Button won't help Hamilton

2012-07-31 12:06

Jenson Button seems determined there might be a possibility of him winning the championship. He insists he is not ready to fall behind in order to up his teammate Lewis Hamilton's chances at a championship win.

Felipe Massa on the other hand has vowed to help his teammate Fernando Alonso in his race for the championship in 2012.


It can be argued however that the two situations are very different. Alonso is leading the championship and is 139 points ahead of Massa whereas Button is only 41 points behind Hamilton.

When asked if he’ll move over for Hamilton if he sees the sister Mclaren in his mirrors, Button answered "no".

"If I am leading a race, then I want to win that race," he is quoted by British newspapers.

"I will not be asked to do anything but if there comes a time in this championship when I can't win, then I will obviously help my teammate," said Button.


  • justin.rautenbach.9 - 2012-08-03 08:17

    25 points for a win , 2dnf,s for Hamilton? still equal for the 2 McLaren drivers. the best race is always against your team mate. We're in for a great 2nd half of F1 2012

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