Extra F1 test planned for 2014

2013-04-05 07:54

Formula 1 engine manufacturers have apparently won the battle for an extra pre-season test in 2014 to prepare to the V6 era.

Apparently against the resistance of some teams, the engine suppliers had argued that, given the workload and complexity of preparing for the new V6 rules, the 2014 pre-season test period should be extended.

Formula 1 correspondent Rob La Salle said manufacturers had indeed won the argument for a fourth test, possibly in the Middle East. La Salle quoted Renault's Rob White as saying a proposal wasa on the table for a January 2014 test, in addition to the usual three tests in February.


White said an earlier test, perhaps at the end of 2013, was not feasible: "To be at a test track in, for example, October the engines would have to be built in September. There is a lead time of three months so you would have to decide the specification in May. We would prefer to use that time on the test benches.

"We are still in the design phase with some components. A test in October would be too early."

Ferrari, a staunch critic of F1's now severely limited track testing, will be happy with the news of an extra pre-season test.

Stefano Domenicali said: "The testing situation is ridiculous. We'll try to convince the other teams that we need to find another balance -- and I am positive we can find a solution."