Button: We gambled...and lost

2013-06-21 14:25

LONDON, England - Jenson Button could not wait to get out of his mishandling McLaren after a miserable afternoon in Canada and ahead of the 2013 British GP, he is impatient to step back inside.

British fans preparing for their annual home GP pilgrimage to Silverstone on June 30 should not get their hopes up, warns Button.


The McLaren ace has never stood on the F1 podium at his home circuit and does not expect to end the jinx in what has been a shocking season for McLaren.

Button has not finished higher than fifth in seven races in 2013 but even so he is still excited to be back on home soil.

Button said: "I love racing, I love competing and I love jumping in an F1 car. It was more the bouncing around at the last race," he added of his comments in Montreal about wanting to be out of the car. "It was painful, rather than anything else. It was not the (race) position I was in, it was the constant (jolting) all the way down the straight. Here that shouldn't be as much of a problem, we've got things that can help that."


Button and team mate Sergio Perez, failed to score in Canada, ending the team's 64-race run in the points with McLaren's first blank since 2009.

Force India, using a McLaren gearbox and the same Mercedes engine, are fifth overall and 14 points clear of McLaren who are sixth with a measly 37 points from seven races.

Button said: "It isn't just me trying to be positive but I think we will be more competitive here than the last couple of races, the type of high-speed circuit that it is.

"We are developing the car at the factory which is great. But we're still a long way behind...we've got to make sure we maximise everything. When you do that and you get a fifth place, you're pretty happy about it.

"You still want to win... but when you think you've got everything out of it and you couldn't have done any more, it puts a smile on your face. I think that's important."


The hopes may be mainly focused on 2014 when a new V6 engine comes into play, but Button has not entirely written off 2013 however painful it may be. "This has been a difficult year for us, but we still hope to be fighting at the end of the year for race wins.

"Definitely in 2014 we will start the season looking to win the world championship, that includes winning the British GP.

"We did take a gamble maybe with the direction of the car, it hasn't worked for us in 2013. But we are still a great team and we will fight back and we will win races again."


Button said he would do his best to entertain a loyal crowd whose hopes of a home winner rest mainly on his former team mate Lewis Hamilton, now at Mercedes.

He said: "I think when we drive out onto the circuit, it doesn't matter where we finish the grand prix or where we think we're going to finish, the British fans are going to be excited about McLaren driving out onto the circuit.

"I'm a fan of motorsport just like anyone else. So I'm really looking forward to that moment and, hopefully, from then on we have a positive weekend."

  • Miska Ponyecz - 2013-06-26 00:06

    I bet lewis hamilton is glad he left when he did

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