Ferrari circling over Vettel

2012-12-21 07:36

BERLIN, Germany - Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo wants triple Formula 1 World champion Sebastian Vettel to race for him.

"He is a future potential Ferrari driver," Montezemolo told German magazine Auto Motor and Sport. "If Alonso retired tomorrow, for whatever reason, then I want Vettel."

Vettel, however, extended his Red Bull contract t0 2016 after winning his third consecutive World title in November 2012.


Montezemolo admitted he could not imagine Ferrari's Fernando Alonso, 31, and Vettel, 25, racing for the same team. "Alonso and Vettel, that would be difficult," he said. "When you have the best driver in the world, you must offer optimal conditions."

The Ferrari boss praised Vettel in the highest terms. F1 legend Michael Schumacher had been the first to alert him to Vettel's obvious talent.

"He's young, he has both feet on the floor, he is down-to-earth and he has an overwhelming will to win," Montezemolo added. "Schumacher pointed him out to me four years ago because he knows Vettel from his karting days.

"I must say, Michael was right."

Vettel beat Alonso to the 2012 World Drivers' championship by only three points, but Montezemolo insisted he was very happy with Spaniard Alonso.

"He is more than just a driver. He is a key figure because he puts so much into the team's work." 


  • cobus.fenwick - 2013-01-03 20:42

    Vettel will stop being a champ if he moves to any team. Maybe Ferrari should look for a new boss. Red Bull did not "buy" or take a champion from another team when they signed Vettel, why do the other teams want to have Vettel? They are stirring with publicity, it creates interrest and make more money. Why is Webber happy playing second fiddle to Vettel? Nobody realy cares. Who was the No1 driver for Mercedes in 2012 and who is it going to be this year? Every team has a No1 driver, that is why Ferrari can't put Vettel in Massa's place. Alonso will not be with Ferrari in 2017, makes sence. Vettel will not be WC then so there will be new talent to 'publish' about. Vettel's contract expires end of 2016. If he stays WC untill then it would be worse than Michael's dominance to the sport. Halfway through Michael's carreer fewer people watched F1 because they new who is going to win and attendance dropped, lesser money. That is why there was a new WC every year to create support and it was decided to put the emphasis on Red Bull to create a new Icon. Vettel came from Torro Rosso, not achieving anything while Webber was doing much better than him at that stage. Can anyone see the comparrison with Perez. FIA is holding thumbs for him, (new ace in the hand of cards). Barrichello could not beat Button while with Brawn, neither could he when he was with Michael(apparently not allowed, ha ha), he was always a No2 driver. Compare all the teams and the bigger picture will become clear.

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