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'Ring survival talks 'positive'

2011-07-26 06:42

POSITIVE FUTURE: The Nurburgring's future is said to be positive.

Talks regarding the Nurburgring's future on the F1 calendar were "positive", according to Rhineland-Palatinate minister-president Kurt Beck.

Beck attended the German grand prix amid reports that his state government was not willing to financially back the circuit's formula one race.

"The talks with Bernie Ecclestone have been very positive. I think German fans will see more Formula 1 races at the Nurburgring." he told Bild.


Ecclestone said he would like a 10-year contract.

"I've made them a fair proposal," he said. "I don't think this is the last race. We found a solution to stay at Hockenheim."

It was suggested that Karl Josef Schmidt, who negotiated the Hockenheim solution, wants the same deal for the Nurburgring, where the circuit pays a lower sanctioning fee but shares its ticket receipts with F1.

"I believe we will somehow find a way to agree to politically and economically viable conditions," Schimdt told the SID news agency.


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