FIA requests Pirelli 'dossier'

2013-05-31 14:54

The FIA has asked Pirelli to compile a comprehensive dossier ahead of an international tribunal regarding the "secret" Mercedes test.

Team boss Ross Brawn is quoted as saying Mercedes could not have benefited from the three-day test in Barcelona just after the 2013 Spanish GP because Pirelli only supplied engineers with "codes" of the tyres being run.

Brawn commented:  "We couldn't get any usable information."


Germany's Kleine Zeitung newspaper said Ferrari, which along with Red Bull officially filed a protest to the FIA, used a similar argument when Ferrari conducted a Pirelli tyre test "with an old car".

New information about the secret nature of Mercedes' test continue to emerge, such as La Stampa newspaper's claim that Lewis Hamilton tweeted a photo apparently from Florida, when he was in fact testing in Spain.

Mercedes' Niki Lauda said Red Bull was angry that it didn't snap up the opportunity of a three-day test before Mercedes. Lauda answered, saying: "We took the opportunity to test and I believe Red Bull was quite simply too slow to react.  So I would also be annoyed.

"After the protest, the tribunal will decide whether the sporting regulations or the rules that Pirelli has negotiated with the FIA should stand over this.

"We have acted properly... now an independent tribunal will decide."

  • Freddy van Wijk - 2013-06-01 06:47

    If the rules have indeed being broken, then Mercedes and Pirelli could face hefty fines. Mercedes in addition could face "docking of points" amongst other steps that could be taken. The key factor here though before any steps can be taken is safety and financial considerations. That is how I see it. I wonder what the team of the Absolute F1 program on Supersport think?

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