Button slams 'idiot' Kobayashi

2012-10-14 11:28

YEONGAM, South Korea - Kamui Kobayashi, whose place at Sauber in 2013 is in serious jeopardy, apologised to McLaren's Jenson Button and Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg after he sent both crashing out of the Korean Grand Prix.

Kobayashi, criticised by other drivers in the past for his reckless driving, also had to retire from the race won by Red Bull's  Sebastian Vettel.

Kobayashi wrote on Twitter: "It was my mistake at (the) start. Sorry for Jenson and Nice (Nico).... Also to my team."


Button's fine start from lowly 11th was wrecked when Kobayashi came flying down the inside, smashing into the McLare and destroying the suspension.

Button said: "I've just been hit by Kobayashi. What an idiot!"

Rosberg also retired due to the same incident. Kobayashi was forced into the pits for a new nose and tyre.

He was then handed a drive-through penalty for causing the early carnage and bowed out when Sauber decided that the damage to his car was too extensive.

The Sauber team tweeted before the race was out: "Kamui says with 4 cars side by side after the start he had nowhere to go but to brake at some point. He is very sorry for Jenson and Nico!"


  • sheda.habib - 2012-10-14 20:57

    How do you think Alonso feels......from the previous race.

  • cobus.fenwick - 2012-10-15 21:17

    Obviously(as Vettel likes to say) he has to brake, but what about a bit earlier, like the others. Taking two drivers out of the race and getting a drive-through penalty. The stewards are becomming a joke. Another golden rule in racing: "Take a gap, don't make a gap". From podium to pits in one race, can't help thinking of (Hero to zero in one race). Is Narain going to get his first points in the next race and Massa to win in Brasil? I guess we need an Arab/Pakistani driver for Abu Dhabi and Scott Speed for USA? I suppose there will be seats open for next year, just a thought. Anything to try and make more money, and the people are falling for it. Michael had the second fastest car over the speedtrap(319.5km/h) and yet the others were overtaking him easily in the straights and he struggled to do the same. Yoy don't need to be a helicopter pilot to overtake in the DRS zone(for those who still thinks that Michael is too old now)"He did qualify on pole in the most difficult circuit this year". Irrelivant info for some but I see things happening that maybe others can see too. Alonso lost 40 odd points from racers that just get penalized and he loses his points. Penalties are not severe enough. Still enjoy to watch but the fairness is fading drasticaly.

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