F1 talking 'points' ban system

2013-05-06 08:24

LONDON, England - Formula 1 chiefs will meet in Barcelona to discuss the creation of a 'demerit points' system that could lead to drivers being race-banned for repeated misbehaviour.

Reports, including those from Agence France Presse and Britain's The Times, said the International Automobile Federation's Charlie Whiting would meet team bosses to talk about the new regime which might replace the mainly grid penalties and fines to punish on-track misbehaviour.


The system would see drivers accumulate demerit points against their F1 superlicence and multiple indiscretions would mean race bans.

"It's a complex question," Whiting was quoted as saying. "We'd need to get the balance right because banning a driver is a serious issue - we'd need to be sure a driver genuinely deserved a ban. We will monitor offences and run a (hypothetical) system in the background to see how it would work if put into practice."


  • John Oxley - 2013-05-06 08:48

    If this had been in place when Jody first started in F1 he would not have had a chance to become a great world champion. Racing is racing - skill enhanced by adrenalin and tempered by fear. Adding rules such as this will prevent the great drivers rising to the fore and instead we'll get a lot of careful little whoosies, afraid to overtake in case they accidentally touch another car. Backward step.

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