Button crits Hamilton tweet

2012-09-04 13:35

LONDON - Jenson Button has criticised McLaren team mate Lewis Hamilton for posting confidential car data on Twitter ahead of the 2012 Belgian F1 GP.

Button was quoted as saying he was "disappointed" by Hamilton's tweeting to his nearly one million followers telemetry data from their cars.

Hamilton's tweets, designed to show the difference between his rear wing and a newer one for Button, were soon taken down by McLaren order.


Button said: "We work so hard to improve the car and keep things like that secret and private. I didn't want to see it on Twitter.  It was the whole telemetry from qualifying. It wasn't just the rear wing. I was very surprised and disappointed."

Other teams would have seen the data, perhaps of importance to them in a tight championship race.

Car data is the most tightly-kept secret at every F1 team and former McLaren driver David Coulthard said Hamilton's tweets were "at best embarrassing" because "teams go to great lengths to protect that sort of information".

McLaren has played down the data leak and Button said the case was closed.

Button said: "I think it's done now. I don't think it's for me to be angry with Lewis. It's not a personal thing."