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16 Jul 15:48 Lewis Hamilton led a Mercedes one-two victory at the 2017 British Grand Prix. Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel suffered a disastrous race...
16 Jul 15:36 Vettel's lead over Hamilton is now just 1 point, join us on July 30 for the Hungarian GP. 
16 Jul 15:31 What an end to the race, Raikkonen and Vettel suffer punctures on the closing laps. Disaster. 
16 Jul 15:29 Hamilton, Bottas and Raikkonen the podium
16 Jul 15:28 Lewis Hamilton wins the British Grand Prix for the 5th time.
16 Jul 15:27 Vettel into the pits. 
16 Jul 15:26 Vettel is off track and also has a puncture, what on earth is going on?
16 Jul 15:25 Raikkonen pits!
16 Jul 15:25 2 laps to go. 
16 Jul 15:25 Bottas quickly passes him and is now in P2.
16 Jul 15:24 Raikkonen: "My left front tyre is broken"
16 Jul 15:20 5 laps remaining.
16 Jul 15:19 Contact between Grosjean and Ericsson. 
16 Jul 15:16 Bottas passes Vettel easily and now there are two Mercedes cars on the provisional podium. 
16 Jul 15:15 It's surely a matter of time before Bottas passes Vettel, he's taken more than three seconds out of the German in the last four laps. 
16 Jul 15:14 Bottas tries to pass Vettel for P3, but Vettel is having none of it. 
16 Jul 15:12 10 laps to go at Silverstone and Hamilton has a 13 sec lead over Raikkonen
16 Jul 15:08 Bottas dials in another fastest lap: 1:31.059. 
16 Jul 15:04 Ricciardo is on fire this afternoon, he's up to P7. 
16 Jul 15:02 He reported no power from his McLaren, poor guy. 
16 Jul 14:50 Raikkonen posts the quickest lap so far, 1:31.903
16 Jul 14:49 Hamilton stays in the lead as he emerges from the pitlane ahead of Bottas
16 Jul 14:47 Hamilton called into the pits
16 Jul 14:41 Hamilton puts down the hammer, pulls 7.2s clear
16 Jul 14:39 Verstappen loses a place to Vettel after a pit stop. 
16 Jul 14:37 Vettel pits and switches to softs, reemerges in 6th. 
16 Jul 14:36 Raikkonen says there's a spot of rain at T7. 
16 Jul 14:34 Ricciardo is now up to P11. 
16 Jul 14:32 Max on the radio:"He (Vettel) wants to play bumper cars or something!"
16 Jul 14:32 Quick look at what's happening in front, Hamilton has pulled out a 4 sec lead over Raikkonen. 
16 Jul 14:30 Racing at its best, wheel-to-wheel!
16 Jul 14:29 Wow! Vettel and Verstappen in a massive battle for P3!
16 Jul 14:27 Ricciardo up to P13 after passing Alonso. 
16 Jul 14:26 Lap 12 and Hamilton leads from Raikkonen, Verstappen and Vettel. 
16 Jul 14:23 Kvyat's penalty is for rejoining the track unsafely.
16 Jul 14:23 Kvyat handed a drive-through penalty for the Sainz incident. 
16 Jul 14:19 Hamilton pulls 1.4s clear on his first clean lap. 
16 Jul 14:16 Valtteri Bottas up to P6 after a pass on Seb Ocon. 
16 Jul 14:16 We're racing again people! Hamilton leads by just under a second from Raikkonen. 
16 Jul 14:14 Safety car IN this lap
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