New Sasol GTC cars set for thrills

The iconic Grand Prix Circuit will present a new challenge to the GTC drivers as they tackle the country’s fastest racetrack on June 16.

Suzuki’s new Swift hatch and sedan in SA

Suzuki kicks off its new model assault with an all new Swift hatchback and standalone sedan called the Dzire.

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10 Jul 15:46 Thank you for joining our live commentary of the British GP, see you in two weeks for the Hungarian GP. Cheers! 
10 Jul 15:43 F1 Constructors': Mercedes 338 Ferrari 204 Red Bull 195 Williams 92 Force India 73 Toro Rosso 41 McLaren 32 Haas 28 Renault 6 Manor 1 Sauber 0
10 Jul 15:43 F1 drivers' championship: Rosberg 171 Hamilton 167 Raikkonen 106 Ricciardo 100 Vettel 98 Verstappen 87 Bottas 54 Perez 47 Massa 38
10 Jul 15:43 Rosberg finished 1.3 seconds ahead of Verstappen, but is under investigation for the radio comments made by Mercedes' pit wall. 
10 Jul 15:40 Great drive by Max Verstappen, the teengaer showed bravery beyond his years in challenging conditions to finish on the podium. 
10 Jul 15:38 Remember, we still need to find out if Rosberg will face a penalty for the radio message. Great win by Hamilton. 
10 Jul 15:37 Rosberg follows in with Verstappen,  Ricciardo and Raikkonen.
10 Jul 15:36 Lewis Hamilton wins the British GP to claim his fourth GP victory in 2016. 
10 Jul 15:33 Final lap. 
10 Jul 15:32 Rosberg is under investigation for comments made on the radio by the team!
10 Jul 15:26 5 laps to go and Rosberg loses three seconds on the last lap. "Gearbox problem!" he reports!
10 Jul 15:24 Watch Rosberg take P2 from Verstappen. 

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10 Jul 15:20 Hamilton's lead over Rosberg is less than 7 seconds as he battles traffic with the backmarkers. 
10 Jul 15:20 Vettel given a five second time penalty for pushing Massa wide.
10 Jul 15:16 Palmer is wheeled back into his garage, likely to retire from the race.
10 Jul 15:13 Mercedes running 1-2. Lap 39
10 Jul 15:13 Mega defence shown by the Dutch teen, but Rosberg had massive speed in the slipstream. 
10 Jul 15:12 Rosberg passes Verstappen. 
10 Jul 15:11 The gap between Verstappen and Rosberg is less than a second! Meanwhile, Hamilton is continuing to build up a big lead in front. Lap 38
10 Jul 15:09 Rosberg is desperately trying to find a way past Verstappen. 
10 Jul 15:07 Rosberg unhappy with Verstappen weaving on-track: "That's moving twice, that's not on!"
10 Jul 15:05 Hamilton's lead just over 7.1 seconds from Verstappen. 
10 Jul 15:05 Hamilton posts the fastest lap.
10 Jul 15:04 Verstappen struggling with traffic, Rosberg is less than one second behind! 
10 Jul 15:00 Rosberg within DRS range of Verstappen. 
10 Jul 14:58 Manor's Rio Haryanto out, Yellow flags, track is clear. 
10 Jul 14:56 Verstappen made the same mistake as Hamilton on the very same lap! He can't capitalise on the error, so remains P2. 
10 Jul 14:55 Mistake from Hamilton. 
10 Jul 14:52 Half-way through the British GP: HAM leads from VES, ROS, RIC, PER, SAI, RAI, HUL, MAS, KVY. 
10 Jul 14:52 Alonso says the car is 'okay'. 
10 Jul 14:51 It's all happening at Silverstone, the standing water has Alonso spinning off at Turn 1 and kisses the barrier. He drives across the gravel and is back onto the track. 
10 Jul 14:50 Rosberg posts fastest lap. 
10 Jul 14:49 Alonso down to P13 now. 
10 Jul 14:49 Alonso spins out. 
10 Jul 14:47 Hamilton stretches out an 8 second lead over Verstappen with 22 laps of 52 gone. 
10 Jul 14:44 Palmer hit with 10 second stop/go penalty for an unsafe release in the pit lane. 
10 Jul 14:43 Massa doesn't see Alonso in his mirrors and pushes him onto the grass down the Wellington Straight! Luckily Alonso gets back on-track. 
10 Jul 14:43 Lap 19: Hamilton, Verstappen, Rosberg. 
14:35 Wow! What a race! Join us again in two weeks for the Hungarian Grand Prix!
FINAL LAP Rosberg fends off Verstappen for P2!
FINAL LAP Hamilton wins the British Grand Prix! That's three in a row!
FINAL LAP Hamilton in the lead as he begins his final lap to victory!
Lap 51 Rosberg radio incident will be investigated after the race.
Lap 50 Seems as if a one-stop strategy was the key to victory here.
Lap 50 Rosberg avoiding seventh gear, the one that was giving him problems earlier.
Lap 49 Hamilton now eleven seconds ahead of Rosberg.
Lap 49 Raikkonen finally eats Perez!
Lap 48 Five laps left!
Lap 47 Verstappen is now only less than two seconds behind now!
Lap 46 'Gearbox problems' reported for Rosberg!
Lap 45 All positions on the grid looks quite set now, only battle worth noting is Raikkonen on Perez.
Lap 44 Raikkonen hounding Perez for P5, the Mexican refusing to give it up though.
Lap 44 Hamilton sets fastest lap 1:35.833.
Lap 43 Hamilton responds to Rosberg's time! Putting in some real speed now.
Lap 42 Bottas and Alonso battling again.
Lap 41 Vettel goes off, again. He also received a five second penalty for the incident involving Massa.
Lap 40 Alonso in the pits on puts on mediums.
Lap 40 Palmer retires!
Lap 40 Rosberg sets fastest lap.
Lap 40 Massa pulls into the pits and puts on softs!
Lap 39 Vettel and Massa incident under investigation now. Massa thinks the German ran him off the track.
Lap 38 Rosberg takes Verstappen for P2! Verstappen fighting back but fails.
Lap 38 Hamilton's lead is now 8 seconds.
Lap 37 Verstappen's tyres are now giving in!
Lap 37 Rosberg cannot be more closer to Verstappen....needs to make a move soon.
Lap 36 Rosberg tries on the outside again! Verstappen defends again though. Proper here driving here for F1 fans!
Lap 35 Verstappen doing very well here to keep Rosberg behind him.
Lap 34 New fastest lap for Hamilton. 1:36.659.
Lap 33 Rosberg is lining up the Dutchman again ready to have another go.
Lap 32 Verstappen very resilient here! Refusing Rosberg any opportunity to overtake him.
Lap 32 Hamilton loving the battle between Verstappen and Rosberg, means he can open up his lead more.
Lap 32 Rosberg very close to Verstappen now.
Lap 31 Vettel running in the points. Looks comfortable in P10.
Lap 30 The top three running into traffic now from cars at the back of the grid.
Lap 29 Kvyat and Vettel at it again! Very close there as the German moves ahead of the Russian.
Lap 28 Actually! Verstappen did the exact same as Hamilton. Rosberg the one that gained from that.
Lap 28 Hamilton off! He rejoins. Verstappen should be smiling after that.
Lap 28 Abbey corner the cause of many incidents today it seems! Still a bit wet compared to the rest of the circuit.
Lap 27 Haryanto joins his teammate! Also out of the race as he spins.
Lap 26 Nasr completes his move on Bottas!
Lap 25 Sainz also spins! Recovers well once again.
Lap 25 Bottas goes off the track as well after he tries an overtake!
Lap 25 Alonso off! He kisses the barrier but manages to drag his car across the gravel and rejoins!
Lap 24 Rosberg now the fastest on the track! Hamilton still has a sizeable lead though.
Lap 23 Kimi goes off again on the same corner!
Lap 23 Hamilton: "I want to go to the end." In referral to his tyres.
Lap 22 Part of the track still wet as Verstappen goes wide.
Lap 22 Ricciardo take fourth place off Perez.
Lap 21 Verstappen sets fastest lap again. Hamilton should keep an eye on his review mirrors.
Lap 20 Alonso hunting down Massa now.
Lap 19 Alonso asks for different strategy!
Lap 19 End of the race for Grosjean! He retires.
Lap 19 Verstappen in from the lead! Hamilton re-takes P1.
Lap 18 No signs of softs yet. Vettel spins straight after setting fastest lap.
Lap 18 Hamilton and Rosberg do another double stop! They both put on mediums.
Lap 17 Palmer suffers a blunder in the pits! He leaves behind his rear wheel.
Lap 17 Verstappen is currently the fastest man on the track!
Lap 17 Raikkonen goes into the pits and puts on mediums!
Lap 16 Great driving there! Rosberg falling behind.
Lap 16 Vettel the first to go on slicks! Verstappen overtakes Rosberg! What a move from the youngster!
Lap 15 Verstappen just set the new fastest lap!
Lap 15 Hulkenberg looks very wobbly on track at the moment!
Lap 15 Curious to see who will put on slicks first.
Lap 15 Raikkonen ran way wide their! Only returned to the circuit on the next corner.
Lap 14 Verstappen said to be doing the same times as Hamilton, Rosberg is still in his way though.
Lap 13 Massa almost hits Hulkenberg! Very aggressive defending their from the Brazilian.
Lap 13 Interesting to see how drivers are utilising the dry patches on the track. So tempting for them!
Lap 12 Hulkenberg eyes the inside of Massa but decides not to take it.
Lap 12 Red Bull tells Ricciardo that it's important to look after his tyres now until a dry pair is available.
Lap 11 Rosber slowly but surely eating into Hamilton's lead.
Lap 11 Bottas spins! Luckily he recovers but it cost him his place.
Lap 11 Ericsson retires! Engine issue the cause.
Lap 10 Hulkenberg tried a move on Bottas! But failed to make it stick. Alonso makes a move on the German but also fails.
Lap 10 Perez running in P4! 12 second gap between him and Hamilton.
Lap 9 There's a huge battle for P7!
Lap 9 Vettel running in P12.
Lap 8 Raikkonen in sixth now, dropping one place from the start.
Lap 8 Hamilton on inters now and extending his lead!
Lap 8 VSC called off and we're racing again!
Lap 8 Hamilton comes out back on top.
Lap 7 Hamilton heads to the pits now from the lead. Rosberg, Verstappen and Perez also go in their.
Lap 7 VSC is in operation now.
Lap 7 Pascal Wehrlein out!
Lap 7 Ricciardo jumps Raikkonen straight out of the pits!
Lap 7 Ricciardo and Button almost collide in the pits!
Lap 6 Ricciardo in the box now, going on inters.
Lap 6 Verstappen attacking Rosberg straight away! Hamilton has already made some good distance.
Lap 6 After the flurry of stops, Perez moved up all the way to P5!
Lap 5 And We're off! Raikkonen goes into the pits straight away! Mercedes and Red Bull refused to go into the pits though! Everyone else on inters!
Lap 5 Safety car will be coming in now in this lap.
Lap 5 Safety car is still out now in the fifth lap. Hamilton asks Charlie Whitely on the team radio to let them race.
Lap 4 Pity for Button, he is well known for being good in the rain but he is starting in P17.
Lap 4 Ericsson wants to get going. Saying that the track is ready.
Lap 4 We're in lap 4 now and the safety car is still out.
Lap 3 The World Champion also said that the safety car is going to slow so it will be tough to keep their tyre temperature.
Lap 3 Hamilton: "Track is going to be ready for inters pretty soon."
Lap 3 Safety car rumoured to come in the next lap. Finally we get some racing!
Lap 2 Safety car going very slowly around the track.
Lap 2 Hamilton also reporting the levels of water on the track is quite hectic.
Lap 2 We're in the second lap and the safety car is still out.
Lap 1 Vettel reporting on the team radio of what he thinks about the track so far.
Lap 1 Wow, the track is quite flooded though, lots of spray coming from the cars.
Lap 1 Drivers now warming their wet tyres, while they stroll around the track waiting for the track to dry.
START And we're off! No formation lap. Safety car start as well.
12:59 What's your prediction on how long the safety car will run for during the start?
12:58 All drivers starting on wets now.
12:57 Despite the rain, the crowd look like they're going nowhere! However the rain has subsided a bit.
12:55 Round 10 of the Word Championship is almost a go!
12:54 We're almost underway! Cars on the starting grid now.
12:53 Safety car start will be used today. Pity, no exciting start.
12:51 Alonso and Sainz the two big surprises in the top ten, can they finish in the top ten?
12:48 Umbrellas out now! We're in for a race now!
12:47 Hold on, raining quite hard now! Could we see a start on inters?
12:45 Ericsson admits that he is a bit bruised up during the interviews on the bus.
12:40 Spots of rain now falling, nothing too serious though.
13:38 Plenty of buzz around the track today. Fans look amped for this one.
13:35 Couple of the Brits climbing the fence and interacting with the crowd...
12:30 Quite cloudy in Silverstone today, there has been a little rain today.
12:26 With team orders the big talking point of the week, how will we see Toto Wolff implement them this weekend? If he does at all that is.
12:24 Vettel is expected to be doing long stints today since he is starting in P11. He is known to eat through the grid, though.
12:22 Currently on the grid, only five drivers have won the British Grand Prix, could we see a new one today?
12:20 The last non-Mercedes driver to win in Britain was Mark Webber when he raced for Red Bull, back in 2012.
12:18 Ferrari have the most constructor wins on this circuit, racking up 15 in total.
12:16 Can the World Champion make it three in a row at Silverstone?
12:14 Lewis Hamilton absorbing all the cheers while standing on the bus,
12:12 Couple of cricketers spotted at Silverstone, Joe Root, Stuart Broad and James Anderson seen walking about.
12:10 Earlier in the week, Felipe Massa was saying how important it is for Williams to claim serious points at the their home race.
12:08 There is also a very high possibility that either Max Verstappen or Daniel Ricciardo will finish on the podium today after clocking in impressive speeds all weekend.
12:05 Sebastian Vettel will start in P11, despite qualifying in P6. The Ferrari driver got penalised five grid places for changing his gearbox.
12:02 Also worth noting, Marcus Ericsson was deemed fit by FIA medics after his horrific crash during Saturday's FP3, he will start from the pitlane after changing his chassis.
12:01 Lewis Hamilton is the pole sitter today. The Brit pipped his teammate Nico Rosberg for the top spot on the grid in an exciting Q3 yesterday.
12:00 Welcome to Silverstone for the British Grand Prix! All times are local.
14:08 Join us again tomorrow for the British Grand Prix! Cheers.
14:06 Top ten grid order: 1 Hamilton; 2 Rosberg; 3 Verstappen; 4 Ricciardo; 5 Raikkonen; 6 Vettel; 7 Bottas; 8 Hulkenberg; 9 Sainz; 10 Alonso
14:05 Verstappen beats Ricciardo in qualifiers for the first time this season! The youngster will start in P3, Ricciardo P4.
14:03 No change! Hamilton take pole! Rosberg in P2!
14:01 Hamilton does it! The Brit takes pole! Rosberg still out there though.
14:00 Pressure is on Hamilton now!
13:58 DRAMA! Hamilton's time deleted for going wide off the track. Only has one more chance now! He doesn't have a time on the board yet, Rosberg currently the pole sitter.
13:57 Sainz grabs seventh! Hulkenberg and Alonso behind him.
13:56 Verstappen third! Ricciardo fourth, Raikkonen fifth and Vettel sixth.
13:55 Hamilton fastest in the first round of flying laps! Rosberg second...
13:53 Both Ferrari's join the two Silvers Arrows now on the track, Red Bull also enter.
13:52 Hamilton looks set to grab pole here, surely, absolutely dominating the weekend.
13:50 Green light and we're underway for a last session shootout!
13:45 Drivers that will battle it out for pole in Silverstone are: Hamilton, Rosberg, Verstappen, Vettel, Ricciardo, Raikkonen, Bottas, Sainz, Alonso, Hulkenberg
13:45 Two biggies here, out in Q2: 11 Perez; 12 Massa; 13 Grosjean; 14 Gutierrez; 15 Kvyat; 16 Magnussen
13:44 Oh! Alonso slots into P9! Sainz in P8, Massa eliminated!
13:43 Whew! The Finn saves himself and slots into P6.
13:42 Kimi in danger here! Can he save himself?
13:41 Raikkonen suffering a few blunders, needs clean lap or could be in danger of being eliminated.
13:40 Raikkonen yet to post a time yet.....less than five minutes left on the clock.
13:37 Vettel puts in a good time, running fourth, splitting the Red Bull's, AGAIN.
13:36 Right! Magnussen back in it! Button officially out now.
13:35 Verstappen currently third now, Ricciardo fourth, still no sign of Ferrari..........or Button?
13:33 Merc tell Hamilton to box as they will be using those soft sets in the race.
13:32 Rosberg in P2, 0,7s behind the Brit.
13:31 Wow! Hamilton just set the fastest ever lap on this Silverstone layout.... 1:29.243
13:31 Hang on, Button not in his car yet, still awaiting confirmation.
13:30 Anyways, we're underway again! Hamilton and Rosberg out on track on softs.
13:30 Button ran back to his car! He is still in Q2! Magnussen's time got deleted for running wide again!
13:30 Stand-by for Q2.
13:25 Drivers eliminated in Q1: 17 Button; 18 Palmer; 19 Haryanto; 20 Wehrlein; 21 Nasr. Not present: 22 Ericsson.
13:22 Kvyat safe! Button gets eliminated in Q1!
13:21 The Dane does it! Got out the red zone, Kvyat now in their, Button hovering close to being eliminated.
13:19 Magnussen making a last ditch attempt to drop Kvyat into the drop zone..
13:17 Only three minutes left! Not many surprises.
13:15 Nasr, Gutierrez, Wehrlein and Haryanto all in the drop zone.
13:14 Vettel splits the two Red Bulls! The German goes fourth, only for Raikkonen to snatch it from him.
13:14 Magnussen also has his time deleted for the same offence as Palmer! Not going well here for the two Renaults'
13:14 Verstappen goes third! Ricciardo in fourth and Massa behind both of the Senior Bulls in fifth.
13:12 Jolyon Palmer has his qualifying time deleted after running wide on the track. FIA are being ruthless here in terms of on-track rules.
13:10 The next fastest at the moment behind the two Mercedes is Romain Grosjean, who is just over two seconds slower...
13:08 BOOM! Rosberg goes fastest straight away with 1:30.724. Hamilton very close behind him though with 1:30.739.
13:08 Strangely, Force India are out there on Hard trying to gather some last minute data. Expect them to switch over towards the end of the session to softs.
13:05 Everyone out there on soft compounds. The fastest tyre available this weekend.
13:03 We're off! Manor lead the way, Rosberg follows.
13:01 Drivers in their cars, green light should be lit anytime now.
13:00 Plenty of Button and Hamilton flags out there, expected from their home Grand Prix...
12:57 We're almost underway! British Grand Prix qualifying is always exciting, so hopefully it doesn't disappoint.
12:53 Carrying on from yesterday, there seems to be a strong gust of wind blowing over the tracl. Rain could also make a sneaky appearance.
12:50 CONFIRMED! Sauber twitter account say that only Nasr will be competing in the qualifying rounds. Ericsson out.
12:45 Due to the session being red flagged, not many drivers got that many laps in.
12:42 Also, judging by what we've seen so far, Red Bull should qualify ahead of Ferrrari.
12:40 Rosberg also returned to the track after being left out of FP2 due to a water leak, the German was less than second slower than his teammate as he claimed second fastest of the session.
12:35 Crazy FP3 earlier, Sauber driver Marcus Ericsson suffered a huge accident, causing for the session to be red flagged. While Lewis Hamilton topped the session before the session could end.
12:30 Welcome back to Silverstone! We're underway in 30 minutes!
11:02 Great session for Mercedes and Red Bull but trouble for Ferrari and Ericsson. That's it for now, join us in two hours for qualifying.
11:01 FP3 plays out with Hamilton P1 ahead of Rosberg, Ricciardo, Verstappen and Vettel, who reports: "I think we failed the gearbox again."
11:00 The chequered flag is out but any driver on a hot lap came complete it...
10:59 Hamilton ups his pace to a 1:30.904, Rosberg is second, 0.063s, Verstappen goes third, 0.657s but is pipped by Ricciardo, who is 0.584s.
10:58 Vettel does a 1:32.049 and it rather annoyed by that.
10:57 Sainz jumps to fifth and Gutierrez to sixth but this is just the start of the chaos.
10:56 All the drivers are out on the soft tyres.
10:55 Five minutes of running remaining.
10:54 Session will restart in a minute.
10:52 There is a forklift on hand now and a man with a bolt gun. Looking good.
10:51 Ericsson's Sauber has arrived back at the garage but chances of the team repairing it in time for qualifying, 2 hours and 10 minutes from now, are slim, very slim.
10:47 Good response with nine marshals and others on hand to repair the barrier.
10:44 Damage to the barriers from Ericsson's crash so they will have to get some people down there to sort it out.
10:41 Ericsson is getting a neck check from the medics. He is wearing the HANS, as well the drivers do, but that was a seriously hard hit. So hard his steering wheel came off.
10:40 Ericsson has climbed unaided from his car. He's fine but the car is not. Replays show he lost the rear on the kerb, that sent him across the track and into the inside barrier nose first. The impact swung him around, he hit with the side and rear before sliding back half onto the track. Ouch!
10:38 Ericsson crashes at Stowe! And that's a hard lick with the front and read of his Sauber damaged. Red flags!
10:37 Hamilton ups his pace to a 1:31.234 as he goes purple in the second and third sectors. Ricciardo jumps up to third place.
10:34 First spin of the morning as Nasr gets it wrong.
10:33 Rosberg retakes P1 with a 1:31.331 on the soft tyres and Hamilton responds to his team-mate with a 1:31.286, beating Rosberg by 0.045s.
10:32 Bottas jumps to second place and Hamilton heads out on the soft tyres.
10:30 Halfway through the session we have ten times on the board with Vettel P1 ahead of Raikkonen, Rosberg, Massa, Bottas, Nasr, Grosjean, Gutierrez, Haryanto and Wehrlein.
10:28 Vettel takes P1 off Rosberg with a 1:33.203, 0.388s up on the Mercedes driver. Massa is second ahead of Bottas, Raikkonen, Grosjean and Haryanto.
10:26 A virtual feast out there as we now have seven cars on the circuit; and a mix of hard, mediums and softs.
10:23 Vettel is struggling for grip out there in these conditions. He crosses the line with a 1:33.863. Rosberg has improved to a 1:33.591 before pitting.
10:21 Ferrari join the party as Vettel and Raikkonen leave the pits on the medium tyres.
10:20 A big improvement for Rosberg, a 1:36.069.
10:19 A 1:42.6 for Rosberg as the morning's first lap time.
10:17 Perez back in the pits and now Rosberg is putting in laps on the hard tyres. He stays out to start a flying lap.
10:14 Perez pits and Hulkenberg heads out on the white-marked mediums. And musical cars as Hulkenberg now pits and Perez returns to the track.
10:13 Over at Mercedes there is a lot of work taking place on Rosberg's side of the garage.
10:11 Sainz pits after his installation lap and there is a moment of silence before Perez heads out, and does so on a set of slick tyres.
10:09 Sauber have revealed that the black patch in front of Ericsson was a mould that they used to test his eye-line should they raise the chassis.
10:07 Nico Hulkenberg, Sergio Perez, Alonso, Valtteri Bottas, Palmer and Daniil Kvyat are the next to put in installation laps.
10:05 Ah, you have to love F1 innovation. Red Bull have taken the blowers to their pit box to try to dry the asphalt, especially where the drivers have laid down rubber.
10:04 Button and Verstappen are the next out with full wets for the McLaren driver.
10:03 Raikkonen heads out followed by Rio Haryanto and Marcus Ericsson, whose Sauber is wearing a strange black cover just in front of the driver. It almost looks as if they replaced a piece of the car but didn't have the time to paint it. Ericsson is using the full wets.
10:01 Rosberg heads out as well and it is inters all around.
10:00 Th track is green-lighted and out go Esteban Gutierrez, Vettel, Felipe Massa and Romain Grosjean.
09:59 Hamilton steps out of the Mercedes garage and gives the fans a wave - met with a huge cheer - before heading back in and hopping into his car.
09:55 It is overcast, cold and a wet pit lane minutes before the start.
09:52 Three Brits in action at this weekend's 71st British GP, Lewis Hamilton, who is the favourite for the win, Jenson Button, who is looking to score points, and Jolyon Palmer, who says he is going to give his all at his first - and potentially his last - home grand prix.
09:46 Track temperature is a mere 19'C as we await the start of FP3. Remember this practice session is only 60 minutes.
09:39 It was a good day for Red Bull Racing as Max Verstappen was third fastest ahead of the Ferraris of Sebastian Vettel and the newly re-signed Kimi Raikkonen. Fernando Alonso, running Honda's upgraded ICE, was sixth.
09:34 Friday's two practices both concluded with Lewis Hamilton up in P1, first ahead of Nico Rosberg and then ahead of Daniel Ricciardo. Rosberg was not able to put in a single lap in FP2 due to a water leak.
09:30 Welcome back to Silverstone for the third and final practice session of the British GP weekend.
15:35 Join us tomorrow for the final practice session and qualifiers! Cheers!
15:33 The two Ferrari's behind the RB12's. Vettel claims P4 and Raikkonen P5.
15:32 Hamilton tops the session! The two Red Bull follow closely behind with Ricciardo in P2 and Verstappen in P3.
15:32 Less than a minute left!
15:30 Hulkenberg on 14 laps now on Hard compound.
15:28 Vettel now on softs for this last part of the session, trying to sneak in a fastest lap?
15:25 Massa comes into the pits, looks like he' session is done for the day.
15:22 Verstappen and Raikkonen driving very close to each other there! Not ideal for a practice session.
15:20 Every car is on track now expect Rosberg, who is probably dreading watching from the sidelines.
15:15 Interestingly, Force India have not used the soft tyre compound in this session, what kind of strategy will they use on Sunday?
15:09 Plenty of cars out on track now, only Perez, Hulkenberg, Nasr and Sainz in the pits.
15:06 Hulkenberg goes wide! Luckily though drivers are allowed to make the odd mistake or two in this session.
15:04 Button told back off on the team radio!
15:02 30 minutes to go! Teams still gathering data on the soft tyre, trying to gauge how many laps they can do on one set.
15:00 All the compounds have been used today. Will we be seeing similar strategies on Sunday?
14:56 We're in the thick of things in this session now, drivers doing long stints on tyres.
14:51 Some sunlight creeping out of the clouds now...
14:50 Why is my left front locking and the rest staying?" Ericsson on asks on the team radio. Sauber reply: "This is actually in line with what we expect."
14:48 Plenty of over-steers on the track happening now!
14:45 Unfortunate for the Championship leader, Mercedes are investigating the issue.
14:44 CONFIRMED! Rosberg out of FP2!
14:43 Something wrong with Rosberg's car! He just got out of it after sitting there waiting to go out.
14:42 Hamilton on the radio: "Can't seem to sink first gear."
14:40 Wow, Ricciardo goes into second now....1:32.051.
14:35 Hamilton goes fastest now! 1:31.660...Raikkonen follows and goes third with a 1:32.898.
14:33 Rosberg finally getting out on track now after having a long sit down in his Silver Arrow.
14:31 Ricciardo waiting to get the go ahead, Vettel goes fastest on softs! 1:32.570
14:30 One hour left in this session, no signs of rain yet.
14:28 Alonso on track now, trying to get this McLaren-Honda car used to the Silverstone circuit.
14:26 Everyone has posted a lap time in this session except Rosberg.
14:25 Bottas has a scare! Almost mirroring Kvyat as he almost went off track.
14:20 Verstappen now goes back into the pits, he is currently third fastest on mediums. 1:33.894.
14:18 Medium tyres look to be dominant now. Rosberg getting ready to go out now as Hamilton retreats back into the pit after a stint.
14:16 Kvyat spins! Damaging his wing in the process.
14:16 1:33.505 from Hamilton there on a hotlap. Ricciardo in second place for the time being 1:33.696.
14:15 Enter Mercedes! Hamilton on track now, and pushing.
14:15 No yellow kerbs to damage his car this time as Daniil Kvyat goes wide on the track!
14:13 Felipe Nasr just got denied information on the team radio. Again an example of the radio regulations teams have to go through.
14:12 Raikkonen currently the fastest on the track on the hard compound, posting a 1:34.374.
14:12 Daniel Ricciardo suiting up now. Getting ready to burn some rubber in that speedy RB12.
14:10 Mediums and hards the preferred choice to get the session underway.
14:06 Esteban Gutierrez also out there now, returning to his car after a reserve driver took his seat in FP1.
14:06 And we're off! Green light is on, Pascal Wehrlein are first out the blocks.
14:03 Drivers in their cars ready to get going!
14:00 We're almost underway! Let's what tyres teams will look to test out in this session.
13:55 According to weather experts, the wind kept the rain away, but there still is a possibility we might see some droplets in the next couple hours.
13:50 Just before FP1 could finish, Vettel reported a gearbox problem, will that result in another penalty for the quadruple World Champion?
13:45 In case you missed out on FP1, Ferrari tested out their Halo concept again, which is set to be introduced officially in 2017.
13:40 Surprisingly, Force India's Nico Hulkenberg was faster than Ferrari duo, Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vette, and Red Bull drivers, Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen.
13:35 Recap of what occurred in FP1: Mercedes brushed aside their recent troubles to claim an emphatic 1-2 in the opening practice session at Silverstone with Lewis Hamilton edging Nico Rosberg.
13:32 Just a reminder that all times are local.
13:30 Welcome back to Silverstone for FP2! We're underway in 30 minutes for a 90 minute practice session!
11:34 Join us again at 1pm GMT for FP2. Cheers.
11:33 The session ends with concerns for Vettel, who reports a gearbox problem as he limps back to the pits.
11:32 FP1 ends with an emphatic Mercedes 1-2 as Hamilton and Rosberg are 0.8s quicker than third placed Hulkenberg. And their times were set on the medium tyres to Hulkenberg's softs.
11:30 The chequered flag is waved on FP1 but drivers will stay out for now to practice starts on the grid.
11:27 Haas, who running the upgraded Ferrari engine, are leading the speedtrap figures at 325kph.
11:25 Five minutes remaining in this session.
11:24 Now he reports: "Problem with the ERS deployment."
11:23 A bit of confusion for Rosberg over his fuel as he reports: "It says 'fuel use high' and I don't know what that means."
11:21 Sainz has also left it late to swap to the soft tyres and he improves from 15th to ninth.
11:18 Kvyat is still pushing for lap time and he takes 10th place from Button.
11:17 Most of the drivers have switched to race simulations with Perez five seconds slower than his earlier best.
11:16 A timed lap for Ericsson and he goes P20, ahead of the two Manors.
11:13 Raikkonen jumps up to sixth place on the soft tyres but is 1.3s down on Hamilton.
11:10 Leclerc has moved up to 18th place, ahead of Ocon and the Manors, as he gets to grip with Formula 1.
11:09 It is getting rather dark out there as the clouds move over the Silverstone circuit. There is a possibility of more rain later today.
11:06 British watch: Hamilton is fastest with a 1:31.654; Button is up to ninth place; and Palmer is P15.
11:03 Verstappen, on the hard tyres, improves to eighth with his previous time set on the mediums.
11:02 Ricciardo on the mediums improves to fifth ahead of Perez on the softs.
11:00 Vettel is out on the soft tyres but can only manage fourth as he lines up behind Hulkenberg, who is also on the soft tyres. Hulkenberg is 0.838s down, Vettel is 0.852s off the pace.
10:56 Leclerc ups his pace to a 1:36.2 but he stays P19. He is ahead of both Manors.
10:55 Hamilton pits, Rosberg does as well but he's back out almost immediately. Alonso, Bottas, Button, Massa, Grosjean, Palmer, Ocon and Leclerc are all throwing down the laps.
10:52 Problems over at Sauber as Ericsson is out of his car and chatting to the team on the pit wall. He has six laps and no time to his name.
10:51 Alonso is still holding onto third for now but he is 2.3s off the pace.
10:49 Hamilton is faster in the first sector, does a personal best in the second as he flies through Copse, Maggots and Becketts. It is a 1:31.654 for the Brit, who is 0.33s up on Rosberg.
10:47 A 1:31.687 for Rosberg as he went purple in all sectors!
10:46 Hamilton heads out of the Mercedes garage on new Mercedes as Rosberg goes purple in the first sector.
10:45 Track temperature is up to 21'C as we enter the second half of FP1.
10:44 Rosberg heads out on a new set of mediums.
10:41 Top ten as the drivers return their first set of tyres to Pirelli: Hamilton, Rosberg, Alonso, Vettel, Verstappen, Hulkenberg, Button, Ricciardo, Raikkonen and Carlos Sainz. 2.145s separate the ten.
10:40 Nope, no time. Ericsson pits after lap 6.
10:39 Marcus Ericsson is back on track, lap number 6 for the Sauber driver, and hopefully this time around he will complete a lap and set a time.
10:37 Ricciardo also on the hards is down in 11th place while Kvyat is P15 on the same rubber.
10:36 Vettel's lap was done on the hard tyres as he has yet to try the mediums.
10:35 Vettel does a 1:34.081 which puts him P4 behind Alonso.
10:34 Hamilton pitted with a fair amount of graining on his front left and Rosberg comes in later with the same issue.
10:32 Vettel is back out without the halo.
10:31 Alonso, who is running Honda's latest ICE update, jumps to third ahead of Hulkenberg and Raikkonen.
10:29 A spin for Leclerc as he loses the back end through Village.
10:28 Change at the top as Hamilton overtakes Rosberg. He is 0.167s up on his team-mate and Raikkonen is up to third, 2.1s down.
10:24 Rosberg hits the front with a 1:32.6, Hulkenberg goes third but is two seconds off the pace. All of the top five, including Grosjean and Verstappen, set their times on the medium tyres.
10:23 A small mistake from Leclerc as he runs it wide but quickly recovers.
10:22 A 1:33.318 puts Hamilton at the top of the timesheets but Rosberg is on another hot lap.
10:18 A 1:34.855 for Rosberg puts his P1, 0.2s up on Grosjean.
10:16 Hamilton and Rosberg leave the pits with the British driver taking the time to give the fans a wave. A great crowd here today, especially as it is just practice.
10:13 Verstappen is down to a 1:35.1, Ricciardo a 1:35.3 and Perez does a 1:38 as his opening time.
10:12 Vettel pits after one lap and Sergio Perez and Grosjean are now out for their morning's work.
10:09 Here comes Vettel with the halo, this 'halo 2' as it has been revised in preparation for next season.
10:08 Verstappen does a 1:36.9 to leapfrog Ricciardo but the Aussie responds with a 1:36.256.
10:06 Ricciardo does a 1:37.297 as the weekend's first lap time.
10:05 Max Verstappen is out for his installation lap, leaving just the Mercedes drivers and Vettel in the pits.
10:05 Max Verstappen is out for his installation lap, leaving just the Mercedes drivers and Vettel in the pits.
10:04 There are a few damp patches out on track but nothing to really bother the drivers who are all on slick tyres.
10:02 Romain Grosjean, Rio Haryanto and Fernando Alonso are the latest to put in a lap while Raikkonen pits after his installation lap.
10:01 Ocon heads out in the Renault, he is replacing Kevin Magnussen, and Jolyon Palmer also takes to the track for his first full British GP weekend.
10:00 The pit lane light goes green and FP1 is underway at the Silverstone circuit.
9:55 Five minutes to the start and Ferrari are decked out with the halo. It was meant to run in Austria but a problem with Sebastian Vettel's car meant it didn't happen.
9:44 But while they are free to race, don't expect to see any Austrian-like antics this Sunday.
9:43 More great news is that Mercedes have said Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg remain "free to race" but under a new set of rules of engagement. And any transgression could result in the driver losing the opportunity to fight for the World title.
9:38 But the big, huge, massive, everyone-wants-to-know breaking news this morning is that Ferrari have confirmed Kimi Raikkonen for 2017. Rumours over!
9:33 Test drivers in action today, Charles Leclerc for Haas and Esteban Ocon for Renault.
9:30 Good morning and welcome to Silverstone, home of the British Grand Prix, and one of the oldest races on the Formula 1 calendar. In fact the British GP has been on the calendar since the very first season on the official F1 World Championship.
Driver Standings
1 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:39.347 1:34:55.831 2
2 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:36.980 8.250 2
3 Nico Rosberg Mercedes 1:37.394 6.911 2
4 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 1:36.013 26.211 2
5 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1:40.355 69.743 2
6 Sergio Perez Force India 1:39.055 76.941 2
7 Nico Hulkenberg Force India 1:38.160 77.712 2
8 Carlos Sainz Toro Rosso 1:39.025 85.858 2
9 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:38.047 91.654 2
10 Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso 1:38.807 92.600 2
11 Felipe Massa Williams 1:37.904 1 LAP 3
12 Jenson Button McLaren 1:39.302 1 LAP 2
13 Fernando Alonso McLaren 1:36.730 1 LAP 3
14 Valtteri Bottas Williams 1:38.813 1 LAP 2
15 Felipe Nasr Sauber 1:39.067 1 LAP 2
16 Esteban Gutierrez Haas 1:38.566 1 LAP 2
17 Kevin Magnussen Renault Sport 1:43.938 3 LAPS 4
R Romain Grosjean Haas RETIRED 35 LAPS 2
R Jolyon Palmer Renault Sport RETIRED 15 LAPS 4
R Rio Haryanto Manor RETIRED 28 LAPS 2
R Pascal Wehrlein Manor RETIRED 46 LAPS 1
R Marcus Ericsson Sauber RETIRED 41 LAPS 3
Driver Standings
1 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:29.287 - 4
2 Nico Rosberg Mercedes 1:29.606 0.319 4
3 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:30.313 1.026 4
4 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 1:30.618 1.331 4
5 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1:30.881 1.594 5
6 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:31.490 2.203 5
7 Valtteri Bottas Williams 1:31.557 2.27 4
8 Nico Hulkenberg Force India 1:31.920 2.633 6
9 Carlos Sainz Toro Rosso 1:31.989 2.702 5
9 Romain Grosjean Haas 1:32.050 2.807 3
10 Fernando Alonso McLaren 1:32.343 3.056 5
10 Sergio Perez Force India 1:31.875 2.632 3
Driver Standings
1 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:29.243 - 2
2 Nico Rosberg Mercedes 1:29.970 0.727 2
3 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:30.697 1.454 2
4 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:30.711 1.468 3
5 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 1:31.319 2.076 2
6 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1:31.385 2.142 3
7 Valtteri Bottas Williams 1:31.478 2.235 2
8 Carlos Sainz Toro Rosso 1:31.708 2.465 3
9 Fernando Alonso McLaren 1:31.740 2.497 3
10 Nico Hulkenberg Force India 1:31.770 2.527 4
11 Sergio Perez Force India 1:31.875 2.632 4
12 Felipe Massa Williams 1:32.002 2.759 3
13 Romain Grosjean Haas 1:32.050 2.807 4
14 Esteban Gutierrez Haas 1:32.241 2.998 4
15 Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso 1:32.306 3.063 4
15 Jolyon Palmer Renault Sport 1:32.905 2.181 2
16 Jenson Button McLaren 1:32.788 2.064 1
16 Kevin Magnussen Renault Sport 1:37.060 7.817 4
Driver Standings
1 Nico Rosberg Mercedes - 1
2 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 0.0 1
3 Max Verstappen Red Bull 0.0 1
4 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 0.0 1
5 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 0.0 1
6 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 0.0 1
7 Valtteri Bottas Williams 0.0 1
8 Carlos Sainz Toro Rosso 0.0 1
9 Felipe Massa Williams 0.0 1
10 Esteban Gutierrez Haas 0.0 2
11 Fernando Alonso McLaren 0.0 1
12 Romain Grosjean Haas 0.0 2
13 Sergio Perez Force India 0.0 2
14 Nico Hulkenberg Force India 0.0 2
15 Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso 0.0 2
16 Kevin Magnussen Renault Sport 0.0 3
17 Jenson Button McLaren 1:32.788 92.788 1
18 Jolyon Palmer Renault Sport 1:32.905 92.905 3
19 Rio Haryanto Manor 1:33.098 93.098 3
20 Pascal Wehrlein Manor 1:33.151 93.151 3
21 Felipe Nasr Sauber 1:33.544 93.544 2
DNS Marcus Ericsson Sauber 0.0 0
Driver Standings
1 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:30.904 - 1
2 Nico Rosberg Mercedes 1:30.967 0.063 5
3 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 1:31.488 0.584 1
4 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:31.561 0.657 2
5 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:32.049 1.145 4
6 Valtteri Bottas Williams 1:32.736 1.832 2
7 Fernando Alonso McLaren 1:32.754 1.85 3
8 Nico Hulkenberg Force India 1:32.798 1.894 4
9 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1:32.833 1.929 4
10 Carlos Sainz Toro Rosso 1:32.889 1.985 2
11 Esteban Gutierrez Haas 1:32.895 1.991 3
12 Jenson Button McLaren 1:33.042 2.138 2
13 Romain Grosjean Haas 1:33.344 2.44 3
14 Sergio Perez Force India 1:33.361 2.457 4
15 Felipe Massa Williams 1:33.440 2.536 2
16 Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso 1:33.538 2.634 2
17 Felipe Nasr Sauber 1:33.710 2.806 3
18 Jolyon Palmer Renault Sport 1:33.769 2.865 2
19 Kevin Magnussen Renault Sport 1:34.049 3.145 1
20 Rio Haryanto Manor 1:34.471 3.567 2
21 Marcus Ericsson Sauber 1:34.551 3.647 1
22 Pascal Wehrlein Manor 1:34.658 3.754 2
Driver Standings
1 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:31.660 - 8
2 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 1:32.051 0.391 4
3 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:32.286 0.626 4
4 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:32.570 0.910 6
5 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1:32.736 1.076 5
6 Fernando Alonso McLaren 1:33.040 1.380 6
7 Valtteri Bottas Williams 1:33.493 1.833 4
8 Romain Grosjean Haas 1:33.614 1.954 5
9 Jenson Button McLaren 1:33.763 2.103 4
10 Felipe Massa Williams 1:33.801 2.141 4
11 Carlos Sainz Toro Rosso 1:33.840 2.180 3
12 Esteban Gutierrez Haas 1:34.000 2.340 3
13 Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso 1:34.139 2.479 5
14 Felipe Nasr Sauber 1:34.154 2.494 6
15 Nico Hulkenberg Force India 1:34.321 2.661 5
16 Sergio Perez Force India 1:34.356 2.696 5
17 Pascal Wehrlein Manor 1:34.549 2.889 5
18 Jolyon Palmer Renault Sport 1:34.610 2.950 3
19 Marcus Ericsson Sauber 1:34.722 3.062 5
20 Kevin Magnussen Renault Sport 1:34.959 3.299 4
21 Rio Haryanto Manor 1:35.841 4.181 4
22 Nico Rosberg Mercedes 0
Driver Standings
1 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:31.654 - 6
2 Nico Rosberg Mercedes 1:31.687 0.033 6
3 Nico Hulkenberg Force India 1:32.492 0.838 7
4 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:32.501 0.847 5
5 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 1:32.773 1.119 4
6 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1:33.039 1.385 5
7 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:33.202 1.548 5
8 Sergio Perez Force India 1:33.235 1.581 7
9 Carlos Sainz Toro Rosso 1:33.446 1.792 3
10 Fernando Alonso McLaren 1:33.527 1.873 5
11 Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso 1:33.738 2.084 3
12 Jenson Button McLaren 1:34.132 2.478 5
13 Valtteri Bottas Williams 1:34.263 2.609 6
14 Felipe Massa Williams 1:34.456 2.802 7
15 Romain Grosjean Haas 1:34.547 2.893 4
16 Jolyon Palmer Renault Sport 1:34.787 3.133 6
17 Felipe Nasr Sauber 1:34.805 3.151 5
18 Charles Leclerc Haas 1:35.869 4.215 4
19 Esteban Ocon Renault Sport 1:35.980 4.326 5
20 Marcus Ericsson Sauber 1:36.003 4.349 7
21 Pascal Wehrlein Manor 1:36.136 4.482 5
22 Rio Haryanto Manor 1:36.647 4.993 6
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