Ferrari: 'Rules allow tyre test’

2013-06-03 10:15

Ferrari has hit back at claims that it is also being investigated by the International Automobile Federation for alledgedly illegally testing with Pirelli.

In May 2013 Wheels24 reported that the IAF, Formula 1's governing body, was investigating Mercedes' "secret" Barcelona tyre test.

Ferrari and Red Bull launched a protest after the following 2013 Monaco GP when it emerged that Mercedes had tested Pirelli tyres with its 2013 car after the 2013 Spanish GP in May.


It was believed only Mercedes was under the spotlight for its “secret test” but in June 2013 the IAF revealed it was also looking into Ferrari's recent Barcelona test.

Ferrari spokesman Renato Bisignani said: "There is nothing wrong with using a two=year-old car, the rules allow it."

Another Ferrari spokesman added: "We have never tested with the 2013 car."

Indeed, it is believed that the 2011 Ferrari used for the Pirelli test was actually owned privately and operated by the Corse Clienti department, not the race or test team.

Test driver Pedro de la Rosa was at the wheel.

Mercedes' Toto Wolff, referring to the IAF investigation,  said: "We have until this week to answer a series of questions."


  • Cobus Fenwick - 2013-06-03 20:46

    Rules are rules. Sometimes they might be wrong but must be obeyed, or take the consequences. ps. There are too many rules in F1 at the moment, that is why everyone wants to gain out of technicalities and not the quality of the drivers, and teams. Challenge: Let a Playstation-champion race against a F1 champion and see what the difference in laptimes would be. Reality is chalk and cheese what is achieved by program. Simulators should be banned and real racer shoul give the racing experience to the crowd on ability and not a performance of knowledge learnt of the track. Where has the real racing gone? The kids of today do not have the desire to go and watch F1 in the future. Is the sport going to last? or are we not worrying about tomorrow? Look into the future and let the sport grow, make the money on the sideline like in the past, and not the way it is handled at the moment. F1 Boss should not be involved or accused for fraud at all, guilty or not?

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