F1 to cash in on Vettel - Bernie

2011-12-01 07:59

Formula 1 will profit from the vast success of world champion Sebastian Vettel who has the class to rule the sport together with his Red Bull team for years to come, says F1 chief boss Bernie Ecclestone.

Ecclestone said, "The whole of Formula 1 will profit from him. Sebastian is a champion of the people, a champion the fans can identify with."

Vettel dominated the 2011 season which ended in Brazil, setting a pole position record of 15 in one season. Vettel won 11 races and was on the podium during six of the 19 races, clinching successive titles five races from the end.

Ecclestone said that Vettel and Red Bull are now in a similar position as Michael Schumacher and Ferrari during their five-year title run a decade ago.


Ecclestone said: "Form a sports point of view he is in the same position as Michael Schumacher was at Ferrari. He is the best driver. And all rivals lack the package that Vettel created for himself.

"I see no reason why he shouldn't start an era with Red Bull as Schumacher from 2000 until 2004 at Ferrari."

Ecclestone said that his success weighs more than Schumacher's because there are more top drivers in the field now and added that more success is almost inevitable because Vettel is yet to peak.

He said: "Sebastian will get even better because he is extremely capable of learning. He is the man to beat for the 2012 title, and 2013 and 2014."


  • cobus.fenwick - 2011-12-06 20:09

    Bernie has to have balls/eggs to say something like that. "Don't count your chickens before they hatched" If you look at the points difference, he is 122 points ahead of his followers and 134 points ahead of his teammate. He has more than 50% of the points that Webber got, more than Webber. What type of competitors are Bernie refering to. Michael raced against Alonso,Webber,Button,Hamilton,Kimi,Massa,Montoya,Senna,etc. Or am I wrong. Michael dominated F1 so much that it caused him to retire, "When 'they' picked their new WC to be" and he could only managed it for a year, am I stepping on toes or should we find out where Glock got his millions. Couldn't have been from racing, the highest payment to an underperformed driver at Interlagos. I suppose I can also make a statement of my own. All the acts that Michael used in his carreer are now allowed but when he used it, it was questioned, teamorders, to mention but one. McLaren is the only competitive team that has competition as team mates. Mercedes was only a show and they are still trying to get Rosberg up to title-standard. Next year will be make or brake for Mercedes. Vettel did not become WC when with Torro Rosso. Michael became WC in a Benneton. F1 must have been in a worse situasion, than the South African Crime Control, if he (Michael) did not have good competition then. Vettel has been untouchable in 2011, thanks to Red Bull. 2012 is going to be different. If the cars are all the same, it is the best driver that wins!!!

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