'Hamilton should've known better'

2012-06-26 11:58

Lewis Hamilton should have known better before going wheel-to-wheel with Pastor Maldonado in the dying stages of the European Grand Prix.

That is the view of the McLaren driver's boss Martin Whitmarsh, after the British team's top 2012 driver fell 23 points off the championship lead at Valencia.

He crashed almost within sight of the chequered flag in a dice with Williams' Pastor Maldonado, and it was the rookie who was penalised for the crash by the FIA.


While Maldonado hit out at his rival afterwards, Hamilton's measured reaction was an obvious case of resisting the urge "to throw a tantrum," according to Times journalist Kevin Eason.

In the official post-race McLaren statement, Hamilton said losing the title lead to Fernando Alonso and Red Bull's Mark Webber is "not the end of the world".

Whitmarsh said: "With hindsight you have to say if you are dealing with someone like that (Maldonado) then you maybe have to take a different approach."

Triple world champion Niki Lauda, meanwhile, said in Kleine Zeitung newspaper that he hopes the top drivers are soon once again dominating F1.

Lauda said: "The winner in Barcelona? Who was that?  Maldonado, but no one remembers. Seven winners from seven races, which for you journalists is a hoot.  But now I would like to return to some normality.

"The people who watch formula one need their heroes," he said.


  • fourie.joubert - 2012-06-26 13:05

    Which idiot wrote this article? You need a wake up slap son!

  • James - 2012-06-26 13:42

    Eh Bootlips, time for you to retire to 3rd world Grenada "Like a hero, because that is where I mostly fit in"

      bogatsu.pilane - 2012-06-29 10:03

      You've got problems, James. It's scary that probably watch F1 but don't know what's going on.

  • ayoub.banderker - 2012-06-28 11:55

    That"s racing....nobody gives an inch....Hamilton was fighting for his place but knew his tyres were going, so should've settled for 4th, ...admittedly...Maldonado could've waited til the next straight to overtake....anyway...isn't this the entertainment we all want??? I say let all the drivers challenge each other....and..heaven forbid.... let the best (and wisest) man/car/team win.... with good sportsmanship ...

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