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Heavy drivers 'starving, dehydrating'

2014-03-31 10:17

NO FOOD, NO WATER? McLaren driver Jenson Button says drivers are deliberately starving themselves to reduce weight for race days. Image: AFP / ROSLAN RAHMAN

SEPANG, Malaysia - F1 drivers are deliberately dehydrating and not eating to get their weight down for GP race weekends.

So says McLaren driver Jenson Button, who believes drivers are so desperate to be lighter that they are cutting out food and water - even at tropical Sepang.

Britain's Daily Mirror tabloid, quoting a Malaysian newspaper, reported that Button said: "I'm sure they are dehydrating themselves because that is what I was going to do - go in a sauna, steam room, not drink or eat until after qualifying.

"I was going to do it until after qualifying and did all year until now, but it is a shame for the guys who have to do it."


Button admitted he had "luckily" managed to get his weight down to a point at which he was no longer worried about the sport's 692kg car+driver minimum.

The problem of the driver's weight has been amplified for 2014 given the much heavier turbo/hybrid V6 'power units'.

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton agreed: "It's hardcore what people are doing. You can go into qualifying a little bit dehydrated. I heard someone was doing that, exhausting themselves."

Button revealed that, until he got his weight down, he was not eating any carbohydrates, including bread.

Hamilton said: "You don't want drivers being anorexic."

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