F1 'chef' considers career switch

2012-08-14 10:30

The love for food seems to be a trend among Formula 1 drivers. Following in the footsteps of McLaren's Jenson Button, his Lotus rival Romain Grosjean is keen to open a restaurant.

Unfortunately for Button, a regional UK newspaper The Northern Echo has reported his restaurant in Yorkshire – called Victus – has closed.


Richard Goddard, the driver's manager said: "Unfortunately, the business was launched in an economy which then continued to slide and just hasn't stopped, with people simply not having the disposable income needed to spend in restaurants."

After his first F1 foray failed in 2009, Grosjean admitted he considered turning his love of amateur cooking into a professional career.

When asked what he would do if his career ended today, the Lotus driver replied: "It is no secret that I have gastronomic talents, so I would try to work in a restaurant and maybe open a restaurant one day. 

"I know many Michelin star-rated French chefs - and luckily for me they are all F1 fans - so I am sure I would find a place to develop my talents further."