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Hamilton brushes off talk needs with Rosberg

2015-10-30 07:36

I'M EASY: Lewis Hamilton says he has not yet spoken to Nico Rosberg after the US GP and says there are no talks needed to iron anything out.Image: AFP / Oli Scarff

Mexico City — Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton on Thursday dismissed the need for talks with team mate Nico Rosberg after their dustup at the United States Grand Prix, though he is willing to meet to dilute "whatever emotions he has."

Hamilton clinched his third season championship in Austin, Texas, last weekend and Rosberg was angered by Hamilton's aggressive move at the first turn that forced him off track. Rosberg rallied to take the lead, then lost the race with a late mistake.

No reaction

Minutes after the race, Hamilton tossed Rosberg a sponsor cap and the German threw it right back, nearly hitting Hamilton in the face. Hamilton turned away without a visible reaction and he seemed willing to move on Thursday.

"We haven't spoken nor do I think we really need to," Hamilton said at the Mexican Grand Prix.

But Hamilton said the drivers could meet this week if Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff wants them to hash things out.

"I'm very easy going. I never really have any problems," Hamilton said. "If Toto feels that he needs to perhaps sit with Nico to see where his head is at, obviously we don't want any tension in the team. Generally we do often come together and keep it transparent. I'm sure we'll sit down and see what Nico's feeling, whatever emotions he has, try to dilute them and move on."

Even with his championship won, Hamilton has no plan to dial back to help Rosberg overcome Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel for second place in the drivers' standings.

"I'm here to win the race," Hamilton said. "The team have won the constructors' (championship) so from here on, it's not a huge benefit for the team for me to start helping, but we'll see what Toto wants me to do."

If Hamilton can win the final three races of 2015, he will tie Vettel's season record of 13 victories set with Red Bull in 2013.


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