Bernie corruption: Merc to exit?

2013-06-03 10:18

Mercedes could exit Formula 1 due to the sport's chief executive Bernie Ecclestone's corruption scandal.

DPA news agency reports that, when negotiating its new Concorde Agreement terms with Ecclestone, Mercedes parent Daimler inserted an exit clause relating to corruption.


Ecclestone is expected to face bribery charges by Munich prosecutors over his R443-million payment to jailed former banker Gerhard Gribkowsky.

Christine Hohmann-Dennhardt, a member of Daimler's board of management for integrity and legal affairs, confirmed the existence of the F1 contract clause: "We would utilise the contract terms when it is necessary."


  • Cobus Fenwick - 2013-06-03 20:31

    There is corruption in all sports, the difference is the intelligence of the investigators to find it or "not seeing" it. Where passion lacks, corruption grows!!!!!!

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