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Ferrari: Alonso scores '8 out of 10'

2013-11-20 10:08

FERRARI ACE PRAISED: Despite a difficult season, Ferrari has high praise for driver Fernando Alonso.Image: AFP

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo has given driver Fernando Alonso "eight out of ten" for his performance in the 2013 Formula 1 season.

While Ferrari s struggling to hold third position in the Constructors' Championship, and Felipe Massa is eighth in the drivers' standings, Alonso sealed the runner-up spot behind Sebastian Vettel at the 2013 US GP.

Alonso said this: "I am proud, because we clearly do not have the second fastest car.  So finishing second is a great reward for me."


He has had a somewhat fraught relationship with Ferrari in 2013, amid critical comments and rumours he toyed with moves to Red Bull and McLaren.

Asked to rank Alonso's season, president Montezemolo told CNN: "A good eight out of ten. I think he's really a very, very good driver."

Montezemolo insisted he is not making excuses but said Ferrari "paid a big price" for Pirelli's mid-season tyre switch.

He is happy F1's rules are changing radically for 2014: "I am very happy to change rules, because I don't like formulas where aerodynamics makes 90% of the performance."

Probably giving Alonso a higher ranking than eight is Ferrari's team principal Stefano Domenicali, who said the Maranello team "owes him a lot".

Domenicali said: "In 2014 we must do all we can to provide him and Kimi with what they need to win."

Alonso has admitted he is worried even the radical new rules in 2014, which many believe will be a clean slate for the pecking order, will not stop Red Bull's dominance.

Alonso said: "Red Bull has a one second (per lap) advantage, so they can put whatever exhaust blowing or engine in their car and they are still on pole."

Di Montezemolo said: "His (Alonso') frustration is our frustration. If you are not able to give a good car or a fast enough car to a driver who is always fighting like hell, it is very important that we focus on how we develop the car in the future."


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