Keep it simple - key to F1 2012?

2012-05-21 14:31

As F1's topsy-turvy 2012 season continues, it may be the driver with the simplest and least-developed car that prevails.

A report by German magazine Auto Motor und Sport states: "Who brought the fewest technical updates to the Spanish grand prix?  Lotus and Williams.  And who had the fastest cars?  Lotus and Williams."

Bizarrely for the world of F1, racing ahead with normal car development might now be a case of taking backwards steps, as teams endeavour to solve the mysteries of the new Pirelli tyre.


Red Bull team boss Christian Horner said: "We are getting less new parts than last year, instead investing more time to understanding our car."

German newspaper Bild am Sonntag said: "(Sebastian) Vettel's bosses have decided there will be no new parts until the old ones are understood."

In contrast, Auto Motor und Sport said the Lotus and the Williams are both "unremarkable" cars, but "all-rounders".

"They are easy to drive and easy to set up," the report added.