Kubica: Doc rules on F1 return

2011-10-25 12:24

One of Robert Kubica's doctors has revealed that the injured F1 driver is already driving a road car and preparing to step behind the wheel of a much faster vehicle.

Kubica was seriously injured in February 2011 when he crashed during a rally in Italy.

F1's Ricciardo Ceccarelli sparked pessimism about Kubica's 2012 return when he said the Renault driver would have to spend "a few more months" in rehabilitation. That would have exceeded Renault's deadline for deciding on its next driver line-up.

Kubica's hand surgeon Igor Rossello said: "(Kubica) has recovered; he can move and lift with all his fingers. We can now think about getting him back as soon as possible into a car.

"Sorry, into a racing car, because he is already in a (road) car. His recovery is a miracle but the unknown thing is whether he will be able to be as fast."


The doctor added: "We still have to do a small intervention to improve wrist mobility - with this type of accident the hand is never as flexible as previously. Then it will take a lot of exercise.

"He will be able to drive his F1 car again and press all the buttons - we're talking about a racing driver, not a pianist."

Rossello added that Kubica's wounds had healed but he was concerned about whether he would drive as well as he did before the accident.

"He will have some limitations. remember that we considered amputation. But whether he is fast enough will be assessed by F1 specialists. We have done our job perfectly."