'Lesson learned', says Perez

2013-05-10 08:44

BARCELONA, Spain - Sergio Perez, 23, has promised that he and McLaren team mate Jenson Button will “respect each other” more should when they battle for race position in future.

They were bashing wheels at the 2013 Bahrain GP and were later summoned to a meeting with team principal Martin Whitmarsh and sporting director Sam Michael.

That discussion helped them clear the air after an intense battle in the desert where Button appeared close to losing his temper after making several angry radio calls to the team.


Perez told reporters at the Circuit de Catalunya ahead of this weekend's 2013 Spanish GP that lessons had been learned and that he expected them to behave differently in a similar tussle.

Perez said: "We know not to risk that much with your team mate... we were too aggressive, we lost time. We can't waste too much time - especially at this stage of the season where the tyres are so critical, we wasted too much tyre. We must be more flexible, we have to respect each other a bit more.

"We talked, Jenson and me, to apologise to the team. We were quite aggressive and close to having an accident," he admitted. "The chat was mainly to clear the air, to say everything that was going on between us, and to clean the relationship.

"Now we need to be together, to come out of the position we are in, where we are not quick enough. We have to keep working very closely, Jenson and myself.”