ferrari are beginning to wake up again and are in hot pursuit of the two Red Bulls.
Lap 8 Also a great restart from Perez! He gets past Massa through Turn 2 and then leaves Kvyat in his wake just seconds later to move up to P8!
Lap 8 We're underway again! But not before Bottas goes for a spin trying to get some heat into his tyres. We have two Red Bulls in the top three now as Verstappen breezes round the outside of Raikkonen for P3.
Lap 7 The Safety Car is coming in, which is just as well because drivers are losing a lot of temperature in the tyres.
Lap 7 There will be no action taken against Vettel for his grid position...
Lap 6 There is still a lot of confusion over what the right tyres are in these tricky conditions. Ricciardo went back onto the inters but is now switched to softs again.
Lap 5 The way Giovinazzi's car is positioned on track, all drivers must continue through the pit lane.
Lap 4 CRASH! What a nightmare weekend for Antonio Giovinazzi! He collides with the pit wall as the race restarts and that is the end of his race! Out comes the Safety Car.
Lap 3 The Virtual Safety Car gives plenty of drivers, including Vettel, the chance to ditch the inters and change to slicks. Race leader Hamilton, however, has decided to stick with his current boots.
Lap 3 Vettel is under investigation for the way he positioned the car from P2 for the race start. He was half a car length off the centre and could well be facing punishment...
Lap 2 A chance to catch a breather and assess the field...and Verstappen is already up to seventh from 16th!
Lap 1 Lance Stroll is out of the race! He was apparently hit by one of the Force India cars. We're under the Virtual Safety Car.
Start Go! Go! Go! Hamilton gets away very well and leads into the corkscrew Turn 1, 2 and 3. Vettel defends from Bottas, but Ricciardo gets the jump on Kimi Raikkonen into fourth!
14:01 Drivers reporting that the track is pretty dry now. The decision by Toro Rosso could well be an inspired one.
14:00 The formation lap is underway...
13:59 Nearly everyone is on the inters, apart from Carlos Sainz Jr, down in P11, who is on the supersofts!
13:58 Stat: Hamilton has won F1's last six rain-affected races. Can he make it a seventh today?
13:56 We're almost set. 56 laps of the 3.38m circuit await us, with the huge straight between Turn 13 and Turn 14 hopefully providing plenty of overtaking opportunities.
13:55 McLaren's Zac Brown: "Fernando and Stoffel like these conditions. We think we'll have a good day. We're definitely on the wets. I saw Mercedes come through on the slicks and I hope they stay on those."
13:53 Christian Horner: "The back of the circuit is still very wet so it will just come down to driver skill."
13:49 There is now just 20 per cent chance of further rain at the circuit this afternoon. The weather is certainly not as bad as first suggested.
13:47 The national anthem is done and dusted. We're just over 10 minutes away from lights out.
13:45 Hamilton actually went off track on his way to the grid, suggesting it is probably still a little too early to get on the slick tyres.
13:38 Pirelli believe the intermediates will last around 15 laps, with drivers hoping it will be dry enough to switch the softer tyres. Full wets seem a bit extreme at this stage.
13:36 The Safety Car is currently at the front of the grid, but it is certainly not wet enough to be starting behind it today.
13:34 "If Ferrari can beat Mercedes here, they can beat them anywhere," says Martin Brundle. The Scuderia are chasing back-to-back wins for the first time since 2010 when a certain Fernando Alonso won in Italy and Singapore.
13:31 There's a mixture of wet and intermediate tyres heading down the pit lane as the drivers go through their practice starts. It's expected to stay dry for the next hour, but there are showers swirling around Shanghai all afternoon.
13:30 30 minutes until lights out...and the pit lane is now open.
13:26 We also have two Williams cars starting inside the top 10, while Renault's Nico Hulkenberg is in the lofty heights of 7th after a very strong showing in qualifying.
13:16 Red Bull have been way off the pace, but Daniel Ricciardo, starting P5, is hoping a wet race will help bring them into contention. There could be some fireworks from his team-mate Max Verstappen, who is 16th on the grid after his engine troubles in qualifying.
13:04 The grid has changed a little after the FIA dished out a few penalties after qualifying on Saturday. There were five-place grid demotions for Jolyon Palmer, Romain Grosjean and Antonio Giovinazzi, who will start 18th, 19th and 20th respectively.
13:00 Hello and welcome along to a cold and wet Shanghai for the Chinese Grand Prix. We're all set for another fascinating battle between Mercedes and Ferrari at the front, while the conditions will surely bring a few nice surprises along the way. We're an hour away from lights out...at the moment.
16:16 Thanks for joining our live coverage. Make sure to join us for what promises to be an enthralling race in wet conditions tomorrow!
16:14 Raikkonen was only good enough for P4, with Ricciardo claiming P5. The rest of top ten looks a little like this: P6) Massa 7) Hulkenberg 8) Perez 9) Kvyat 10) Stroll
16:12 Pole position for Hamilton! He becomes only the second driver in history to claim six pole positions in a row and this Mercedes' 75th pole position in 150 races.
16:11 Bottas improves to P2, but is soon shunted down to P3 by Vettel who goes one thousandth of a second to lock down the front row alongside Hamilton - just like in Australia.
16:10 Hamilton is much tidier and is faster through the first two sectors as he heads down the huge straight...he crosses the line and it's a 1:31.678 - two tenths quicker than his first effort!
16:08 Mercedes will be setting the benchmark at the top as they emerge for their out laps first...
16:07 So first blood Mercedes, but what have Ferrari got left in the locker as we prepare for a one-lap showdown.
16:06 Daniel Ricciardo slips down to fifth, while we are still yet to see Perez or Stroll...
16:05 Here comes Vettel...and he cannot topple Hamilton on this occasion. He is +0.184s off the pace and we know Hamilton still has time to find. Raikkonen is struggling with grip all of a sudden and can only reach P4. Bottas is in P3.
16:03 The Brit is pushing very hard, wrestling with plenty of oversteer in the middle sector. He's on provisional pole with 1:31.902...
16:00 Everyone bar Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll, who has done very well to reach Q3, are out on track. Lewis Hamilton will be putting the first time on the board...
15:55 So a real statement from Kimi Raikkonen in Q2, breaking the lap record with a 1:32.181. Can Mercedes respond? Let's find out! We've got green lights...
15:52 Eliminated from Q2: Giovinazzi, Ericsson, Alonso, Magnussen, Sainz. Join us for Q3...
15:51 Raikkonen sets the fastest ever lap around the Shanghai International Circuit! A 1:32.181 puts him P1 ahead of Q3.
15:50 Hulkenberg and Kvyat climb inside the top ten, as does Stroll by a tenth of a second!
15:48 Now the two Ferrari drivers have decided to come out to play...
15:47 Everyone bar the top five are back out again...
15:46 All quiet on track with three minutes of Q2 remaining. We're all set for a final showdown ahead of Q3...
15:42 There's a problem with Alonso's MCL32 (shock) and this time it is related to the ERS. However, he only finds himself two tenths off P10 after his latest lap. Seriously impressive!
15:40 Ferrari and Mercedes have safely locked down the top four spots in Q2. It's now a fight between the best of the rest with five drivers set to be eliminated in the next eight minutes.
15:38 Kimi Raikkonen runs a little wide heading down the huge straight, but still sets a 1:32.602. Vettel quickly follows and shaves two tenths off his team-mate's time to go P1. +0.015 away is Hamilton! Could it be this close in Q3?
15:35 Green light! Q2 is underway...
15:31 Verstappen will no doubt be furious, but what a treat we have in store tomorrow with him at the back of the grid in what looks like being a very wet race. We'll really get to see if you can overtake in these new cars!
15:28 It's been confirmed that Verstappen had an engine software issue. Meanwhile, Grosjean and Palmer are under investigation for failing to slow down under yellow flags.
15:27 The tyre wall is still being repaired. Drivers waiting patiently in the garage...
15:22 Well, well, well. Red Bull Max Verstappen is poised to started on the back row of the grid! Due to Giovinazzi's big crash, Q2 will be delayed by five minutes. The Italian actually qualified for this session! But there is absolutely no chance he'll be heading back out.
15:20 Huge drama to end Q1! Eliminated: Stoffel Vandoorne, Romain Grosjean, Jolyon Palmer, Max Verstappen and Esteban Ocon. Join us very shortly for Q2...
15:18 Giovinazzi goes flying into the wall at the final corner! And he ruins a lots of other laps in the process!
15:16 Big improvement from Stroll, shooting up to P5 and he is safely through to Q2. But Verstappen is in big, big trouble! He is still having issues with his car and can only go P17! Still time to get one more lap in...
15:14 Verstappen is back out, as is Stroll, Magnussen and Giovinazzi who are all under pressure.
15:12 "I'm driving like an animal," boasts Fernando Alonso, who somehow puts himself P9 in the dreaded MCL32. He is showing up team-mate Stoffel Vandoorne, who is currently in danger of being eliminated.
15:11 Verstappen has to abandon his hot lap and dive back into the pits. He hasn't set a time yet and there is only five minutes of Q1 remaining...
15:10 Daniel Ricciardo goes P5 but is almost one second off the pace. Meanwhile, team-mate Max Verstappen has been on the radio and is not happy with the balance of the car. "Something's rattling," he says.
15:08 Grosjean's picked up a puncture. A blink of an eye later and Sebastian Vettel goes fastest with a 1:33.078 on softs; Hamilton, on supersofts, is +0.255 off the pace.
15:07 Nico Hulkenberg drops into the 1:34 barrier, but is soon eclipsed by Hamilton who sets a 1:33.333. The Brit had to back off around the final corner as Romain Grosjean spun off and almost collided with the wall.
15:04 Stroll sets the latest new benchmark - a 1:35.136. Only McLaren, Red Bull and Toro Rosso remain in the garage.
15:03 Antonio Giovinazzi gets the first time on the board - a 1:35.437. Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas are both on their out laps.
15:00 We have a green light. First out are the two Sauber drivers with Williams' Lance Stroll in hot pursuit.
14:51 According to the latest weather forecast there is a 90% chance of rain for tomorrow's race, making it even more important to get it right in qualifying.
14:45 Lots of last-minute tinkering going on in the garages. We're 15 minutes away from Q1...
14:40 Meanwhile, Sauber team principal Monisha Kaltenborn has just reiterated that Pascal Wehrlein will return to the team as soon as he is ready to do so. Rumours of Ferrari putting pressure on to keep Antonio Giovinazzi in the car appear to wide of the mark.
14:37 Red Bull did set the early pace in FP3, but gradually slipped down the timesheets with Williams' Felipe Massa even getting in behind the Mercedes. You would imagine they will be playing catch-up again here in qualifying.
14:34 But Ferrari have not claimed a pole position in Shanghai since the inaugural race back in 2004, while a Mercedes-powered car has claimed top spot every year since 2010.
14:31 After a fast and frantic FP3, we saw more evidence that Ferrari are back and have a car that is potentially capable of knocking Mercedes off their perch.
14:30 Hello and welcome along to our live coverage of the qualifying session at the Chinese Grand Prix.
13:01 So that is it for now, join us in two hours for qualifying for the Chinese GP.
13:00 The chequered flag is out on FP3 and we ended with a Ferrari 1-2 with Vettel ahead of Raikkonen.
12:58 Verstappen has jumped Ricciardo for sixth, Palmer is up to ninth in the Renault and Sainz is the last driver inside the top ten.
12:56 Bottas improves to third and Hamilton has a bit of a lock up that leaves him P4 behind his team-mate.
12:54 New supers for Hamilton and Bottas, both Williams drivers, Verstappen, both Toro Rossos and others.
12:51 Sauber substitute Giovinazzi has fallen to the bottom of the timesheets but has just left the garage with a new set of supers.
12:50 Ricciardo returns to the action but he's using old supersoft tyres. Only the Aussie and Hulkenberg are lapping at present.
12:47 New supersofts for Raikkonen and he takes second, 0.053s off the pace.
12:45 Vettel responds by putting in a new fastest time in the first sector! And he's purple in the third but doesn't improve his overall time.
12:44 Bottas is the first of the two to cross the line and goes P2, 0.997s down on Vettel. Now here comes Hamilton and he goes second, 0.757s slower than the Ferrari driver.
12:42 Hamilton and Bottas are both out on new supers so let's see what the Mercedes pairing can do.
12:41 Hamilton has fallen to 18th place and Bottas is P19. However, neither Mercedes driver has put in a genuine flying lap as yet.
12:40 With 20 minutes to go the top ten are: Vettel, Raikkonen, Massa, Ricciardo, Verstappen, Hulkenberg, Stroll, Sainz, Palmer and Grosjean.
12:38 With more drivers switching to the supersofts Hulkenberg goes sixth.
12:37 Massa is up to third in the Williams as he dives ahead of the Red Bull team-mates. Stroll goes sixth quickest.
12:35 Alonso on the supersofts has jumped up to fifth place! He is, however, 2.9s short of Vettel's best. Verstappen has gone third, slotting in behind the Ferrari team-mates.
12:31 Now here comes Vettel and it is a 1:33.336, which beats Raikkonen's best by 1.183s.
12:29 Raikkonen, though, is not entirely happy and reveals that he is struggling with the fronts.
12:28 The Ferrari driver is on a hot one, purple in sector one and again in sector two. And he does it again in the third sector to cross the line with a 1:34.519.
12:27 Raikkonen is out on a new set of supersofts.
12:24 Hamilton, who is P9, is onto his 13th lap on this set of supersofts.
12:21 Spin from Marcus Ericsson.
12:18 Another day, another spin for Renault. This time it is Palmer who loses the back end of his RS17. He spins back around and continues on his way.
12:17 Raikkonen and Vettel are back in the pits. The Finn has seven laps on the supersofts and is P5, Vettel has eight on the softs and is P7.
12:16 Over at McLaren, Vandoorne is holding down P3 on the supersofts, Alonso is P13 on the softs.
12:14 Ricciardo has taken off the softs and put on a set of supers and he is flying. Purple in the first two sectors, and again in the third, on his way to a 1:35.647.
12:12 Hmm, the FIA's concerns over the safety of the T-wings has just been realised as Bottas' snaps off his W08.
12:09 With Raikkonen, P6, and Alonso, P16, we now have all 20 drivers with times to their names. Ricciardo is P1 with a 1:37.4.
12:07 17 times on the board and all 20 drivers on the track. Told you it would be a busy session.
12:06 A 1:37.4 for Ricciardo on the softs while Lance Stroll slots into second place ahead of Stoffel Vandoorrne and Vettel.
12:04 And we have a time already, a 1:44.4 for Jolyon Palmer but that is walloped by Nico Hulkenberg with a 1:39.3. And we have a 1:39.6 for Vettel.
12:03 Ferrari have opted for the same, supersofts for Kimi Raikkonen and softs for Sebastian Vettel.
12:02 Having not had the best time with their tyres in Melbourne, Mercedes have set Hamilton and Bottas out on different tyres - supers for the Brit, and the yellow-marked softs for Bottas.
12:01 Practice starts at the end of the pit lane as Jolyon Palmer, Carlos Sainz, Romain Grosjean, Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton head out first.
12:00 The pit lane light goes green and FP3 is underway in China!
11:58 HANS on for Fernando Alonso followed by his helmet as Max Verstappen gets some last minute adjustments. And there is a crazy fan dressed as a lion either trying to drive or dance, either way it is bad.
11:57 Daniel Ricciardo is strapped into his RB13 while a rather serious looking Kevin Magnussen is ready to go.
11:55 Five minutes to the start. Air temperature is 21'C and the track is already up to 33'C.
11:46 With only a handful of laps covered on Friday, expect a jam-packed FP3 as the drivers have one hour to make up for lost track time.
11:38 It is a much nicer day in Shanghai today, conditions are much clearer and helicopters are already in the air so no delays expected in FP3.
11:30 Good morning and welcome to the Shanghai International Circuit, home of the Chinese GP. We are building up to FP3 where, hopefully, there should be plenty of action.
15:20 However, with no running this afternoon, it will make Saturday's FP3 and Qualifying even more frantic than usual. So make sure to join us again then!
15:16 And there we have it. Race control have confirmed that FP2 will not start.
15:10 This is actually great from Hamilton. With the session still red-flagged, he has walked across the track and into the grandstand where he is giving signed merchandise to his fans. A fantastic touch!
15:02 Hamilton is using the time to make sure his Instagram game is staying strong. He's just been out to meet the fans in the grandstand opposite the garage.
15:00 And we're into the final 30 minutes. It's not looking good, folks.
14:57 Very little change in conditions. If anything, the smog/fog has got even thicker.
14:45 45 minutes to go...
14:38 Great scenes in the grandstand. Some Sebastian Vettel fans have been searching frantically for a missing 'L' to complete their tribute to the four-time World Champion, who is watching on from the garage. After a good 20 minutes, they've finally found it!
14:34 So we're into the final hour of a very exciting FP2 session.
14:25 Confirmation from race director Charlie Whiting that the issue is not with the conditions at the track, but the medical helicopter is currently unable to land at the hospital 38km away, where the visibility is even worse.
14:15 Some news from race control... there will be no change to the end time and FP2 will finish at 15:30 as scheduled, so we're already up against it.
14:12 So the medical helicopter is not able to operate, but the TV helicopter is flying around no problem...
14:10 We may be losing Malaysia from the calendar, but there was also confirmation that Germany and France would both be returning next year, which means a 21-race season.
14:06 Toto Wolff on the loss of the Malaysian Grand Prix from the calendar: "It is a bit of a blow. It was one of the great circuits. For us emotionally it is a bit tough to overcome because it is a home grand prix."
14:03 And it's starting to rain again...
14:00 The only incident of note is Hamilton completely blanking Valtteri Bottas as he passed him in the garage. Strong team spirit at Mercedes!
13:58 Sigh. Guess what? The start of the session has been delayed after all. Conditions have improved slightly since FP1, but not enough for the medical helicopter to operate.
13:52 The track is still pretty wet and there is a 40% chance of further downfall over the next 90 minutes.
13:45 15 minutes until FP2 begins, and it looks like we'll be starting on time. Fingers crossed!
13:35 In other news, it has just been announced that this year's Malaysian Grand Prix will be the last. After 19 years on the calendar, the decision has been taken jointly by Formula 1 and the Sepang International Circuit to end their partnership.
13:32 Max Verstappen was quickest in FP1 but, with so many disruptions and limited running, it would be foolish to read too much into it - especially with the likes of Lewis Hamilton and both Ferrari drivers not even able to set a time.
13:30 Hello and welcome to a grey, murky, but thankfully dry (at the moment) Shanghai for the second practice session of the Chinese Grand Prix.
11:26 Join us in two hours for FP2 where, hopefully, there will be more running. Cheers.
11:25 And there it is "session will not be restarted." FP1 ends five minutes early with a P1 for Verstappen and a P2 for Massa.
11:24 On the upside Pirelli are reporting: "The good news is that conditions in FP2 are meant to be slightly better. There's going to be plenty of work to do!"
11:21 "The weather conditions have forced the closure of the local airport," is the next update from the FIA.
11:19 A stroll across the pit lane for Ferrari team boss Maurizio Arrivabene is the most action we are setting at the moment.
11:17 Vettel and Hamilton are both waiting in their cars, hopeful that the session will restart before the 90 minutes are up.
11:13 Another update from the FIA: "The weather conditions have forced the closure of the local airport."
11:11 No times from Palmer, Vettel, Raikkonen, Ocon, Perez or Hamilton.
11:10 At the moment it is Verstapepn who is quickest with a 1:50.491, putting him 1.595s up on Massa. Stroll is third ahead of Sainz, Grosjean, Kvyat, Alonso, Ricciardo, Bottas and Magnussen.
11:07 Simply put "medical helicopter not able to operate."
11:05 Red flag due to medical helicopter not able to operate again.
11:02 Hulkenberg sticks to his yellow as he hops onto a scooter for a trip back to the pits. The marshals, though, aren't letting him through, at least not on the bike so it's a walk back for the Renault driver.
11:00 Good news is that Hulkenberg has avoided the barrier in his spin. Bad news is his Renault is beached in the kitty litter. VSC is out as the marshals rush to push his car. But alas he is told by his team "you are not going to get out of there mate" and it is time to shut it down.
10:59 Verstappen ups his pace to a 1:50.4.
10:56 P1 for Verstappen with a 1:52.2. He's on inters.
10:55 Now Massa is cutting the grass as he slides off the track on his inters.
10:54 Times coming through and it is P1 for Lance Stroll! 1:54.508. Vandoorne is second so, yip, let's not pop that champagne just yet.
10:53 Another Haas, another spin, this time it is Romain Grosjean.
10:51 A bit of a tyre conundrum as it is not quite dry enough for inters and it is not wet enough for full wets. And it is downright cold!
10:48 Magnussen spins on his set of inters.
10:47 Magnussen heads out on a set of inters...
10:46 Ricciardo is strapped into his RB13 ready for the restart of FP1.
10:43 "Session will restart at 10:47" is the latest message from the FIA so we'll have just under half of FP1.
10:40 Brown is expecting a "tougher weekend" than Australia, saying McLaren "overachieved" Down Under. Rain dance on the way.
10:36 McLaren chief Zak Brown says McLaren have "some stuff we want to try" this weekend one of which is reportedly a radical T-wing.
10:33 We are still under the red flag with no update from the FIA as yet.
10:24 And don't expect Alonso to walk away from McLaren mid-season. “No, definitely not true,” the Spaniard said ahead of the Chinese GP weekend. “It’s normal from the outside that drivers speak and I have read comments from many people, and in Spain also if one ex-driver or motorbike rider they have one question, that is also about Alonso. How do they see the situation? And everyone seems to be quite close to me and I have a depression! But it’s not like that."
10:18 Fellow drivers, though, are finding it a bit strange. “I respect Pascal’s decision,” Sergio Perez told Auto Motor und Sport. “But I would not leave my car to anyone. Even if you’re suffering in the car, you try to get the best out of it.” He added: “I hope it really is just a fitness problem for Pascal and nothing worse. Hopefully, he will soon be fit again.”
10:16 While we are in the break, news from yesterday is that Sauber have insisted that there is no conspiracy behind Wehrlein's absence. “I have to disappoint you there, the story is actually very straightforward and it might just not be good enough for some people to sell it better,” said Monisha Kaltenborn.
10:11 FP1 will remain red flagged for a "minimum" of 30 minutes.
10:09 "The medical helicopter is not able to land at the designated hospital in Shanghai," is a further update from the FIA.
10:05 Red flag! "Session stopped, medical helicopter not able to operate" is the message from the FIA. It is very misty and grey out, which means there is a chance that the helicopter cannot fly, although the chopper that gives pics from the track is up and flying.
10:03 Jolyon Palmer, Carlos Sainz and Nico Hulkenberg head out.
10:01 Romain Grosjean and Felipe Massa are the next out as the drivers venture out for their installation laps just to check that everything is okay with the cars. Lance Stroll, Daniil Kvyat and Stoffel Vandoorne follow them out along with Alonso.
10:00 Green light and FP1 is underway with Kevin Magnussen out on a set of full wet Pirellis with a decent amount of spray behind his car.
09:55 It is damp and grey out there as the drivers get ready to hop into their cars. Track temperature is 15'C and the air temp is 13'C.
09:48 If you aren't aware yet, Pascal Wehrlein is out of the Sauber and Antonio Giovinazzi is in as the German continues to return to full fitness. McLaren are expecting another struggle especially down the Shang's long straight. It is going to be a wet and cold start to the weekend with more rain forecast for Sunday. And Red Bull are concerned that a lack of rear end grip will cost them.
09:41 Hamilton has the best record of the current drivers in Shanghai with four wins while Fernando Alonso is the only other driver with multi wins. Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen have each won the grand prix on one occasion.
09:34 Last time out in Melbourne it was Mercedes who took pole position only to be pipped to the victory by Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel with Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas joining the German on the podium. It has, many are hoping, set Formula 1 up for a thrilling season in which the Scuderia will continue to challenge Mercedes to the chequered flag.
09:30 Welcome to the Shanghai circuit for the first of Friday's two practice sessions for the Chinese GP weekend. All times are local.
Driver Standings
1 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:36.747 1:37:36.160 4
2 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:36.144 6.250 5
3 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:38.387 45.192 4
4 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 1:38.795 46.035 4
5 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1:37.841 48.076 4
6 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:36.950 48.808 4
7 Carlos Sainz Toro Rosso 1:38.525 72.893 4
8 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1:40.561 1 LAP 5
9 Sergio Perez Force India 1:36.531 1 LAP 6
10 Esteban Ocon Force India 1:37.036 1 LAP 5
11 Romain Grosjean Haas 1:38.047 1 LAP 5
12 Nico Hulkenberg Renault Sport 1:39.257 1 LAP 5
13 Jolyon Palmer Renault Sport 1:38.400 1 LAP 4
14 Felipe Massa Williams 1:36.594 1 LAP 6
15 Marcus Ericsson Sauber 1:40.139 1 LAP 4
R Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso RETIRED 38 LAPS 4
R Lance Stroll Williams RETIRED 56 LAPS 0
R Fernando Alonso McLaren RETIRED 23 LAPS 4
R Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren RETIRED 39 LAPS 5
R Antonio Giovinazzi Sauber RETIRED 53 LAPS 1
Driver Standings
1 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:31.678 - 4
2 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:31.864 0.186 5
3 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:31.865 0.187 4
4 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1:32.140 0.462 5
5 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 1:33.033 1.355 4
6 Felipe Massa Williams 1:33.507 1.829 5
7 Nico Hulkenberg Renault Sport 1:33.580 1.902 5
8 Sergio Perez Force India 1:33.706 2.028 5
9 Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso 1:33.719 2.041 6
10 Lance Stroll Williams 1:34.220 2.542 5
10 Fernando Alonso McLaren 0.0 2
10 Carlos Sainz Toro Rosso 1:34.150 1.759 3
Driver Standings
1 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1:32.181 - 3
2 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:32.391 0.210 3
3 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:32.406 0.225 2
4 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:32.552 0.371 2
5 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 1:33.546 1.365 2
6 Nico Hulkenberg Renault Sport 1:33.636 1.455 4
7 Felipe Massa Williams 1:33.759 1.578 3
8 Sergio Perez Force India 1:33.920 1.739 4
9 Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso 1:34.034 1.853 4
10 Lance Stroll Williams 1:34.090 1.909 4
11 Carlos Sainz Toro Rosso 1:34.150 1.969 4
12 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1:34.164 1.983 4
13 Fernando Alonso McLaren 1:34.372 2.191 4
14 Marcus Ericsson Sauber 1:35.046 2.865 5
15 Antonio Giovinazzi Sauber 2
15 Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren 1:35.127 2.049 1
Driver Standings
1 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:33.078 - 1
2 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:33.333 0.255 1
3 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1:33.341 0.263 1
4 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:33.684 0.606 1
5 Lance Stroll Williams 1:33.986 0.908 2
6 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 1:34.041 0.963 1
7 Felipe Massa Williams 1:34.205 1.127 1
8 Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso 1:34.440 1.362 2
9 Nico Hulkenberg Renault Sport 1:34.453 1.375 2
10 Fernando Alonso McLaren 1:34.499 1.421 2
11 Carlos Sainz Toro Rosso 1:34.567 1.489 2
12 Sergio Perez Force India 1:34.657 1.579 2
13 Marcus Ericsson Sauber 1:34.892 1.814 3
14 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1:34.942 1.864 2
15 Antonio Giovinazzi Sauber 1:34.963 1.885 2
16 Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren 1:35.023 1.945 2
17 Romain Grosjean Haas 1:35.223 2.145 2
18 Jolyon Palmer Renault Sport 1:35.279 2.201 2
19 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:35.433 2.355 2
20 Esteban Ocon Force India 1:35.496 2.418 2
Driver Standings
1 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:33.336 - 8
2 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1:33.389 0.053 8
3 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:33.707 0.371 5
4 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:33.879 0.543 4
5 Felipe Massa Williams 1:34.773 1.437 4
6 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:34.946 1.61 4
7 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 1:35.092 1.756 4
8 Lance Stroll Williams 1:35.182 1.846 4
9 Jolyon Palmer Renault Sport 1:35.192 1.856 3
10 Carlos Sainz Toro Rosso 1:35.223 1.887 4
11 Nico Hulkenberg Renault Sport 1:35.449 2.113 3
12 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1:35.521 2.185 5
13 Sergio Perez Force India 1:35.626 2.29 3
14 Romain Grosjean Haas 1:35.680 2.344 5
15 Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso 1:35.804 2.468 4
16 Esteban Ocon Force India 1:35.811 2.475 3
17 Fernando Alonso McLaren 1:35.912 2.576 4
18 Marcus Ericsson Sauber 1:36.063 2.727 4
19 Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren 1:36.221 2.885 3
20 Antonio Giovinazzi Sauber 1:36.705 3.369 5
Driver Standings
1 Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren - 0
2 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 0.0 0
3 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 0.0 0
4 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 0.0 0
5 Romain Grosjean Haas 0.0 0
6 Marcus Ericsson Sauber 0.0 0
7 Sergio Perez Force India 0.0 0
8 Fernando Alonso McLaren 0.0 0
9 Lance Stroll Williams 0.0 0
10 Felipe Massa Williams 0.0 0
11 Kevin Magnussen Haas 0.0 0
12 Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso 0.0 0
13 Nico Hulkenberg Renault Sport 0.0 0
14 Jolyon Palmer Renault Sport 0.0 0
15 Esteban Ocon Force India 0.0 0
16 Max Verstappen Red Bull 0.0 0
17 Antonio Giovinazzi Sauber 0.0 0
18 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 0.0 0
19 Carlos Sainz Toro Rosso 0.0 0
20 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 0.0 0
Driver Standings
1 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:50.491 - 1
2 Felipe Massa Williams 1:52.086 1.595 3
3 Lance Stroll Williams 1:52.507 2.016 1
4 Carlos Sainz Toro Rosso 1:52.840 2.349 1
5 Romain Grosjean Haas 1:53.039 2.548 2
6 Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso 1:53.314 2.823 1
7 Fernando Alonso McLaren 1:53.520 3.029 1
8 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 1:54.038 3.547 1
9 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:54.664 4.173 1
10 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1:55.104 4.613 2
11 Nico Hulkenberg Renault Sport 1:55.608 5.117 1
12 Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren 1:57.445 6.954 1
13 Marcus Ericsson Sauber 2:15.138 24.647 1
14 Antonio Giovinazzi Sauber 2:15.281 24.79 1
15 Jolyon Palmer Renault Sport 1
16 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1
17 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1
18 Esteban Ocon Force India 2
19 Sergio Perez Force India 2
20 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 2
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