Force India to decide on drivers

2011-10-31 09:18

India - Vijay Mallya has flagged Abu Dhabi (in two weeks) as the accelerated deadline for the announcement of Force India's 2012 race drivers.

The billionaire had intended to hold off until mid-December, 2011, but reports during the past week strongly suggest he had already settled on Paul di Resta with Nico Hulkenberg – which has worried Adrian Sutil who - if he is ultimately to lose his seat - wants the time between now and the end of the year to find a new one.

Sutil said: "I am happy that he has understood this (need) now."

Mallya commented: "I have three top drivers, but only two can sit in the cars.  This is a difficult decision."


He went on to hail Force India's 2011 Friday and reserve driver, Hulkenberg: “He has done his job very well and the fact that he put his Williams on pole position in Brazil (2010) says it all.”

Sutil, however, argues that he, too, has done a good job recently alongside his rookie team mate Di Resta.

Sutil said: "I’m doing the best job possible. That should be quite obvious but ultimately they must make the decision. I will look around a bit, of course," he admitted, “but I will behave loyally to the team with which I have been together for so long.

"Let's wait for the decision," he said.

With his sponsors Medion and Capri-Sun in tow, Sutil's main alternative for 2012 is Williams.