'I'll give Mark a pass' - Vettel

2011-10-28 07:55

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GREATER NOIDA, India - Double Formula 1 champion Sebastian Vettel has hinted that he will let Mark Webber pass him during this weekend's  Indian GP because he would "love" to see his team mate finish the season second in the Drivers' championship.

Vettel, whose second consecutive Drivers' title was followed a week later by Red Bull's Constructors' crown, said "scenarios" could come into play on Sunday as F1's dominant team targets a clean sweep of honours.


A 1-2 season finish for Red Bull would add the coup-de-grace to a superlative season in which Vettel as so far won 10 of 16 races and started from pole position 12 times.

Vettel said: "We've seen, this year in particular, races are long and a lot of things can happen in the beginning but also the end... overtaking is definitely possible. The race order may not be clear, even five or 10 laps from the end. It depends where you are.

"So, we worry first of all to make sure we're in a strong position and then the scenario comes last."

If Vettel does let Webber past it would constitute a role reversal for the Australian, who has long chafed at team orders forcing him to play a support role to his younger team mate.

"I would love to see Mark finishing second, it's good for us as a team," Vettel added. "I think we've had a strong season so far and that would be the best way to finish it."

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  • cobus.fenwick - 2011-10-28 20:30

    HALLO no team-orders!!! Hallo match-fixing? Is any sport real or do we have to go with the flow because everything is changing. The refs in Rugby? The penalties in racing, that are not the same according to all the drivers. I can carry on and on. It just makes you think that what is REAL and what is planned. Lewis became WC after Ferrari celebrated their victory for Massa as WC and all of a sudden Timo Glock went out of the racingline at Interlagos to let Lewis through, on the racingline, while it was wet. Glock had only the mainstraight to complete, for position. Why would he not take the better line? Lewis was catching him. Why would Lewis take a line that was worse to overtake if it was his last chance to overtake Glock, to become WC? There will always be teamorders, it is just not official for the supporters to keep them guessing. In teams where there are no or very little competition or points it makes no difference. The only thing that matters there is :If they would stay with the team the following year according to their performance or not, or even mayby bought by other teams. Take the Torro Rosso team for instance, or even The Lotus Team. Truli or Kovalainen, what difference would it make who the teamleader is? The HRT Team? Compare the difference in driver's points per team. Red Bull is stone last and then Ferrari. Vettel is then so much better than Webber and Alonso is so much better than massa, use it don't use it. Vettel to let Webber through, Rubens and MS !!!

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