Ferrari plays politics in India

2012-10-25 07:12

NEW DELHI, India - Ferrari will race with the flag of the Italian navy on its cars at the 2012 Indian F1 GP in a gesture of support for two Italian sailors charged with killing Indian fishermen.

The Italian team said on its website on Wednesday, Oct 24, 2012, that it would pay tribute to the navy as "one of the outstanding entities of our country".


The gesture was "also in the hope the Indian and Italian authorities will soon find a solution to the situation involving two sailors from the Italian navy".

The sailors were part of a military security team protecting a cargo ship from pirate attack when they mistakenly fired on a fishing boat off the Indian coast in February 2012.

Italian officials say the sailors, released on bail in June, 2012 in the western state of Kerala to await trial, mistook the fishermen for pirates.

The case has caused outrage in India and soured relations with Italy, which says the detained sailors are military personnel who should be tried at home.

Italy recalled its envoy from New Delhi in May to signal the country's "strong displeasure" with the Indian government's handling of the incident.

Ferrari's Fernando Alonso is fighting for the F1 championship with Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel who has a six-point lead with four races to go.

Should F1 teams get involved in such political posturing, or just get on with the racing? Let's have your views in the Readers' Comments section below, or email Wheels24.


  • cobus.fenwick - 2012-10-25 20:07

    A whole country can not be held responsible for two soldiers actions, but you will always find people that would like to stirr, pitty, but it is true.

  • mikel.kiparski - 2012-10-27 12:48

    Politics IS sport

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