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Lauda: 'We want to win every race'

2015-03-30 09:01

WE WANT TO WIN: Formula 1 great Niki Lauda says Mercedes wants to win every race. Image: Shutterstock / Jaggat Rashidi

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia - Niki Lauda says Mercedes is staying out of the political debate surrounding the team's ongoing dominance of Formula 1.

After Melbourne Red Bull - even threatening to quit the sport in protest - called for drastic measures as the current rules and Mercedes' unchallenged position of superiority were "killing" the sport.

When asked about the commotion by Osterreich newspaper Mercedes team chairman Lauda insisted: "To put it in a nutshell, Toto Wolff and I are concentrating on winning. That is why you race... to be faster than the others!

"Why do (Austrian skiiers) Hirscher and Fenninger ski?  Because they want to win. Nobody is interested in the politics in F1."

The argument, however, is that Mercedes is making F1 boring so some sensible tweaks of the rules could bring the teams closer together and the races more interesting.

"I don't understand the whole discussion," Lauda answered. "We were the best in 2014 so it is logical that we are still ahead in the first race of the new season.

"Now it's up to Vettel and all the others to try to bring down our lead but you can't artificially manipulate the sport to make it more exciting.

"Once you start doing that, motor sport is dead."

Wheels24 says; Well, Ferrari won this week - but was it an exciting race? Hardly... Comments, people?

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