Lewis 'fesses up: 'All my fault'

2013-05-26 20:31

MONTE CARLO, Monaco - Lewis Hamilton has admitted being out-performed by his race-winning Mercedes team mate in Sunday's 2013 Monaco Formula 1 GP.

He finished a relatively distant fourth behind victorious Nico Rosberg, who emulated his father Keke's win from the same race 30 years earlier.

As the paddock parties began and the glamorous visitors to F1's annual showpiece street track in the Mediterranean principality started drifting away the 28-year-old Briton admitted: "I have to work harder."


The 2008 World champion who replaced multi-champion Michael Schumacher at Mercedes was expected to lead the way back to glory but, after being outpaced in qualifying in consecutive races - Bahrain, Spain, Monaco - he on Sunday endured a comprehensive beating on the circuit he has always loved most.

He knows the pressure is on.

To most observers he was unlucky to drop from second behind Rosberg to fourth when a delayed pace-car intervention favoured his Red Bull rivals but Hamilton said: "I don't put it down to bad luck at all... I wasn't good enough this weekend. Big congratulations to Nico and the team, they did a great job and I have to keep working harder."

He added that he miscalculated the gap he should have left to Rosberg when they both had to pit on the same lap during the first pace-car intervention.

"It was my mistake. I was told to leave a six-second gap and I had a little more than six seconds and I lost out... that's motor racing."


  • Maartins Siphiso - 2013-05-27 05:59

    The biggest pothole on the track was Perez, what an idiot. He wanted to impress by ended up as DNF. The FIA should revoke his licence. Well done Nico. Although an event filled race it was pretty boring, the same Monaco procession as we are used to. The only time Monaco is interesting, is when it rains.

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