Ferrari zaps cheating claims

2012-08-03 12:00

The Ferrari F1 team has hit back with robust denial to claims which Red Bull made about the team breaking the rules “for a year”

Annoyed by constant technical controversies in 2012, Red Bull's motor racing consultant Helmut Marko has snapped back saying that actually "Ferrari used something like that for a year".

The outspoken team member had been asked about the latest Red Bull saga, amid reports the IAF told the team to remove an illegal hand-control for adjusting the RB8's ride height without a tool at the 2012 Canadian GP.


Italian sport websites Tuttosport and Corriere dello Sport said Ferrari has responded to Marko's claims by issuing a robust denial. A Ferrari spokesman has said the accusation is "completely untrue".

In the original article that quoted Marko about the alleged Ferrari system, journalist Michael Schmidt speculated about how Red Bull would have any knowledge of what was under the skin of the red F2012.

"One has to wonder how an outsider could have seen something like that," Schmidt said. "Chassis components at the front are well hidden in the carbon tube, and you can only get access to them from the top service hatch. Id to imagine Ferrari would have given any insight to strangers."