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Drivers surprised by new F1 engines

2014-02-13 13:30

IMPRESSIVE TORQUE: F1 drivers were surprised by the torque output of the new V6 units for the 2014 season. Image: AFP

JEREZ, Spain - Drivers were surprised with the new six-pot turbo Formula 1 engine and its torque.

When news surfaced that as of 2014 Formula 1 teams had to use V6 turbo engines, teams and fans alike weren't too eager about saying goodbye to the mighty V8.

In January 2014, F1 teams showed off their cars to the world revealing the much anticipated front-nose design and the refined, nimble V6 turbo engine.


Pre-season testing at the Jerez circuit in Spain gave us a taste of what's to be expected when the F1 season begins on March 16 2014.

The V8 engines of 2013 and the radical new generation of ERS-bolstered turbo V6s, are actually producing similar overall power. Although some teams faced problems with their cars others found that the new V6 turbo engine packs quite a nifty punch in terms of torque.

Speaking to Sport Bild, Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton said: "When I went out of the garage for the first time, I thought 'Wow!'"

Force India driver Adrian Sutil said: "When I accelerated out of the corner, I was surprised. I changed from third to fourth gear, lost the rear and I spun."

Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg agreed and said the driveability with the turbo is a little bit of an adventure.


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