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Berger: Rules to blame for F1 problems

2015-09-10 14:00

MORE RULE CHANGES: Many technical experts are against major changes to F1 power units. Image: AP / Hassan Ammar

London, England - Gerhard Berger says one of F1's biggest problems today are the rules.

The F1 legend and former ten-times grand prix winner says he now watches the sport on television but finds the races hard to follow due to complicated regulations.

Berger told Austrian Servus TV: "We are all so fond of a four-way battle for victory, not an endless discussion the next day about a stupid tyre issue."

Mercedes in the clear

Berger is referring, of course, to the long post-Monza stewards inquiry about tyre pressures that almost cost Lewis Hamilton victory. Berger blames the rules, not Mercedes.

Berger, who until recently served as a single seater commissioner for F1's governing FIA, said: "The error was due to the precise execution and a precise definition of the regulations. But when a tyre should be measured and under what circumstances should not be the main theme of a race weekend.

"The rules are so complex and there are specialists in the teams who are occupied only with finding grey areas. My criticism does not apply to Mercedes but to the FIA, who write the rules, which should instead be as accurate as possible so that the teams cannot find these gaps.

"I personally know all the people who write the rules, and they are good people but it seems to me that sometimes they no longer see the forest for the trees.

"They are constantly trying to facilitate the racing, for example with this adjustable rear wing, but then they wanted these contemporary regulations with all the hybrid systems and then said that you (the teams) can't develop them.

"For me, it seems that everything doesn't fit together."

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