Exploding tyres: Pirelli responds

2013-07-03 07:17

LONDON, England - Pirelli will strengthen its tyres for the 2013 German Grand Prix following a series of dangerous blow-outs at the 2013 British Grand Prix.

Safety concerns were expressed after the Silverstone race when Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton, Ferrari's Felipe Massa, Toro Rosso's Jean-Eric Vergne and McLaren's Sergio Perez suffered blow-outs.

In response, Pirelli said it would make its rear tyres' internal belt with synthetic kevlar instead of steel to reduce temperatures and the risk of punctures.


Formula 1 teams, Pirelli and the International Automobile Federation (FIA), will meet to discuss the matter at Nurburgring.

Only the rear tyres will be changed for the German GP, although a complete change will be introduced for the 2013 Hungarian Grand Prix on July 28 using the 2012 tyre design.

In a statement, Pirelli said that after "exhaustive analysis" it concluded the issues at Silverstone were caused by a number of factors:

  • Rear tyres were mounted the wrong way round: "The right hand tyre being placed where the left hand one should be and vice versa, on cars that suffered failures."
  • Inexact tyre pressures
  • The use of extreme camber angles on the circuit
  • Aggressive kerbing on fast corners.

Pirelli said: "...the 2013 tyre range does not compromise driver safety in any way if used in the correct manner, and that it meets all the safety standards requested by the FIA."


  • Vaughan - 2013-07-03 08:57

    "Aggressive kerbing on fast corners." Is Pirelli serious? This is F1, if you dont use the full extent of the circuit you are going backwards. Quite scary that during the race Pirelli didnt have a clue what was going on and it took Adrian Newey to figure out that the tire pressures need to be increased.

      Bruce Mills - 2013-07-03 22:00

      The photo and note to increase tyre pressure by 2 psi came from the Pirelli technical team to Adrian Newey. The photo was of a tyre exchanged on Sebastian Vettel's Red Bull. That tyre was close to destroying itself and had deep cuts in the side wall junction to the main tread area!

      Cobus Fenwick - 2013-07-05 19:36

      Wow, it took AN to figure out about the tyre pressures, isn't that obviously his job? Why any blames afterwards??? So Practice is only for laptimes????? This is becomming a joke, what next?

  • Tyrone Tholkes - 2013-07-03 22:42

    What a lot of bull tyres wrong way around what difference does that make ,make tyres that can handel RACING .Racing is as fast as you can go so shape up or ship out Pirelli

      Cobus Fenwick - 2013-07-05 19:42

      You sound like a u/14c mother-supporter that is shouting tips to her son playing rugby and she does not even know what position he is playing, never mind if she did. I bet you don't even know your tyres's capability on your car, or even what maksimum speed it is safe to handle, and for how long? Not being nasty, but it is easy to critisize.

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