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Boullier: 'I am team principal'

2014-02-21 11:45

NEW BOSS: Former Lotus team principal Eric Boullier says while his title is 'racing director' he's really 'team principal' of McLaren. Image: McLaren F1

SAKHIR, Bahrain - His official title is 'racing director' but Frenchman Eric Boullier claims he's really McLaren's new team principal.

The former Lotus chief started work at the UK factory in February 2014 and his first day wearing grey at a race track was at the Bahrain test.

Ron Dennis led McLaren's stance in that Boullier, 40, will work "with" chief operating officer Jonathan Neale and other senior management and report to the so-far unnamed new McLaren F1 chief executive.


However, with Martin Whitmarsh expected to leave McLaren, Boullier said in Bahrain that he had effectively become the new team principal.

Boullier said: "Yes, it is definitely a team principal role on track and let's say that off track I have to focus more on the performance of the team."

On the other hand, Boullier admitted the old concept of a single team boss was defunct. Times have changed - your cannot have a team principal acting in the sole role. I think teams are getting bigger and you have to share the responsibilities of the organisation to make sure you make the best of it."

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