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F1: Celebratory donuts go legal

2014-02-17 13:26

IT'S ABOUT TIME: A 2009 Ferrari F60 performing a donut at the Soweto Shell V-Power event in Gauteng. Image: Supplied

PARIS, France - Post-race celebratory "donuts" have been legalised by F1's governing body FIA.

Many can remember Formula 1 champion Sebastian Vettel's celebration donuts when he secured his fourth Formula 1 title in India in 2013. The International Automobile Federation slapped Red Bull with a hefty fine - the equivalent to R250 000.

Now the FIA is legalising it. When told of Vettel's celebration in 2013 Lewis said:  "Are you serious? That's crazy!"


Red Bull team boss Christian Horner agreed that race stewards "need to be empowered to give a little more leniency in extraordinary circumstances". That's exactly what has happened.

As confirmed in the latest draft of the 2014 F1 sporting regulations, race winners will from now on be exempt from having to drive straight to parc ferme for a vehicle inspection. Instead, they will be allowed to "perform an act of celebration" after crossing the finish line, provided the act is "performed safely" and "does not delay the podium ceremony".

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