Ferrari fuss 'a complete joke'

2012-11-30 12:43

Formula 1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone has slammed Ferrari's efforts to question the outcome of the 2012 championship as "a complete joke".

The controversy erupted when video footage emerged of Sebastian Vettel purportedly overtaking illegally under yellow flags at the 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix, the last race of the 2012 season.

Ferrari confirmed that it asked the FIA for "clarification" and spokesman Luca Colajanni insisted the Italian team had "until tomorrow (2012 November 30 ) to file an appeal".


Ecclestone said the affair was "a complete joke. It was a super race, a super championship.  Now everyone is talking about this."

"I don't think there needs to be any action taken.  It's completely and utterly wrong. It's a very silly, bad thing for anyone to do to push this because there is nothing in it. Ferrari had a great season but this was a mistake."

Ecclestone said the subsequent furore was a "joke" because of the fact that Vettel overtook only once he had passed a waving green flag. He told Germany's Der Spiegel: "Vettel will suffer no consequence and will remain the 2012 World champion."

FIA spokesman Norman Howell indicated that they would now spell out the news to Ferrari in a formal letter of response: "Now that Ferrari has sent us a letter asking for an explanation we will give it to them."

F1 race director Charlie Whiting added: "We never had any doubt that Vettel's overtaking was compliant. There were conflicting flags and lights. It was investigated during the race, with the result that there should be no punishment."


An FIA spokesman added: "Vettel's title is not in danger. A further investigation will not happen."

Ecclestone acknowledged that another route available to Ferrari was civil action: "The case is flawed before it starts. Nothing is going to happen."

Germany's Berliner Kurier accused Ferrari of being "sore losers" and Bild-Zeitung daily said the efforts to have Vettel's championship overturned were "Unfair, un-ferrari".

Is Ferrari justified in its claims or are they displaying poor sportsmanship for losing in 2012? Email us and we'll publish your thoughts on Wheels24.

Reader Frank Klinkert share's his thoughts on Ferrari's actions.


  • jacques.d.plessis.75 - 2012-11-30 13:04

    When is Ferrari ever happy?

  • wayne.warren83 - 2012-11-30 13:15

    Ferrari's a bunch of whiny bitches

  • heinrich.vanjaarsveld.52 - 2012-11-30 13:53

    Ferrari is nothing over ego sore disgraceful bunch of sour pussies

  • LouisPVenter - 2012-12-02 17:26

    I use to like Ferrari but I lost my respect for them after this. This is the most pathetic "try to steal a title" the world have ever seen. Very childish and even more pathetic, yes absolutely pathetic. Shame on you!!Go do go-kart racing and stay away from professional sports because you don't have any sportsmanship.

  • thaluki.malema - 2012-12-03 06:07

    Shumager led the way and started this cheating at ferrari.

  • hennie.nieuwoudt.9 - 2012-12-03 08:26

    Unrequired and not good for the sport.

  • vaughan.lund - 2012-12-03 17:31

    Lost respect for Ferrari when they tried to blame their drivers for the bad season and this just makes it even worse. Think the best route is for Alonso to go "back" to Lotus and win it again from there...

  • rudzanimulaudzi.mulaudzi - 2012-12-09 14:22

    I supported ferari for over a decade now but I have to accept Vettel was just good the whole season, so let it go.

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