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F1 teams could seek Fric clarification

2014-07-17 07:56

MERCEDES SUSPENSION ILLEGAL? Dominant Mercedes could be in trouble at the 2014 German GP as it removes its complex suspension. Image: AP / Darko Bandic

HOCKENHEIM, Germany - The big question ahead of Hockenheim is whether any team will lodge a protest against rivals running Fric suspension systems.

It is believed Thursday's (July 17) scrutineering is the preferred deadline for any protest to be lodged since teams failed to reach unanimity on the technology the legality of which has been questioned by the International Automobile Federation.

Top teams such as Mercedes, Red Bull and McLaren have resolved simply to remove the systems from their cars ahead of Sunday's (July 20) German Formula 1 GP.


Others are likely to follow suit, such as Force India, which according to Germany's Auto Motor and Sport its key developments in the cupboard for Hockenheim due to the Fric controversy.

However, according to the Silverstone-based team's technical boss Andy Green, there could be another way. He explained: "Every team can ask the stewards for an opinion/ That would be not a protest, but a clarification.

"That way you will know where you stand."

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