F1 tyres 'fundamentally wrong'

2013-03-19 09:06

Niki Lauda has slammed the tyre situation in Formula 1, accusing Pirelli and the FIA of confusing the fans.

Lauda, a triple world champion and Mercedes team chairman, said. "The situation with the tyres is absolutely stupid.Artificially creating more and more pitstops is wrong."

"Pirelli can't really help it as they are only doing what the FIA ordered them to do, but 90% of the time no one understands what is happening in the races now."


Pole sitter Sebastian Vettel finished the 2013 season opener third on March 17, while Lotus' Kimi Raikkonen did one fewer pitstop and surprisingly won for Lotus from seventh on the grid.

Lauda said the current situation, with the tyres more influential than ever before, is confusing for the fans: "My advantage is that I can ask our (Mercedes) engineers. The fans cannot and even our people are confused.

"When the tyres are so soft, it's bad for Formula 1. The fans don't understand if there are more than two pitstops.  (For F1) it's a fundamentally wrong path."

Pirelli's Paul Hembery hit back: "Many fans have told us they think the racing is more exciting now."

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  • Ian Finch - 2013-03-19 09:42

    Its a bit like a tabloid news paper, its more entertaining but its not the true picture. I agree with Lauda, I love F1, follow it very closely but the tyre situation is way to influencial on the outcome, Red Bull where the fastest package but the tyres screwed them, its not real.

      jono.qmann - 2013-03-19 10:23

      i understand what you are saying but can you imagine that the tyres didnt play a roll??? Vettel will win the season before the halfway mark! since in season testing is band, the only thing that is keeping F1 interesting is the uncertainty about who the winner might be! would you watch if Vettel has won 6 in a row or for that matter of a fact anyone has won 6 in a row? i am all for no pit stops just pure on track racing, all got the same car and just batteling it out for 60 laps...but i would also not enjoy that after the 2nd race anymore! i enjoy the whole uncertainty, the pit stops, the diff cars with diff strategies and the excitement that the tyres bring to the race! otherwise i would go down to the go kart track and watch some racing there if i want everything to be equal!

      Cobus Fenwick - 2013-03-19 19:38

      Are the tyres not the same? Why do the laps differ between drivers on the same tyres? They call it race-strategy. Excuses for underperformers! This is F1 and it always has been about a race strategy. If Red Bull won in Oz, nobody would have said anything about the tyres. Nobody was sure who is going to win halfway through the race. Isn't it what we want or does the polesitter has to win the race?

  • Kwashic - 2013-03-19 09:44

    Mr Lauda is right. I for one am totally bored by the winner being decided by the pit stop shenanigans and the flurry of activity that goes on in the pits and off the track. I wish for the old days when racing was more about 1 good driver and 1 good machine. Not who stops how many times and whose tyres fall to bits sooner. All really a lottery now. Its as exciting as a soap opera, or WEF Wrestling. just because more people attend the races doesnt mean the traditional race lovers are enjoying it. Its not racing any more. It might as well not be called a sport in due course, but a performance art. somewhat scripted using the tyres. in all reality its just kept buoyant by its money....WTCC would be far greater with the same money.

      Cobus Fenwick - 2013-03-19 19:44

      Because you are whatching soap operas and WWF, you know who is going to sleep with who and who is going to win the fight. What is exciting about that? Everyone has the same choice of tyres and how to use it. If their choices are not right, they have to pay the penalty, as in life. Is that not far more interresting?

  • Leroy Shaun Petzer - 2013-03-19 15:09

    What are you guys on about? Like the Indian said "Whiteman speak with fork tounge!" Redbull have the best Aero package which makes thier car fast, but if you cant make the tires work & burn them up then you dont have the best car. Lotus have a good car evolution from last yr & like some McLarens of past have low tire degradation & maintain a higher avg speed & allowing them to skip a pitstop. In the Schumi hayday stratagy (fuel,tires,pitstops) deturmined race win/loss.Kimmi looked after his tires well and set a fastest lap,22laps into his stint, &was able to respond to Alonso. To make a winning F1 car EVERYTHING has to work in harmony, aero,engine,gearbox,electronics,tires, suspension,track temp. If you are weak in 1area you are behind the curve. Then throw a driver into the mix & everything changes again. Some are smooth,fast but easy on thier tires making them last. While others flatspot, blister etc &cant keep them in the sweet spot. If you have the fastest car but cant complete a race on 1 tank of fuel do you still have the fastest car? I think not. You got to cover the distance in the fastest possible time using 2tire componds (not a new thing in F1), 1tank of fuel&some other limiting factors.F1 looks for the BEST constructor &the Best driver over an entire season. What you looking for is F1 Drag racing. I think it levels the playing field and shakes things up. My fav might not win but the racing has improved alround. Much better than the snooze fest of yrs past.

      Cobus Fenwick - 2013-03-19 19:47

      I could not put it better than you Leroy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Zubair Ally - 2013-03-21 08:23

    whats so strange about LUANDa's rant is that when Ms complained about the tires and said that the tryes have too much influence over who wins and how one drives a car....guess who ran him down and said he must just get on with the job......Anyone

      Cobus Fenwick - 2013-03-21 19:57

      So true.

  • Craig Shaun Henry - 2013-03-22 15:43

    The tyres have indeed become too soft.At the moment we are sitting in a ridiculous situation where if u are forced offline, your tyres start graining,or if u try to outbreak someone,just one flatspot and u need to come in to the pits to have your tyres replaced..the drivers can't even race against each other anymore and push because that will ruin the tyres! Currently F1 drivers are a bunch of sunday miss daisies that have to nursemaid their tyres till the next stop, leaving the real talents of F1, the racers, castrated..and those with the car that uses the tyres the least are on top.The tyres are so soft, it's not even down to driver skill anymore..the tyres are just way way too soft,especially if someone like jenson button says after 6 laps u can throw those tyres away...

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